How do you get to the Riverbank Treasure House in Resident Evil Village? After reaching a certain point in the story, Resident Evil Village gives you the illusion that it is opening up and allowing you to go wherever you like. One way it does this is by marking golden treasure chests on your map, telling you where some of the best items and Treasures are in the game. In this Resident Evil Village guide, we're going to reveal how to get to Riverbank Treasure House.

Resident Evil Village: How to Get to Riverbank Treasure House

Resident Evil Village: How to Get to Riverbank Treasure House Guide 1

In order to access Riverbank Treasure House, you first need to get the Crank from Moreau's territory. It's part of the story so you can't miss it. With that in hand, head to the Lone Road west of the Altar and use the Crank to lower the Drawbridge at the water's edge. Then take the boat on the other side upstream to the north. You will eventually come to an area where you can disembark, and from there head right through a set of double doors.

Your first task is to light the torches on both sides of the room using the flaming goblet in the middle. Shoot it and the torches will be set on fire as you aim your shots correctly. This will unlock the two doors on either side and spawn an enemy. You now need to shoot the flaming goblet at the enemy (See Also: Resident Evil Village: How to Set Fire to a Moroaica) and then lead into the next room. Once it makes contact with the second torch in the centre, the doors blocking your path to the treasure will be unlocked.

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