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  • News Metal Gear Survive's Single Player Campaign Looks... Good?

    Beta coming in January

    Metal Gear Survive, the co-op twist on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s gameplay, has a single player campaign. And here’s the crazy part: it actually looks pretty good. So essentially you’re tasked with completing missions in a sandbox-esque area. Beating quests enables you to recruit people to your home base, and...


  • News Metal Gear Survive Is an Online-Only Game

    Keep digging that hole

    Coming off the back of its release date announcement, it turns out that Metal Gear Survive is an online-only game. The information comes from the title's official website, which states: "An internet connection is required to play the game." Just when you thought that hole couldn't get any deeper, eh? Next they'll be...

  • News Metal Gear Survive Scavenges an Early 2018 Release Date on PS4

    Still surviving

    Following on from Konami's announcement of an announcement yesterday, the publisher has announced that Metal Gear Survive will launch early next year on PlayStation 4. In North America, it hits on the 20th February, while in Europe, it releases on the 22nd February. It'll retail for the slightly lower price of $39.99/£34.99. We...

  • News Metal Gear Survive Lives On, Konami Teases Announcement for Tomorrow

    Get your pointy sticks out

    Yep, Metal Gear Survive still exists. It's been a while since we last heard about the incredibly divisive Metal Gear spin-off, and to be brutally honest, we're sure many series fans would have been more than happy to keep it that way. Alas, Konami is teasing an announcement for tomorrow, the 25th October. A tweet from the...






  • News Hideo Kojima Talks Fox Engine, Vita and Transfarring

    What's the Big Boss up to?

    Kojima Production showed off it's latest game engine, Fox Engine, during E3 this year, and in a recent interview with the PlayStation Blog, Hideo Kojima discussed his future plans for the engine, which include taking it beyond the PS3, and perhaps to the PS Vita. For now, FOX Engine has high performance in developing...

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