Shenmue II How to Win 5 Arm Wrestling Matches Guide 1

One of the first things that will happen when you arrive in Aberdeen in Shenmue II is that you’ll be challenged to an arm wrestling match. This first bout is easy to win, and you’ll be awarded the ‘Challenger’ Trophy for your efforts. Each time you win, however, the stakes will be increased – and winning the $50 bet is almost impossible. (Note: this can be a good way of frittering away your money before your bag is stolen if you’re going for the ‘Big Spender’ Trophy, but we’d recommend picking up some tat from one of the stalls instead, as you can sell these at a pawnshop later on to recoup some cash.) The good news is that the ‘Strongarm’ Trophy only requires you to win five fights – it doesn’t stipulate where you need to win them. And there are plenty of locations you can arm wrestle in Shenmue II.

How to Win 5 Arm Wrestling Matches in Shenmue II

To win five arm wrestling matches in Shenmue II and unlock the ‘Strongarm’ Trophy, try winning the very first fight against Jimenez Garcia in Aberdeen at least four times. Once the bet is increased to $50, unless you’re purposely trying to fritter away your money, it’s honestly best to give up. Fortunately, there are other locations you can arm wrestle to get your fifth victory in Shenmue II.

Shenmue II Arm Wrestling Locations

  • Jimenez Garcia: Worker’s Pier, Aberdeen
  • Bear Norton: Worker’s Pier, Aberdeen
  • Guston Hymer: Worker’s Pier, Aberdeen
  • Nadam Begue: Rooftop Fight, Worker’s Pier, Aberdeen
  • Agon Girei: Rooftop Fight, Worker’s Pier, Aberdeen
  • Uzun Temur: Rooftop Fight, Worker’s Pier, Aberdeen

If you’ve already departed for Hong Kong, then you’ll find various arm wrestling opponents in Kowloon as well. Incredibly, you’ll even find Jimenez Garcia among the potential challengers. To partake in some arm wrestling in Kowloon, go to the Fighting Place in the Stand Qtr. Once you’ve won a cumulative total of five arm wrestling matches, you’ll unlock the ‘Strongarm’ Trophy.