How do you solve the Doll Workshop Mannequin puzzle in Resident Evil Village? After reaching the basement in House Beneviento, you'll be thrust into an elaborate puzzle that considers of a number of different solutions and mechanics. In this Resident Evil Village guide, we're going to reveal how to solve the Doll Workshop Mannequin puzzle.

Resident Evil Village: How to Solve the Doll Workshop Mannequin Puzzle

Resident Evil Village: How to solve the Doll Workshop Mannequin Puzzle Guide 1

This lengthy puzzle begins as soon as you try to pick up the Legs Flask off the doll in the middle of the room. You will now have been stripped of all your weapons and items, leaving just your brain and know how to solve this brain teaser.

Start by examining the Mannequin itself. Pull the Blood Covered Ring off its left hand, remove its left leg to get the Winding Key, and its right arm to get part of a solution to one of the doors blocking your path. It looks like this:

Resident Evil Village: How to solve the Doll Workshop Mannequin Puzzle Guide 2

Now, with your back to the main set of double doors, head down the path to your right and you'll find another locked door. Examine the bottom circle and you'll be able to select the pattern you just examined inside the Mannequin's right arm. Select it and return to the main room. Examine the Mannequin's right shoulder next, giving you the Silver Key. This unlocks the door to your left with the symbol covering the window. In here examine the sink to turn the tap on. Then examine it once more and select the Blood Covered Ring.

Resident Evil Village: How to solve the Doll Workshop Mannequin Puzzle Guide 3

This gives you the Wedding Ring, but you'll want to immediately examine it. On the underside of the ring is the code to the padlock blocking the main double doors in the room. (See Also: Resident Evil Village: All Padlock Combinations) The code is 052911. Input it on the padlock.

Follow the unlocked hallway around until you come across the first door — it automatically opens slightly to signal you in. Within this room is a box you can wind up that is themed around Ethan and Mia's wedding day. Use the Winding Key on it. You must now swap the Cylinders around until you find the correct sequence to make the box play its tune. The solution is in the image below:

Resident Evil Village: Music Box in House Beneviento Solution Guide 4

A compartment at the bottom of the box will then appear, giving you the Tweezers. Return to the Mannequin in the main room and examine the mouth. Use the Tweezers to get the Film. Go back to the hallway you previously unlocked and now follow it around to the end, entering the Study next to the elevator. In here, you should examine the Film Reel on the desk and use the Film. Working with the note to the left of the Film Reel, you need to place the five pieces of Film in the correct order. That order is as follows:

Resident Evil Village: Film Reel in House Beneviento Solution Guide 5

Playing the Film unlocks a new hidden passageway, so head inside and pick up the Scissors before entering the crawl space at the end. Return to the Mannequin after picking up the phone and examine the bandages covering its chest. Use the Scissors here. Examine the chest area and you'll get the Brass Medallion. Place it in the locked door with symbols on to the right of the Mannequin. Now we just need the other correct symbol, so go back to the Mannequin and examine its left eye. This gives us a picture of a bird in flight that is facing the right. Find that symbol on the door and it will unlock.

Head down the staircase and into the well. At the bottom is the Breaker Box Key. Take it and return to the Mannequin, where all of the lights will be off. It's time to restore power. Except that's not so easy when there's a gigantic, screaming baby blocking your path. We've got to work around it so in order to get to the power box, run through the Medicine Room and into the Study. Use the Breaker Box Key on the Power Box and you'll find the Relief of a Child ornament inside.

Resident Evil Village: How to solve the Doll Workshop Mannequin Puzzle Guide 6

This needs to be placed on the only locked door we have left in the basement, which is in between the Medicine Room and the Study. Follow the new path around, through the Kitchen and into the Bedroom. Take the Fuse from the Power Box. Return to the Power Box by the elevator upstairs while avoiding the gigantic baby. We recommend leading it back into the Bedroom while you hide under the bed. When it's on the far side, you can then slip past and get a head start on it. Once you're back there, place the Fuse in its position and you'll be able to head back upstairs.

This completes the puzzle, but House Beneviento isn't done with you just yet. The doll army in the main part of the house are now out to get you, and the only way to stop them is to find its leader three times throughout the building. The first position she'll be in is in the Guest Room on the second floor.

Resident Evil Village: How to solve the Doll Workshop Mannequin Puzzle Guide 7

Her second position is back on the ground floor in the Living Room. She'll be sat between the wall and the table.

Resident Evil Village: How to solve the Doll Workshop Mannequin Puzzle Guide 8

Her final position is in the Foyer, in the little area to the left with a door you can't walk through.

Resident Evil Village: How to solve the Doll Workshop Mannequin Puzzle Guide 9

After a quick cutscene, your weapons and items will be returned to you and you can leave House Beneviento with the Legs Flask.

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