Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapters

How many chapters does Final Fantasy VII Remake have? The original Final Fantasy VII didn't have chapters, but Square Enix's PS4 remake decides to split its story into multiple titled acts, despite only covering the Midgar portion of the story.

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How many chapters does Final Fantasy VII Remake have?

Final Fantasy VII Remake has a total of 18 chapters.

All of these chapters differ in length. Some, like the first reactor bombing mission right at the start of the game, last around an hour. Others can last much, much longer — especially chapters that include side quests, like finding all chocobos or finding all of Don Corneo's secret stashes.

Some chapters give you room to breathe and explore, while others are very story-driven, with lots of cutscenes and boss battles.

Meanwhile, Final Fantasy VII Remake's endgame chapter select lets you replay any chapter in the game. Hard mode makes chapters even longer by giving you tougher battles. You can find out more about that through the links.

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