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Resident Evil Village is the ninth mainline entry in Capcom's classic survival horror franchise and acts as a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, bringing back both the first-person camera and protagonist Ethan Winters. We awarded the game a 9/10 in our Resident Evil Village PS5 review, describing it as "an essential playthrough for anyone with even a passing interest in the franchise". It is also available on PS4.

In this Resident Evil Village guide, we're going to share our beginner's tips and tricks to help you withstand every single thing Lady Dimitrescu and co have to throw at you. We are also going to reveal the location of all collectibles, including the Goats of Warding. Additionally, we shall cover All Padlock Combinations and All Gun Upgrade Locations, as well as where to find Fish, Meat, Poultry, and How to Get Lei.

Furthermore, this page will contain some Trophy guides, revealing how to set fire to a Moroaica and how to combine a treasure into its complete form. Please note that, despite our best efforts to preserve the narrative, there will be some light Resident Evil Village spoilers within this guide due to the nature of its contents. Please browse carefully if you wish to experience the story for yourself.

Resident Evil Village Guide: All Collectibles

Resident Evil Village has 20 collectibles for you to find. There is no way to track how many you have collected during the story except for the Challenges menu that is unlocked after completing the game. This menu displays how many you have collected, but does not detail which ones you are missing. The only way to ensure you find all collectibles in a single playthrough is to follow this guide.

  • Goats of Warding are small, wooden figurines in the shape of goats that are hidden throughout the game. They are generally quite hard to find. Without the help found in this guide, you're not likely to spot them. In order to register each one as found, you must shoot them with a gun. They make a faint sound as you draw near to them as their head rocks back and forth.

Resident Evil Village is divided into many different locations, all of which contain collectibles. Below you will find a guide to all Resident Evil Village collectibles in the order you will discover them in the game.

Resident Evil Village Guide: Puzzle Solutions, Upgrades, Treasures, Trophies, Help, and FAQs

In the next section of our Resident Evil Village guide, we'll provide further help covering how to solve puzzles in Castle Dimitrescu, find Treasures, specific Trophy walkthroughs, how to upgrade Ethan Winters and all his guns, and more.

Puzzle Solutions





Resident Evil Village Guide: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Resident Evil Village plays a lot like its immediate predecessor, so if you're already acquainted with Ethan Winters, this latest adventure should feel fairly familiar. However, there are some universal tips and tricks we would recommend to all players, no matter how comfortable you are. Continue reading to make sure you are prepared for what's ahead.

Don't Waste Your Ammo on Livestock

In order to cook up some permanent upgrades at The Duke's Kitchen, you'll need to kill animals in exchange for Fish, Meat, and Poultry. And since ammo isn't exactly in abundance throughout the game, we don't recommend you waste your shots on livestock. Equip your knife and chase the pigs, goats, and chickens that inhabit the area instead. It'll take a few swipes to kill them — especially the larger creatures — but you'll be in a much better position on the other side of the encounter. You won't have wasted any bullets and either some Fish, Meat, or Poultry will be yours.

Shoot the Birdcages Hanging Above You

You may be under the assumption that the birdcages which hang above your head in certain areas are just there for decoration, but that's not actually true. If you shoot the cage, it'll drop to the floor and give you an item. That includes Lei to buy upgrades with, Gunpowder for crafting bullets, and other items that will help you progress. There will never be anything truly important to your quest found inside birdcages, but whatever item you get, it'll always be worth the single bullet you use.

Use the Map to Your Advantage

By pressing the Touch Pad button, you can bring up a map of the areas you've visited so far. You should use its mechanics to your advantage. If an area is red, then that means there's still an item to be found there. If the area is blue, then you have found all the items located there. These colours don't account for collectibles, but in terms of actual useful items, you'll know if you have everything in the vicinity by simply pressing the Touch Pad.

Look Out for Yellow Tape

Whilst you're exploring the village and its surrounding areas, keep your eye out for quite literally anything yellow. Yellow tape, yellow paint. Because if you see it, it means you can either interact with it or use an item there. Yellow tape is plastered around boxes you can break for items while yellow paint can be found next to objects that can be combined with an item. This mostly applies to the Well Wheel and the Crank, which both allow you to access new areas and items.

Don't Sell All Treasures Immediately

Most of the Treasures you find can be handed to the Duke in exchange for Lei straight away, but before you do so, always check the description associated with them. Most will read "Valuable" or Very Valuable", but some will also say "Combinable". This means there is another Treasure elsewhere that you can combine with what you've found to make it worth a lot more Lei. Most of these Treasures will be fairly obvious because they'll be labelled as "Body" or "Shaft" so you'll know straight away that there's another piece to go with it.

Check Out the Extra Content Shop After Beating the Game

After you've completed your first playthrough, you will unlock the Extra Content Shop in the Bonuses menu. Here, you can exchange CP for unlocks. They include The Mercenaries game mode, new weapons, infinite ammo mods for weapons, and concept art and figurines. Each unlock has a price attached, and you should have built up a good amount of CP to buy a few things straight away after beating the game once. To see how you get more CP and thus purchase more unlocks, check out the Challenges tab in the Bonuses menu.

And that brings our Resident Evil Village guide to its conclusion. We hope this has helped you deal with Mother Miranda and her accomplices, but if you have any further tips or tricks to share, feel free to post them in the comments below.