What is Fallout 1st? Should you buy Fallout 1st for Fallout 76? A membership for Fallout 76 that gives you new benefits and rewards, you may be wondering whether you should sign up and reap all its bonuses. In this Fallout 76 guide, we're going to reveal what is Fallout 1st and answer the question: should you buy Fallout 1st?

What Is Fallout 1st?

Fallout 76: What Is Fallout 1st and Should You Buy It? Guide

Fallout 1st is a subscription service for Fallout 76 that provides you with lots of in-game bonuses and paid currencies. It's not required to play the game itself; the membership is purely an optional add-on that can enhance your experience in a number of ways.

You can subscribe to Fallout 1st on either a monthly or yearly basis at the following prices:

  • Fallout 1st 1-month membership — £5.99 / $6.49 per month
  • Fallout 1st 12-month membership — £99.99 / $99.99 per year

Between 11th April 2024 and 9th May 2024, Fallout 1st memberships are 50% off. Also, until 23rd April 2024, all Fallout 76 players get a "limited preview" of Fallout 1st for free. A subscription to Fallout 1st gives you the following:

  • Private Adventure — Play on a private server with your friends away from random players.
  • Custom Worlds — Build upon a private server by customising the open world in places previously inaccessible.
  • Scrapbox — A place to store an unlimited amount of crafting materials.
  • Survival Tent — A placeable fast travel point containing a Stash, sleeping bag, and more.
  • Atoms — You'll be given 1,650 Atoms to spend in the premium Atomic Shop every month you're subscribed.
  • Ranger Armor Outfit — You get an outfit inspired by Fallout: New Vegas.
  • Icons and Emote Pack — Get bonus icons and emotes only available to Fallout 1st members.
  • Fallout 1st Seasons Pass — You'll unlock a Battle Pass you can work through and unlock extra rewards.
  • Ammo Box — A place to store an unlimited amount of ammo for your weapons.

Should You Buy Fallout 1st?

If you're already invested in Fallout 76 and wish to commit more time and effort into your character, then subscribing to Fallout 1st is a great way of doing so. You can make the experience a lot easier to manage with the Scrapbox and Ammo Box, then dive into a Private Adventure to get away from other players if you fancy a more single player undertaking. Then, the Seasons Pass grants you access to more customisation items, and you can buy more things with the monthly drop of Atoms.

We don't recommend signing up to Fallout 1st straight away, but if you find yourself coming back to the game weeks after you started your character, then a one-month membership will probably be worth the investment. At the end of your subscription, you can then choose to extend it or simply return to the default experience.

Have you signed up for Fallout 1st in the past? Did you find it to be worth the investment? Share your experiences in the comments below.