How do you get the Iron Insignia Key in Resident Evil Village? As you progress through Castle Dimitrescu, you will come across locked doors which require specific keys in order to be unlocked. They're required to progress through the game, so finding them is vital. In this Resident Evil Village guide, we're going to reveal how to get the Iron Insignia Key. You may also be interested in: Resident Evil Village: Where to Find All Four Angel Masks and Solve the Hall of the Four Puzzle.

Resident Evil Village: How to Get the Iron Insignia Key

Resident Evil Village: How to Get the Iron Insignia Key Guide 1

A lot like the Courtyard Key and Dimitrescu's Key, you'll need to progress the story a certain amount before the chance to grab the Iron Insignia Key presents itself. Once you do have Dimitrescu's Key and are free to roam Castle Dimitrescu once more, head to the Courtyard and unlock the door there. You will be in the Opera Hall, so head down to the bottom floor and interact with the piano in the centre. You will need to play a certain melody using a set of keys, but don't worry if you're not sure which ones to hit. The game provides an easy method of working out which key to hit next, so it requires no prior knowledge. Once successful, the Iron Insignia Key will be revealed.

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