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  • News Pour One Out for the PS Vita! Production to End in Japan Soon

    The end is nigh

    Sony already announced last year that it will end production of physical PlayStation Vita cartridges by 31st March, and now it looks like it’s done building the hardware – even in its native Japan, where the device has lived a slightly longer life than the rest of the world. On the official Japanese PlayStation website, it...

  • News PS4 Was the World's Best-Selling Console in 2018

    Sony edges out Switch in fifth year

    Contrary to common opinion, the PlayStation 4 was once again the world’s best-selling console in 2018 – despite it celebrating its fifth anniversary in November. Sony shipped 8.1 million consoles globally during the three month period ending 31st December, bringing its overall total for the calendar year up to...





  • Weirdness The Smoken Joy Lets you Hook Up Your Hookah to the DualShock 4


    We've seen some pretty crazy controller peripherals and accessories in our time, but this one might just take the cake. Called the Smoken Joy, this new grip for the DualShock 4 allows you to attach your hookah pipe to your controller, essentially letting you smoke and game at the same time. Yes, that's right. To back up a little bit here,...

  • News Is Sony Hinting at Fewer PS4 Price Promotions This Holiday?

    Sony banking on strong business momentum

    The PlayStation 4 is performing so well in its fifth year on the market that Sony has increased its forecast for the format, predicting that it will sell 17.5 million units during the current fiscal year alone. It’s already half way there. However, the manufacturer has left a hint in its latest financial...

  • News Yes, You Can Buy a DualShock 4 Controller Worth $14,000

    Diamond encrusted pad available now

    A brand new DualShock 4 can be quite an expensive purchase. A standard black controller will cost you around $60, while limited edition versions can cost even more. If you really want to break the bank, however, you could always consider the Lux DualShock 4 from online retailer Brikk. This garish monstrosity,...

  • News Sony Offers Brief Comment on PS5

    Next gen is coming

    As the PS4's life has trundled on, rumours of a PlayStation 5 have been flickering in and out of the news cycle for several years now. It doesn't take an industry analyst to tell you that PS5 is coming - in fact, Shawn Layden pretty much confirmed this in an interview last year - but that hasn't stopped people from speculating...

  • News PS4 Pro Price Drop Confirmed for Japan

    But no comment on the West

    Sony is dropping the price of the PlayStation 4 Pro in Japan starting 12th October, with the supercharged system’s MSRP dipping from ¥‎44,980 (~$395) to ¥39,980 (~$350). The console is nearing its second birthday so it makes sense for the manufacturer to lower the price, although it’s said that it has no comment on...




  • News PS4 Closes on PS3 As Shipments Cross 82.2 Million Units

    Sony increases forecast as profits soar

    Sony shipped 3.2 million PlayStation 4 consoles in the fiscal period spanning 1st April through 30th June, meaning that the system has now hit a grand total of 82.2 million units since its launch almost five years ago. That puts it close to the PlayStation 3’s last ever reported number of 83.3 million – a...

  • News Spider-Man Will Also Score a Special PS4 Slim Bundle

    And several Jet Black options, too

    You’ve all seen the stunning Spider-Man PS4 Pro bundle, but in Europe there’s actually a PS4 Slim option as well. The console design is identical, boasting the web-slinger’s white chest emblem across its cover. The 1TB console comes in ‘Amazing Red’, ships with a matching DualShock 4 controller, and...

  • News Spider-Man PS4 Pro Bundle Announced


    https: The PS4 Pro included in the package is a 1TB model, and you'll also get a matching red and white DualShock 4, as well as a copy of the game, of course. Also included is a voucher code for the City That Never Sleeps DLC, so this bundle will give you access to the whole shebang. The bundle is priced at $399.

  • Deals Cheap PS4 Pro, PSVR, and PlayStation 4 Games in UK Amazon Prime Day Sale

    PS Plus memberships also half-price

    Amazon Prime Day 2018 is underway and it’s bringing with it some cheap PS4 Pro and PlayStation 4 deals in the UK. As mentioned, the highlight this year is the 1TB PS4 Pro, which can be yours for as little as £299.99 during the promotional period. The standard 500GB PS4 Slim is also available for £219.00, but...

  • News Sony: We Haven't Forgotten Why the PS4 Was Successful

    "We're not perfect"

    With the PlayStation 4 faraway the market leader this generation, there’s definitely been a shift in the core gamers' perception of the platform. Sony, in its defence, has continued doing what it’s been doing all generation: cultivating an outstanding library of first and third-party games. But with competitors placing an...



  • News PS5 Won't Be at E3 2018, Sony Unsurprisingly Confirms

    No hardware announcements at show

    There will be no Sony hardware announcements at E3 2018, meaning you can put your anticipation for the PlayStation 5 back in its box. While it perhaps won’t come as a huge surprise, Shawn Layden confirmed the tidbit on today’s PlayStation Blogcast. It perhaps indicates that the organisation is aware next-gen...


  • Rumour Alleged PlayStation 5 Details Make Their Way Online

    Probably nonsense

    It's difficult to believe that we're already starting to hear conversation about PlayStation 5, but the first information surrounding the inevitable machine is doing the rounds online. In no way are any of these details confirmed to be true, so please remember to take with a metric ton of salt. A technology news site by the name...



