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  • News Disney Happy with EA's Work on Star Wars

    Companies have a good relationship

    If we’re all honest with ourselves, EA’s done a terrible job with Star Wars to date. The first game in its mammoth contract with Disney, the multiplayer-only Star Wars Battlefront, was perfectly adequate but felt undercooked. Its successor, though, Star Wars Battlefront 2, prompted one of the biggest backlashes...


  • News Gran Turismo Spotted in Wreck-It Ralph 2 Trailer

    Epiphany digital

    Wreck-It Ralph 2’s trailer broke the Internet earlier this week, and fans have spent days looking for Easter eggs as the eponymous hero (?) heads down the cyber-highway for an all-new adventure. But one reference that may have been overlooked among Twitter’s iconic blue birds and all of the Disney princesses ever is… Gran...



  • News Cars 3 Looks Driven to Win in PS4, PS3 Trailer

    Grease Lightning

    Little known secret: Cars 2 on the PlayStation 3 was actually a pretty decent little arcade racer. Cars 3: Driven to Win looks to follow in its predecessor’s footsteps, and while the Pixar spin-off is clearly not going to win any originality awards, it sure could prove a fun little distraction this summer. This gameplay trailer...


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    Review The Disney Afternoon Collection

    The collection that flaps in the night

    The early-to-late nineties were a renaissance for Disney: the company was not only producing some of the most memorable and innovative films it would ever produce but also releasing spectacular original animated television series. Ducktales, Goof Troop, TaleSpin, Gargoyles, and Darkwing Duck were just some of...


  • News Disney Infinity Dumped as Avalanche Software Shuttered

    Company will license out brands

    Disney Interactive is exiting the video game business for what feels like the umpteenth time. The publisher has announced today that it will no longer self-publish console titles, meaning that it's shuttering Avalanche Software and ditching toys-to-life release Disney Infinity. The latter will result in around 300 job...


  • News Looks Like Star Wars 1313 May Happen After All

    Not being sarlacc-stic

    If you're a Star Wars fan, you probably remember the Star Wars 1313 trailer – largely because it was excellent. It promised a grittier, more action-adventure based Star Wars game, not unlike Uncharted, and many people were pretty excited for it, considering it explored Boba Fett's past, something that hadn't really been...


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    Review Super Star Wars


    One thing that Nintendo and Star Wars share as a brand is devoted loyalty from their fans, and this can partially be attributed to the immense nostalgia that gamers and film buffs feel from experiencing true excellence. On the 21st November 2015 the Japanese Super Famicom celebrated its 25th birthday, and the SNES earned its name...

  • News SNES Classic Super Star Wars Charges Its Lightsaber on PS4, Vita

    Buy it, you must

    Star Wars Battlefront may not be the best sci-fi spin-off in town this week. Sony has confirmed on the PlayStation Blog that SNES classic Super Star Wars will be releasing on the PlayStation 4 and Vita on 17th November – in North America at least. There's no word on how much it'll cost, but


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    Review Mickey's Wild Adventure

    Traveller's tenaciously timeless theatrical tales

    Every gaming generation has a few genre styles that are dominant, and in the early 1990s scrolling shmups, brawlers, and cutesy mascot platformers were the most prevalent titles on a game shop's shelves. Julian 'Jaz' Rignall was prophetic in his editorial for the February 1991 issue five of Mean...


  • Rumour Tron: Escape Parks Its Lightcycle on PS4

    Trip the light fantastic

    Someone get Daft Punk on the line: there's a new Tron game in production for the PlayStation 4. Well, that appears to be the case anyway, as a listing for a release named Tron: Escape has been spotted on a Brazilian ratings board. It's coming to the PlayStation 4 apparently – even though it's the first that we've heard...






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    Review Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes - 2.0 Edition

    Infinity just got bigger

    Disney was never going to let Activision control the NFC figurine market, and so last year it delivered Disney Infinity – a family friendly title featuring themed Playsets and a LittleBigPlanet-esque Toy Box mode. Disney Infinity 2.0 improves upon many aspects of the original, as well as bringing the franchise to the...


