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  • Guide The Last of Us 2 FAQ - Everything You Need to Know

    All the answers for The Last of Us: Part II

    The Last of Us: Part II is probably Sony's biggest PS4 exclusive on the horizon. The original game is a modern classic from Naughty Dog, and the sequel is looking just as good. Though Sony hasn't revealed all that much about the highly anticipated title, there's enough information floating around to...












  • News The Last of Us: Part II Will Have a Motion Captured Pig


    So, er… Naughty Dog is motion capturing a pig for The Last of Us: Part II. Like, a real pig. Both director Neil Druckmann and writer Halley Gross have been tweeting about the animal, who looks comfortable in his kit before you start calling PETA or something. He’s clearly being pampered while on set. Why mocap a pig, then? It’s...




  • News Look at The Last of Us' Off-Camera Secrets

    Breaking boundaries

    The Last of Us is one of the most pristinely polished games in PlayStation history – but like any piece of visual entertainment, it's mostly an optical illusion. This brilliant YouTube video detaches the camera from behind Joel's shoulder to show you things that you aren't supposed to see – including spawn points, far-off...





  • News Naughty Dog Will Resurrect The Last of Us 2 Prototypes Soon

    Studio will decide where to go next after Uncharted 4 DLC

    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End isn't out yet, but with development concluded on the swashbuckling PlayStation 4 exclusive, it's hard not to ponder what's next for Naughty Dog. Speaking with Games Radar following today's round of preview coverage, creative director Neil Druckmann has hinted that...


  • News Naughty Dog's Brainstormed Lots of The Last of Us 2 Ideas

    Still coy about sequel's status, though

    The Last of Us is potentially one of the biggest sleeper hits of the past decade. The title – which many speculated prior to launch would have limited appeal – sold a scary amount of copies across the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and is widely regarded as one of the previous generation's best games...

  • News The Last of Us' PS4 Theme Will Grow on You

    Fungal fun

    Naughty Dog's celebrating Outbreak Day this week, which means that it's announced several juicy The Last of Us details. Those of you paying particular attention to the website will know that the title – alongside various pieces of add-on content – is on offer until 7th October on the PlayStation Store, so make sure that you inhale its...

  • News The Last of Us 2 Is Naughty Dog's Worst Kept Secret

    Studio accidentally outs the sequel again

    The Last of Us sold millions of copies across the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, so a sequel was probably always inevitable. However, you'd expect developer Naughty Dog to be a bit more discreet about the follow-up, seeing as it hasn't been officially announced yet. Alas, already we've seen employee...




  • News The Last of Us: Left Behind Breaks Out on Its Own

    Riley good

    The Last of Us: Left Behind served up an affecting slice of single player content that extended the core campaign of Naughty Dog's survival horror opus. But if you never played the main adventure, and are keen to see what all of the fuss is about, Sony's breaking out the DLC and re-releasing it as a standalone product. Think inFAMOUS:...


  • Weirdness These The Last of Us Plushies Are Pretty Cute


    Sony recently launched a gear page on its official website, where it's flogging various bits and bobs of merchandise. A lot of the goodies range from t-shirts to posters, so it's all pretty predictable stuff. However, we had to post about these The Last of Us plushies, as they're sure to delight fans of the franchise. Alright, they're a...









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