  • News PS4 Hacked Enabling Wider PS2 Support, Homebrew

    Exploit only available on older firmware

    Homebrew has finally arrived on the PlayStation 4, but you’ll need a console still running 4.05 to take advantage of it. Sony patched this version of the system software all the way back in November 2016, so you’ll be passing up your connection to the PlayStation Network in order to run emulated NES games...

  • News Japan is Getting a Limited Edition Valkyria Chronicles 4 PS4 Console

    Tanks a lot

    An update on the Japanese PlayStation Blog has revealed a limited edition PS4 console emblazoned with a unique Valkyria Chronicles 4 design. Only announced for Japan at this time, the standard PS4 console will come in 500GB and 1TB flavours, and will also come bundled with an exclusive theme depicting the game's characters. It will...

  • News That Beastly Monster Hunter: World PS4 Pro is Heading West


    At the start of the day, we knew that the gorgeous special edition Monster Hunter: World PS4 Pro was making its way to France. Now, we've learned it'll be releasing in North America and Europe in general. Releasing at the same time as the game itself on 26th January, the bundle incorporates a 1TB customised PS4 Pro and DualShock 4, a...

  • News PS4 Enjoys Best Ever Year, Sells Over 20 Million Units

    Success story

    While many – this author included – had expected the PlayStation 4 to peak in 2016, new numbers from Sony reveal that the console actually increased 15 per cent year-over-year. In fact, data shows that the system sold a whopping 20.2 million units globally in 2017 alone – up from its previous record of 17.5 million units the year...

  • News PS4 Sells Almost Six Million Units in Just Over a Month

    Install base now at 73.6 million units

    Sony’s sent out its customary pre-CES 2018 chest puffing press release, revealing that the PlayStation 4 sold almost six million units globally over the all-important holiday period. To be precise, the system sold 5.9 million units worldwide from the period spanning 20th November through 31st December...







  • News This WipEout Themed Pro Has to Be the Most Gorgeous PS4 to Date

    Need for speed

    Good God, what a stunner of a console this is. This uniquely designed PS4 Pro is up for grabs as part of a competition that Sony's holding in central Europe. As you can see, the system's WipEout-themed, and comes with a matching controller. The look is completed with a lovely gloss finish. Phwoar. We'd try to win it ourselves,...

  • News Sony Is Finally Releasing a Special Edition PS4 Pro

    It's about time

    Well would you look at that - a PS4 Pro that isn't standard matte black. Sony has revealed that a special 'glacier white' system will be bundled with Destiny 2, which will launch on the 6th September in North America and Europe. The console will boast a 1TB hard drive and, of course, a matching DualShock 4 controller. The bundle...

  • News PS5 Is Likely Coming in 2019, Believes Analyst

    Pachter plumps up with PlayStation 5 prediction

    The PlayStation 5 will “probably” release in 2019, according to analyst Michael Pachter. Sony bigwig Shawn Layden recently confirmed that a new generation console is coming from the platform holder, but he warned fans not to expect it anytime soon. However, speaking with Gaming Bolt, the divisive...


  • News PS5 Is Coming, Sony Confirms

    But don't expect it soon

    Sony has commented on the PlayStation 5 for the first time, telling a German website that it will release a next-gen console – albeit not any time soon. The platform holder was asked about the PlayStation 4 Pro, and whether the mid-gen device will eventually get any exclusive software. Big-wig Shawn Layden reaffirmed that...

  • News Sony's Ready to Sell You a PS4 Pro at Long Last

    Platform holder drops neat new ad

    Have you noticed how Sony’s actually started talking about the PlayStation 4 Pro like it’s not embarrassed about it anymore? Last year’s reveal event was weird, where the platform holder almost played down the very real advantages of the platform – and it hasn’t really said a whole lot about it in the...

  • E3 2017 No Plans to Drop PS4 Pro's Price, Says Sony

    Platform holder's happy with performance

    Sony’s mid-gen console the PlayStation 4 Pro is already $100 cheaper than Microsoft’s newly announced Xbox One X, and the Japanese giant has admitted that it has no plans to change the price of the platform any time soon. “Do you think it’s too expensive?” Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida...

  • News PS4 Continues to Sell Like a Runaway Freight Train

    System surpasses 60.4 million units

    Sony’s announced that the PlayStation 4 has sold 60.4 million units worldwide, as of 11th June. This number represents the proportion of units sold directly to consumers. Software sales have also reached 478.8 million units, per the aforementioned date.

  • News Pachter: Microsoft Has a Problem if PS4 Pro Drops to $299

    Analyst weighs in on Xbox's 'tough sell'

    Industry analyst Michael Pachter has chimed in on the announcement of the Xbox One X. Speaking with Geoff Keighley on YouTube Live, the industry analyst explained that he believes Microsoft has made a good product, but he has doubts about its performance at retail. And asked about Sony’s response, here’s...

  • News Looks Like There's a Silver PS4 Slim on the Way Too

    Update: Out on 28th June in Europe

    Finding the new 1TB Gold PlayStation 4 Slim a little bit garish? Well, there appears to be a 500GB Silver model on the way as well – in Europe anyway. Images of this model have been popping up on the websites of European retailers since last night, but there’s no official word from Sony yet as to when and where...

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