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Podcast: Episode 2 - The Return

Episode 2 - The Return

Guess who's back?

So, a little over a week ago, Ben Potter and myself posted the very first Push Square Podcast, which you can listen to here if you haven't already. You guys seemed to like it and the feedback received has been fantastically positive, for which we're incredibly grateful. Mushy stuff aside, the podcast has been formally g

Poll: How Much Will PlayStation VR Cost?

How Much Will PlayStation VR Cost?

Predict the financial damage

Yes, we're recycling an old topic – but it does feel like the right moment to revisit the PlayStation VR pricing saga. Sony's announced that it will be holding a press event during the Game Developers Conference next week, and it's likely to contain pricing and release date details on its wow-inducing wearable...

Soapbox: Why Do We Treat Gaming Like a Chore?

Why Do We Treat Gaming Like a Chore?

Work, work, work

I've got to finish it otherwise I'll never clear my backlog. Recognise that? In this instance, 'it' doesn't refer to an important project or a piece of school work – but a game instead. Some of you won't have uttered a sentence like that, but I'd wager that there'll be more of you that have than haven't. The fact is that many of...

Live: By Zeus' Beard! Watch Us Play SMITE on PS4

By Zeus' Beard! Watch Us Play SMITE on PS4

MOBA madness

We're goin' friggin' mental here at the figurative Push Square Towers, rolling out podcasts and video clips shot straight from… Well, Sammy's kitchen. But why stop there? We'll be streaming SMITE gameplay live on our YouTube channel this evening, so check back at 21:00PM UK time to watch him play. Don't worry if you can't catch the...

Podcast: Episode 1 - The Pilot

Episode 1 - The Pilot

Push Square Podcast is born

You spoke – and we listened. We're very happy to announce the birth of the Push Square Podcast, hosted by our resident duo of Bens. Ben Potter, who you'll certainly recognise from our video section – the basket case responsible for our cracking Game of the Month flicks – and Ben Tarrant, who's been reviewing with...