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  • Site News Join the Official Push Square Destiny 2 Clan on PS4

    Greetings, Guardian

    If you're anything like us, then you're pretty excited to get stuck into Destiny 2 once it launches on the 6th September. But before you dive straight into Bungie's sci-fi sequel, there's one question we need to ask: would you like to join our official Push Square clan? Clans will supposedly play a bigger role in...


  • Site News We Need You to Complete Our Readership Survey

    There's a Jammie Dodger in it for you

    Anyone else derive a perverse kind of pleasure from filling in surveys? Good news, then – it's that time of the year yet again where we thrust a questionnaire in front of your bemused faces and beg you to fill it in. Pretty please? With a cherry on top? Seriously, though, this survey comes from our...

  • Site News You Can Now View Push Square's Content as a Timeline


    Earlier this year we launched our new Push Square layout and we couldn't be happier with it. One of our goals was to better spotlight the breadth of content that we create every single day, without it obstructing general news consumption – and we reckon that we've done an excellent job. However, some regular readers commented that you'd...

  • Site News Follow Our Horizon: Zero Dawn Hub Page

    Everything in one place

    Hooked on Horizon: Zero Dawn? Want to get all of our updates on the game in one place? Well, we've just created a hub page for Guerrilla Games' role-playing franchise that will keep you abreast of all of the developments in the fledgling series. You can find the page through here; simply click 'Follow' and it will be added to...


  • Site News Welcome to the New Push Square

    Fresh start

    Do you like what we've done to the place? Phwoar, it's pretty bloody spiffing, isn't it? For the past year we've quietly embarked on a Nathan Drake-esque adventure in search of the perfect Push Square facelift. We loved the previous layout just as much as you do, but the simple fact is that we outgrew it; we create such a variety of...




  • Site News Where's Your No Man's Sky PS4 Review?

    Patience, explorers

    Hey everyone, it's Sammy from Push Squa—and this isn't a video script, you nitwit. I just wanted to update you with regards to the status of our No Man's Sky review. As many of you know, the game is out tomorrow in North America and a day later in Europe, but we won't have a verdict ready for you until later in the week. This...




  • Site News Our Forum Wants to Find Your Favourite Ever PlayStation Game

    Time to vote

    Organisational idol themcnoisy is back with another awesome forum contest, with the objective this time to determine the greatest PlayStation game of all time. There'll be a slew of rounds, contests, and battles before the ultimate winner is crowned, with the prologue stage well underway as we write. You've got until 29th February to...

  • Site News Would You Kindly Take Our Survey?

    Be a bae

    Look, we're know that you're busy trying to finish The Witness, but can you forget about line puzzles for five minutes, please? Our not-so intimidating overlords at Gamer Network have concocted a right stonker of a survey, and kindly asked us to gently nudge it in your general direction. We really, really need your help with this, because...




  • Site News Our PlayStation E3 2015 Coverage Starts Now

    Are you red E?

    Buckle up everyone, because E3 2015 is just around the corner. The biggest event in gaming comes around but once a year, and over the course of about a week, we're bombarded with news, release dates, announcements, and trailers from just about every publisher under the sun. For us here at Push Square, it's a time that we both relish...


  • Site News Hideo Kojima Joins the Push Square Team

    Metal Gear developer to move into video game journalism

    Loughborough, England – Push Square, the internationally recognised PlayStation publication operated by Nlife Ltd, has today announced that video game visionary Hideo Kojima will be joining its editorial team as a reviewer. Mr. Kojima is perhaps best known for his work on the critically...


  • News Happy New Year from Movemodo!

    2012 – you're next

    As we close the book on 2011 we open a fresh page for 2012, and a what year it's looking to be for PlayStation — and for us. Highlights of the coming year include Sorcery, DUST 514 Star Trek and plenty more. We have some extremely exciting developments up our sleeve for 2012 that we're sure you love. We'll tell you more in the...

  • News Happy New Year from VitaGamr!

    2012, here we come

    2012 is the year PlayStation makes its next major move in the console business, releasing PlayStation Vita in Europe and North America on 22nd February. Just as PlayStation is ready to leap forward, so are we at VitaGamr: committed to bringing you the most important news and reviews from the world of PlayStation Vita. We're...

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