Shenmue How to Find Charlie in the Tattoo Parlor in Dobuita Guide 1

One of the early objectives in Shenmue is to find Charlie in Dobuita, a man who wears a leather jacket, black sunglasses, and has a tattoo on his arm. The problem is that not many of the locals have heard of him, so we’re going to help you to track him down in the local tattoo parlor. Once you’ve found him, you’ll be able to progress the story, and will unlock the ‘Needle in a Haystack’ Trophy.

How to find Charlie in the Tattoo Parlor in Dobuita in Shenmue

Once you’ve concluded your search for sailors at the Heartbeats Bar, and roughed up some of the locals, you’ll be given some information about a man named Charlie who can help you in your pursuit of Lan Di. The problem is that you’re not given a whole lot of information to go on, other than that he wears a leather jacket, black sunglasses, and has a tattoo on his arm.

The best place to start is with Tsuruoka-san at the jacket shop, which is opposite the military surplus store near to Tom’s Hotdog Stand. He’ll know about Charlie, but he won’t be able to give you a specific location. Next try talking Kinuyo-san at Hokuhoku Lunches, and she’ll tell you about Naigai Industries. This will open up a new line of questioning, and asking around Dobuita will reveal that it’s not a particularly pleasant place. You’ll find Nagai Industries on the same street as Liu Barber and Hair Salon.

Talk to the unsavoury characters at Nagai Industries and get some firm information on Charlie, then head out and wait until after 7PM before going to the GAME You arcade. You’ll end up embroiled in a battle with the thugs from the Heartbeats Bar, but once you’ve beaten them they’ll talk to you about tattoos. Use this new information to question the bikers near the Knocking Motorcycle Store, and agree to join their gang. Then head to the tattoo parlour at Okayama Heights who’ll tell you they’re closed, but that Charlie “might” return when they re-open at 2PM tomorrow.

Rest up and return the next day, knowing that you’ve finally found that needle in a haystack.