Best Runes to Get First in DOOM Eternal PS4 Guide

What are the best Runes to get first in DOOM Eternal? What are the best Runes to equip in DOOM Eternal? Runes are small bonuses you can equip after finding secrets throughout the game's various levels, but which three are the best for your loadout? What ones are the best and should be unlocked first? This quick guide will let you know which are the best Runes to get first in DOOM Eternal.

Best Runes to Get First in DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal allows you to equip up to three Runes at any one time, providing minor improvements in the process. The three you should make part of your loadout, and should probably stay there for the duration of the campaign are:

  • Punch and Reave - Enemies killed by a Blood Punch shockwave drop health.
  • Seek and Destroy - Launch into a Glory Kill from much further away.
  • Air Control - Greatly increases movement control while in the air.

With the three Runes in question equipped, you'll have a better chance at filling your health bar every time Blood Punch is activated. To aid that, the Seek and Destroy Rune will allow you to perform Glory Kills from further away -- the action which fuels the Blood Punch meter. Working in tandem, the two Runes will have your health pools back to maximum in no time at all. Meanwhile, Air Control is going to aid with platforming when the time arrives on every level in the game.