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  • Hardware Review PlayStation TV - Turn Off

    TV, TV, TV

    It's perhaps indicative of the PlayStation TV's place in Sony's overall hardware portfolio that we decided to delay our review of the microconsole during the busy Christmas period while we focused our attention on the onslaught of PlayStation 4 software instead. Announced in Japan over a year ago, there was a swell of





  • Hardware Review PlayStation 4 - For the Players

    Greatness arrives

    How do you review a games console in this day and age? Our expectations for new systems have changed, and while Sony's messaging with the PlayStation 4 may have centred on the hearts of the players with iron sight precision, it's impossible to escape the idea that beneath the expensive marketing campaigns and Antonio Banderas...

  • Hardware Review DualShock 4 - The Best Way to Play


    A console without a controller is like a car without a steering wheel: useless. While a vehicle’s helm provides the pivotal interaction between the wheels and the road, video game systems have forever been defined by the device’s that drive them. Sony evidenced this earlier in the year when it opted to unveil its overhauled DualShock 4...

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