Resident Evil Village: How to Get Lei Guide 1

How do you get Lei in Resident Evil Village? Buying supplies and upgrading your weapons is part and parcel of any survival horror experience, so Lei forms a very important part of the gameplay loop in Resident Evil Village. As such, it's only right that you want to know how to get a lot of it quickly in order to give yourself a better fighting chance. In this Resident Evil Village guide, we're going to reveal how to get Lei. You may also be interested in: Resident Evil Village: All Gun Stat Upgrades and How Much They Cost.

Resident Evil Village: How to Get Lei

There are three main ways to get Lei:

  • Picking it up off enemies when they're killed
  • Collecting Treasures and selling them to the Duke
  • Selling supplies to the Duke

Lei only holds value with the Duke — no other character in the game has any interest in it. As such, you should funnel all of your Lei into buying items from him, upgrading your weapons, and buying new ones from him. Regular enemies can drop anywhere from 300 Lei to 5,000 Lei at once, depending on how tough they are. The Lycan horde and whatever else Heisenberg has cooked up do not infinitely respawn, meaning there is no way to reliably farm for Lei in the game. But simply killing enemies in the early game is a good way of increasing your earnings as the supplies and upgrades you can purchase from the Duke are fairly cheap.

However, as you gradually progress through the game, you'll start to notice a sharp increase in the price of upgrades — especially as you get your hands on some of the better weapons. Simply killing enemies won't enable you to keep up with those prices, and it's here where Treasures come into play. Treasures are special items found throughout the environment that can be sold at a high price (see what we did there?) to the Duke. Treasures can be sold for anywhere between 5,000 Lei and upwards of 20,000 Lei. These items dramatically increase the possibilities of your budget, allowing you to buy more or purchase better equipment. You can also combine certain Treasures to increase their worth (See Also: Resident Evil Village: How to Combine a Treasure into Its Complete Form). Once more, Treasures do not infinitely respawn so there's a finite amount of them in the game. Smaller Treasures can be identified by their shining glint — they will shine and be noticeable in rooftops and objects. Simply shoot them to detach them and pick them up.

Resident Evil Village: How to Get Lei Guide 2

One more way to generate Lei is to sell your own supplies to the Duke, but by doing so, you obviously lose access to them. For example, the more you upgrade your weapons, the more Lei you would get should you decide to trade them in. Selling your guns generates a lot of Lei, but be sure you have a good enough arsenal to fall back on without it in your inventory. You can buy your weapons back from the Duke, but they'll obviously be pretty pricey. We only recommend taking this route if you're desperate for something the Duke is selling and getting rid of a gun you no longer use will net you enough Lei to afford it. Fish, Meat, and Poultry can also be sold if you no longer need them for upgrades from The Duke's Kitchen, so you're safe to sell them.

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