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  • News SUPERHOT JP Moves Slowly in a Japanese Setting

    SUPERHOT springs

    SUPERHOT and its PlayStation VR counterpart were among this author’s favourite games of 2017, so it’s exciting to learn that a spiritual successor is on the way. In truth, this is an unexpected announcement: tentatively titled SUPERHOT JP, it promises to be a Japanese-themed iteration of the puzzle-shooter, developed by the...

  • News PSVR's Best Game SUPERHOT VR Receives a Retail Release


    SUPERHOT VR, the superb action puzzler for PlayStation VR, is getting a retail release this month for those who prefer boxes and Blu-ray discs. Currently slated for release on 28th February in Europe – there’s no word on North America just yet – the packaged release won’t bundle in any extras, but you will be able to display it on...

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    Review SUPERHOT

    You've got red dudes on you

    SUPERHOT is the most innovative shooter we’ve played in years. We’re not saying that solely because the game tells us to – it’s true. This time bending tour-de-force only moves when you do, creating puzzle-like scenarios where you need to weave through fire-power and lob objects in order to overcome seemingly...

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    Review SUPERHOT VR

    Slow whoa

    On paper, SUPERHOT VR is probably the coolest game ever made; in practice, the first-person shooter is merely a very good PlayStation VR release. The homicidal hit assigns you the detached digits of an assassin in a whitewash computer simulation where time only moves when you do. Your objective? To annihilate a band of polygonal villains...

  • Video SUPERHOT VR Is Outrageously Entertaining on PlayStation VR

    Killer app (literally)

    If you’re in need of a reminder of how ridiculously amazing PlayStation VR is, then look no further than SUPERHOT VR – an outrageously entertaining first-person puzzler that sees you improvising in slow-mo against murderous red dudes. The game basically plugs you into The Matrix, as time only moves when you do. You need to...

  • News SUPERHOT Slows Time on PS4, PlayStation VR on 19th July

    Hot news

    Hotly anticipated PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR first-person shooters SUPERHOT and SUPERHOT VR will launch on 19th July in Europe, a pre-order page on the PlayStation Store has confirmed. We’re still working to get confirmation on the North American date, but our guess is that it’ll either be the same or a day earlier – there were...

  • E3 2017 SUPERHOT VR Slows Time on PlayStation VR This Summer

    Ballet storm

    The game that many PlayStation VR owners have been waiting for, Superhot VR, will finally release on Sony’s headset this summer. Announced during the E3 2017 pre-show, the puzzle game basically pits you against the odds in a variety of scenarios, where you’ll need to steal weapons and use your wits in order to resist. It’s hard to...