  • Video Should You Buy Disney Infinity 2.0 for the PS4?


    If you’re a regular reader of this site, Disney Infinity 2.0 probably isn’t placed anywhere near to the top of your PlayStation 4 wishlist. However, that doesn’t mean that the release isn’t worth talking about – especially with Marvel characters at the forefront of the package. As such, we’ve teamed up with our friends at...



  • Rumour Avalanche to Open Disney Infinity's Toy Box on PS4

    Sequel to family friendly money spinner seemingly on the way

    Disney Infinity may have been pitched as a big playbox of potential, but it seems like developer Avalanche Software is going to need to have another crack at the concept before truly realising its vision. The company – based in Salt Lake City and not to be confused with Just Cause...


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    Review Disney Infinity

    It's a kind of magic

    Let's start off by addressing the flying Dumbo in the room: Disney Infinity is not simply a Skylanders clone from the House of Mouse. It's pure, unadulterated Disney magic – and completely worth the arm, leg, and kidney that you're inevitably about to spend on it. Even before Pixar's seminal 1995 blockbuster Toy Story,...


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    Review Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

    Icky mouse

    It’s ironic that the latest blockbuster starring Walt Disney’s most iconic cartoon creation is a bit of a Mickey Mouse affair. Last year’s PlayStation 3 release of Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, the sequel to development juggernaut Warren Spector’s popular Nintendo Wii game, fell flat on its button nose due to shoddy...







  • News Disney Releases First Epic Mickey 2 Footage


    Following this week’s official announcement, Disney’s released the first footage of upcoming PS3 platformer Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. Judging from the trailer, the game’s managed to maintain the twisted art style of its Nintendo Wii exclusive predecessor. The sequel will allow you to take control of both Mickey Mouse and Oswald...

  • News Disney's Brave Coming to PS3 with Move Archery

    Arro' there

    PlayStation Move is set to get another taste of Disney when Disney Pixar's Brave comes to the motion controller this summer. The third-person action adventure uses Move in an archery segment, though hopefully the full game will be Move compatible; you can't beat a bit of wand-waving in a fantasy setting. Disney's not telling us much...

  • News Epic Mickey 2 Paints its Way onto PlayStation 3

    Disney lets the mouse out of the bag

    If Warren Spector’s appearance on this week’s GameTrailers TV wasn’t enough to convince you that Disney Epic Mickey 2 was on the horizon, then an Associated Press story should do the job. The article confirms that a sequel to 2010’s popular Nintendo Wii platformer is in development for PlayStation 3, with...


  • News Phineas and Ferb Get Some Evil News

    Blu-ray to feature cartoons too.

    Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension is coming to PlayStation Move next month, but the pointy-faced duo just got some evil news, as the trailer below shows. The Disney adventurers will be making their first appearance on PlayStation 3 in a new co-operative adventure, and you can use Sony's motion controller...





  • First Impressions Tron Evolution

    Greetings, programs!

    Twenty-eight years is a long time to wait for a sequel, but the follow-up film to the iconic Tron is almost upon us. One month before Tron Legacy arrives on our screens will come Tron Evolution, a game filling in some of the middle ground between both films, and Movemodo was fortunate enough to be invited to a preview event for...

  • News Disney Sheds Blue Light on TRON: Evolution's Move Features

    Lightcycles and teasing

    TRON: Evolution is, in Disney's eyes, the official follow-up to the original Tron, so it's putting a lot into getting its combination of racing and combat just right, including PlayStation Move support. Unfortunately details on how the controller will be used have been thin on the ground, but a recent preview event shed just...


  • News Ongoing Talks to Bring Epic Mickey to PlayStation Move

    Wii title may not be exclusive forever

    Warren Spector's upcoming Disney Epic Mickey for Wii is getting many Nintendo fans hot under the collar with excitement, but Disney producer Raul Ramirez has spoken about the game's chances of heading over to Move or Kinect, and it's looking as though the game won't be Wii-exclusive for ever. Ramirez spoke of...


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