What Difficulty Level Should I Start With in Doom Eternal PS4 Guide

What difficulty level should I start with in DOOM Eternal? Which is the best starting difficulty mode in DOOM Eternal? Picking the right difficulty level for you in what amounts to id Software's best PlayStation 4 game yet is quite important as it'll influence the sort of experience you'll have. While it can be adjusted at any time, we recommend getting it right on the first try. Here's how to work our what the best difficulty level is for you in DOOM Eternal.

All Difficulty Levels in DOOM Eternal

The difficulty levels in DOOM Eternal are as follows:

I'm Too Young To Die (Easy) - At this difficulty setting, there will be dramatic fights and you will push through low health states and occasional deaths on your way to mastering the experience.

  • Enemies attack less often and do less damage.
  • Some items you pick up in the world, like health and armour, are worth more than in higher difficulties.

Hurt Me Plenty (Normal) - If you have good reflexes and enjoy exploring for progression items, then this difficulty setting is for you. Invest in your weapons and abilities to keep up with the enemies as you progress.

  • Enemies attack often and do meaningful damage.
  • Death and low health states will be common early on as you learn to master the skills required to dominate the combat experience.

Ultra-Violence (Hard) - If you're an experienced FPS player with great reflexes and you love exploring levels for progression items, then this difficulty setting is for you.

  • Enemies throw power attacks more often and deal significant damage.
  • Death may be common early on as you learn to master the skills needed to dominate the combat experience.

Nightmare (Very Hard) - If you're an expert FPS player with lightning-quick reflexes and you are a game completionist, then this difficulty setting is perfect for you.

  • Enemy attacks are more frequent and deal maximum damage.
  • Few mistakes are allowed and complete mastery of the combat loop is required.

What Is the Best Difficulty Level to Start with in DOOM Eternal?

Ultimately, the answer to this question depends on whether or not you played DOOM 2016. If you managed to see the series' previous outing right the way through to its conclusion, you'll have a good idea of what to expect. That takes into account the standard difficulty of the trip to hell and back and your understanding of the mechanics. If you consider yourself someone who has managed to wrap your head around all that going into DOOM Eternal, we recommend starting the game on Ultra-Violence. If this is your first time playing a DOOM game, however, we recommend starting off on Hurt Me Plenty.

The campaign allows you to change the difficulty at any time, so if you're finding things a bit too easy or far too difficult, you can tune the experience to your liking from there. DOOM Eternal's combat arenas should be testing your FPS skills at every opportunity so don't feel too downhearted if you have a lot of trouble initially. Drop the difficult down a notch and come back to the likes of Ultra-Violence and even Nightmare when you have a better understanding of what the game is asking of you.