How do you use wells in Resident Evil Village? What item do you need to use wells in Resident Evil Village? If you have made it to the village area, then you may be wondering how to interact with wells beyond the game simply telling you another item is required. In this Resident Evil Village guide, we're going to reveal how to use wells.

Resident Evil Village: How to Use Wells

Interacting with wells is largely tied to story progress. Firstly, you must complete the Castle Dimitrescu section of the game and then return to The Village. More of this section will now be open to you, allowing you to explore it further. Once you've gotten the Jack Handle and crawled under the tractor, take a right and then the first left until you come across a house on your right.

Use the Iron Insignia Key on the locked door there and head inside — don't use the ladder. Around the corner will be the Well Wheel. Use this item when prompted to at a well and you'll be able to pull up the contents contained in buckets.

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