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  • E3 2017 Sony's Clearly Not a Fan of Cross-Console Play

    Minecraft goes cross-console on everything but PS4

    Microsoft is unifying pretty much all versions of Minecraft – except, of course, the PlayStation editions. While the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, smartphone, and even virtual reality versions will all be updated to amalgamate the experience, it seems Sony has said no to such an endeavour –...


  • News Minecraft's Braving Radiation with Fallout DLC

    Mind the ghouls

    Wow, it's been a while since we wrote about Minecraft, but its newly announced Fallout skin pack looks too cool to ignore. We spotted a ton of locations from the open world titles in the trailer that we've embedded above, including a rather blocky replica of the Prydwen from Fallout 4. The DLC is coming to the console versions of...


  • News Star Wars Brings the Force to Minecraft: PlayStation Edition

    The empire strikes block

    Sony's billing the PlayStation 4 as the system for Star Wars, so it would be a bit embarrassing if it didn't get Luke Skywalker and crew into the PlayStation versions of Minecraft. Fortunately, through a collaboration with "Disney Interactive, LucasFilm, and Microsoft" – seriously, this is written on the PlayStation Blog...



  • News Minecraft Enters Orbit with Mass Effect DLC This Week

    Block to the future

    Minecraft's getting two new DLC packs this week on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita. Alongside the not-that-interesting Pattern Texture Pack, which applies soft colours and knitted animals to your blocky world, you'll also be able to jet into space with the Mass Effect Mash-Up Pack. As its name suggests, this will coat...










  • News Minecraft: PS3 Edition Digs Out Pixelated PlayStation Costumes

    Rico Velasquare

    If last week's gigantic update for Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition wasn't enough, then you're totally going to dig this: a new PlayStation-themed skin pack is coming to the indie hit that should tickle your fancy. The pack includes a digital version of your favourite treasure hunter Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series. It also...

  • News Minecraft Builds Itself a Gigantic Update on PS3

    Still no date for PS4 edition, though

    Digging its way onto the PlayStation 3 tomorrow, Minecraft's newest update adds in an utterly ridiculous amount of new content and fixes a whole load of block-based issues. Precious ores such as emerald and quartz can now be coaxed from the dirt, while a plethora of other items have been plopped into the game...



  • 20


    Review Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition

    Block party

    After what feels like a century since the phenomenon that is Minecraft first appeared on the PC, Mojang's block-'em-up has finally dug its way onto the PlayStation 3 courtesy of 4J Studios. Its basic visual style hides a brilliantly deep, yet relatively accessible adventure that's topped off with some thoughtful little RPG elements...

  • News Minecraft Finds Refuge on the PS3 Prior to Christmas

    Don't be a square

    Release date surprises are rare in the games industry these days, but this is a genuine shocker: Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition is launching on the PlayStation Network this week. Mojang’s indie smash hit has already sold over 30 million copies across various other platforms, and is set to add another line of zeroes to its...



  • News You're Probably Going to Want This Gorgeous Golden PSone

    Green with envy

    Sony may have wooed the likes of Jonathan Blow with its aggressive indie initiative, but it’s still yet to tempt the don of the underground development scene. Minecraft creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson has yet to announce anything for the various PlayStation platforms – but that’s not stopped the company from resorting to...


  • News Minecraft Could Be Building a New Home on PlayStation

    Setting up sticks

    Mojang’s ubiquitous build ‘em up Minecraft could be about to construct a new resting place on PlayStation platforms if comments made by lead designer Jens Bergensten are to be believed. “Microsoft has an exclusivity deal for consoles,” he told EDGE. ”When it runs out we’ll consider Minecraft for PlayStation.”...