Dark Souls Remastered Illusory Walls Locations Guide 1

Illusory Walls hide hidden locations in Dark Souls Remastered that lead to awesome treasures and shortcuts. Finding them can be really difficult though. 

That's because there's nothing you can really look out for to spot them, unless another player has left a note on the ground detailing its location. Otherwise they look like any other wall.

To find the secrets inside, you need only hit an Illusory Wall with your weapon, at which point it will vanish. In this guide, we're going to detail every single Illusory

Dark Souls Illusory Walls Locations

Anor Londo

On the lowest floor of the rotatable staircase by the Darkmoon Tomb bonfire, you'll find a statue of Gwyn. If you're wearing the Darmoon Seance Ring, this statue will disappear.

There's other on the same floor as the bonfire in the castle. If you hit the wall behind an unused fireplace, you'll find a secret area.


At the very bottom of Blighttown in the swamp section, head left and up the branch leading into the tree. Hit the wall just to the left of the corpse and you'll find a hidden area.

Dark Souls Remastered Illusory Walls Locations Guide 2

There's a second Illusory Wall behind the chest in this hidden area.

Chasm of the Abyss

At the fork in the road, head left and you'll fall through the floor into a secret area. Follow Alvina to another wall and hit it to find another secret area.

Darkroot Garden

Hit the wall to the left of the Crest of Artorias (the big glowing door) to find a secret area containing a bonfire.

Lost Izalith

Hit the wall facing the centre of the ruins of Izalith while in the lava pit room to find an illusory wall leading to a bonfire.

New Londo Ruins

Just after you break the seal, hit a wall in the deep-water front between the Firelink Shrine elevator and the building Ingward is on to find a secret area.

Oolacile Township

When you face the first mimic on a walkway in this area, you need a light source to reveal the illusory wall near by. You'll know you're in the right location if you're near the building in which the Dark Orb sorcery is inside.

Dark Souls Remastered Illusory Walls Locations Guide 3

There's another illusory wall in the large building on the lower level of Oolacile Township. Go to the top floor of this building and follow the path until you reach a dead end, then use a light source to reveal a secret area.

Painted World of Ariamis

Head underground. All of the stone walls in this section are illusory, so break them and look for cool stuff.

Quelaag's Domain

In the chamber below the bell, you'll find an illusory wall coated in egg sacs. Hit it to find Quelaag's sister, Quelaan, who's also a Fire Keeper.

Sen's Fortress

Drop into the tar pit filled with Titanite Demons and find the exit, then hit a wall near the corpse hanging over a ledge to find a secret path leading to the roof.

The Catacombs

Find the ladder leading to the switch that controls the second bridge and hit the wall next to it. Be careful though, because there's a spike trap next to it.

Tomb of the Giants

When you find the Large Divine Ember in a room, exit it and there's an illusory wall in this passageway. It leads back to the first bonfire, which is nice.