Shenmue How to Get into Warehouse 8 and Meet Master Chen Guide 1

Once you reach New Yokosuka Harbor in Shenmue, one of your first tasks is to break and enter Warehouse 8 so that you can meet Master Chen – but this can be a bit of pain. To begin with, there are two warehouse districts, and you’ll need to pay a visit to the Old Warehouse District in order to infiltrate the Warehouse 8 that Master Chen resides at. Second of all there’s a dodgy stealth segment that can be irritating. Grit your teeth through it all, though, and you’ll unlock the ‘Break and Enter’ Trophy for your troubles.

How to Get into Warehouse 8 and Meet Master Chen in Shenmue

In this guide we’re going to show you how to get into Warehouse 8 so that you can meet Master Chen in Shenmue. Doing all of this will unlock the ‘Break and Enter’ Trophy.

How to Find the Old Warehouse District in Shenmue

When you arrive at New Yokosuka Harbor, ask a few of the locals about Warehouse 8 and they’ll quickly point you in the right direction. The guards won’t let you through the front so push the crate towards the rear and climb through the open window. If you follow the upstairs walkway around you’ll spy some offices, and the one furthest from the window has a couple of works inside. Eavesdrop on their conversation and you’ll learn that there’s another Warehouse 8 in the Old Warehouse District.

The Old Warehouse District can be difficult to find, but return to the area where you got off the bus and face the Tomato Mart store. Run towards it until you reach the water where the men are fishing. Take a left towards Tom’s Hot Dog stand, but hug the shoreline and follow it around to the Old Warehouse District. You won’t be allowed in, but Ryo will decide to return at night.

How to Bypass the Guards and Break and Enter Warehouse 8

To break into Warehouse 8, there’ll first be a cut-scene where you have to catch a torch by completing a QTE. If you fail it, then you’ll be forced to reload into the next day to try again. Once you’re inside there’s a short stealth section, and because it’s so dark it can be infuriating trying to find Warehouse 8. Every time you fail, you’ll skip a day, so it’s worth wrapping this up quickly as Shenmue’s story concludes if you reach mid-April without finishing the campaign.

Essentially what you want to do is wait at your starting position until the guard who’s nearest to you turns his back on you. Move out of cover and take the first right down the walkway where the guard just came from. Now sprint forward halfway down the walkway and take the first left. Hug the right wall and keep moving forward until you can turn right again. A cut-scene will trigger showing you Warehouse 8. Enter the door and meet Master Chen.