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  • Round Up Everything We Know About PS5 So Far

    All of the next-gen headlines

    Sony took the entire industry by surprise today, effectively announcing the PlayStation 5 as part of a Wired exclusive on an otherwise ordinary Tuesday afternoon. The super-charged console, which is promising revolution rather than evolution, has been built using the same blueprints as the PlayStation 4 – meaning that...












  • Round Up A Way Out PS4 Reviews Stage a Prison Break

    Co-op king?

    A Way Out is one of the more interesting titles of the year; a story-driven set-piece laden spectacle played entirely in online or offline co-op. Published by EA and directed by Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons creator Josef Fares, this prison break escapade has always stood out from the crowd – even when Fares has been told to shut his...




  • Round Up What Was Announced at The Game Awards 2017?

    Quite a lot, actually

    The Game Awards 2017 proved a surprise treat this week, with Geoff Keighley laying on a well-paced celebration of the industry, peppered with meaningful reveals and impressive tributes. Just in case you happened to miss the show, though, we’ve compiled all of the major reveals and headlines from the event below. The Game...






  • Round Up Injustice 2 PS4 Reviews Fly Super High

    Grodds among us

    A casual reminder that 2017 is still firing on all fronts: Injustice 2 is the latest game to comfortably exceed expectations. Reviews for NetherRealm’s anticipated DC Comics dust-up are just starting to emerge, and while we received our copy a little late, we figured we’d round up a variety of reviews from around the web before...

  • Round Up PREY PS4 Reviews Are a Real BioShock

    Arkane at it again

    The first batch of PREY reviews are in, and they’re overwhelmingly positive. Bethesda obviously maintained its policy of not sending out review code until launch day – actually, we got it 24 hours earlier, but still not quick enough to bring you our verdict just yet – but that hasn’t stopped a handful of sites from zipping...





  • Round Up PS4's Fantastic January Fortnight

    Living the dream

    January's normally a slow month, but it's been uncharacteristically awesome on the PlayStation 4 this year. With so many great games launching over the past 14 or so days, we figured that we'd put together a very special round up, pulling together all of our reviews into one easily accessible place. Without further ado, let's get to...

  • Round Up Push Square's Top Ten PlayStation Games of 2016

    Cream of the crop

    And there we have it: Game of the Year 2016 is done and dusted. As is the case every year, we pulled our entire team together to determine our top PlayStation title of the past 12 months, and while everyone had their own personal favourites, we settled upon a Top Ten that reflects the sentiment of every single one of our staffers...


  • Round Up The Last Guardian PS4 Reviews Embrace the Strange

    It's finally time

    Well would you look at that; actual reviews for The Last Guardian - an actual game that is actually releasing tomorrow. A few years ago, we were really struggling to believe that this day would come, but here we are, sitting staring at review scores for the long awaited spiritual successor to the masterpiece that is Shadow of the...

  • Round Up What Was Announced at PSX 2016?

    A lot

    Wow, that was some show, wasn't it? Now that we've got most of the big stuff covered, we thought that we'd stick links to all of our stories in one handy article - perfect for those of you who want to catch up on the announcements, reveals, and news that you may have missed. When you're done perusing, feel free to let us know about your...


  • Round Up Final Fantasy XV PS4 Reviews Hit the Road

    It's finally time

    A bit unreal, isn't it? To be sitting here, in 2016, writing - or in your case, reading - a review round up article about Final Fantasy XV. Noctis and his pals are finally hitting the road tomorrow as the role-playing release launches worldwide - but has Square Enix made the most of the last ten years, or has the game's troubled...

  • Round Up Watch Dogs 2 PS4 Reviews Bark Up the Right Tree

    Woof, woof

    Watch Dogs 2 has launched a full-scale assault on every gaming website apart from our own, and thus a full-range of scores have been extracted based upon the open world adventure's source code. It's worth nothing that, from what we understand, the multiplayer is completely crunk at the moment, so you may want to turn your attention away...











  • Round Up What Was Revealed at PlayStation Experience 2015?

    All of the headlines

    Another exhausting but entertaining day here at Push Square Towers is slowly drawing to a close, but if you couldn't catch Sony's PlayStation Experience 2015 press conference live, we're not going to leave you hanging out to dry. We've compiled all of the announcements from Sony's media briefing, and we'll be updating this...

  • Round Up What Was Announced at The Game Awards 2015?

    Show stoppers

    As was the case last year, The Game Awards 2015 proved a well-intentioned event, with a handful of decent reveals and some pleasant little featurettes. Credit must go to Geoff Keighley, who's managed to transform this show from a cringe-fest on Spike TV into something that gamers can generally be relatively satisfied with. Of course,...

  • Round Up Just Cause 3 PS4 Reviews Go Loud

    Rico arena

    Just Cause 3 brings a bomb or two to sedate tropical island Medici this week – but are critics blown away by its boisterous open world action? Our review code was sent incredibly late – surprise, surprise – but our field operative Alex Stinton has been playing the retail version, and reckons that while Avalanche's latest offers more...


  • Round Up Star Wars Battlefront PS4 Reviews Feel the Force

    Out of this world?

    Star Wars Battlefront couldn't be launching at a better time. The world is currently gripped with force fever, as J.J. Abrams' hotly anticipated The Force Awakens readies itself for release. DICE appears poised to take advantage of the situation, with its flashy multiplayer focused Battlefront reboot possessing all of the...

  • Round Up Fallout 4 PS4 Reviews Are Radioactive


    We've had Robert Ramsey locked in the Push Square vault for weeks now, and he's emerged with a 9/10 review for Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4. Of course, while we've got more post-apocalyptic content lined up than you can shake an irradiated stick at, it's always interesting to see what's being said around the web. Here are some choice...

  • Round Up Push Square's October 2015 Reviews

    Not so spooky

    October was one heck of a busy month for us here at Push Square. We reviewed an absolutely massive 44 titles across 31 days – which is surely some sort of record. There were big scores aplenty, as well as some big releases - but it wouldn't have been the year's spookiest month without some real horrors to go along with the good...

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