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Uncharted PS4 Aims to Drop Jaws with 'Amazing' Visuals

Posted by Sammy Barker

The Last of Us leads put in charge

Uncharted PS4, the next entry in Naughty Dog’s seminal buccaneering brand, is alive and well. Co-presidents Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra reiterated the point as part of a candid interview with Game Informer, stressing that the purported “exodus” of employees from the first-party outfit hasn’t hindered its progress with the game.

“In the course of the last generation, we've had art directors, creative directors, co-presidents, and co-founders leave the company, and we just keep going,” Wells told the popular print publication. “We've replaced that talent and we've filled the gaps. Some bumps are harder to smooth out than others. We work it out.”

A string of high-profile staffers have left the Crash Bandicoot creator over the past couple of months, with Uncharted boss Amy Hennig being the most notable of these losses. However, it’s now been confirmed that The Last of Us leads Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley will fill the veteran’s shoes – and not because they forced their colleague out, as was previously misreported.

“We've asked them to lead [Uncharted PS4],” continued Wells. “They are excited as veterans of the Uncharted franchise to take the responsibility, and they're doing great. It was not a difficult transition at all. I mean, we've been making enormous progress. If anything, things are accelerating instead of slowing down.”

With the recent recasting of villain Todd Stashwick, there had been rumours that the studio was starting the sequel from scratch. Alas, it sounds like the talented twosome will merely be tweaking the project to their tastes. “They'll make the changes that they think are right,” Balestra exclaimed. “There are some changes, obviously, that they will be making.”

However, the next-gen exclusive will represent a refinement of previous Uncharted titles – and not something different entirely. “It's not going to be that sharp of a turn,” exclaimed Wells. “I think that it's an evolution that people will be comfortable with if they've played the previous games in the series.”

Instead, the studio hopes to shock people with the release’s visual fidelity. “We sure hope that you're surprised by how amazing it looks,” the outspoken executive beamed. “It's going to be an exciting story, and I think that people are going to really buy into this one in a way that I think is consistent with the rest of the stories.”

We suppose that the big question is: when will we get to see it? While the release had seemed like a certainty for next week’s big E3 convention, there’s a chance that the project’s changes in leadership may have pulled it out of the schedule. Alas, whatever happens in Los Angeles, this is Naughty Dog’s primary focus right now – and with two of the industry’s most imaginitive developers at the helm, there’s little chance of it disappointing when it deploys.


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FullbringIchigo said:

well I have never been dissapointed with a Uncharted game so I hope they keep up the great quality of the past games



Punished_Boss_84 said:

Well that will put an end to the doommongers! Those two? Great! Maybe Uncharted 2 will be topped, As Uncharted 3 clearly failed.



rastamadeus said:

Maybe add in much more gameplay than you did with The Last Of Us though, eh? Amazing visuals is fine but being bored poopless (or worse, as I originally put) isn't what I pay £40 for. Can do that by watching Eatenders



mikey85 said:

i too found TLOU a little boring as it was so linear .in fact i havent even completed it yet,even though its been on my hard drive for months now.Its just way too linear/movie wannabee



imtom2002 said:

@mikey85 TLOU was jus as linear as the uncharted games have been, they dont even really have many puzzles tbh I was abit disappointed with uncharted 3 as the story seemed abit rushed I felt it ended just as it was about to get good and the old lady villain I've forgotten her name could of been such a good character but was wasted....anyways gettin off topic. Uncharted 2 was the best but TLOU I felt was a great game. You should try finishing it off because it did start abit slow but by the end om sure you would be really enjoying it.



SecondServing said:

I'm eager to see how Uncharted 4 is turning out. But unfortunately, I'd be willing to bet we aren't going to see gameplay this E3. Probably just a CGI trailer made with the "in-game engine". Regardless, these two guys behind the wheel instills confidence in me.



MadchesterManc said:

It's @rastamadeus with his finger in the pulse. Agree with you on TLoU & if it's the same people that worked on that who are now on Uncharted, my interest has dropped further. Hell my interest had started to wane for Uncharted as soon as it was announced anyway. Best way to be though as it'll be better if it turns out good instead of being hyped up to the eyeballs. One can only hope it turns out even half as good as Uncharted 2



charlesnarles said:

Hey at least TLOU isn't tainted with the "climb the yellow thing" poison of recent ND productions. Uncharted 3 never worked for me, but 1, 2 and GA were not that memorable imo. I'd kinda rather see them forego U for a LOU sequel, but hopefully 4 will change my mind



Davros79 said:

@MadchesterManc the same "people " who worked on TLOU and are now working on Uncharted4, worked on Uncharted2 aswell, so i dont what ppl are worried about. Im made up the Uncharted 3 people have been moved/left/fired from the UC4 project!,as UC2 was a far better game than UC3.



kensredemption said:

I'd rather Naughty Dog make a new IP every generation. Jak and Daxter didn't last past the PS2/PSP, and Crash Bandicoot didn't either...well, at least before Activision got their hands on it.



N711 said:

'for next week’s big E3 convention, there’s a chance that the release’s changes in leadership may have pulled it out of the schedule'
I dont get the last bit. Changes happened a while ago now its history. Insiders have been talking about UC4 footage on and on to be at E3...
Anyway Im thinking something realistic like the order but with Uncharted style not really sure what to expect.. cant wait to see that



Ginkgo said:

@MadchesterManc @rastamadeus Not everyone's pulse, though Rastamadeus' comments clearly resonate with people. Personally I liked TLOU just as it was. I like cinematic games. I like lush visuals. I don't want games to go back to the 1990s, when they were all about gameplay because that was all they could do. Gameplay is critically important to a good game, but so is story. TLOU had both. I actually like the direction the industry is heading.



MadchesterManc said:

@Davros79 Well that is interesting. It's not that I'm worried. My interest for ND's output has waned a lot of late as TLoU was even more of a step backwards in playability than Uncharted 3 was. I'm just keeping my expectations in check, that way I won't be left disappointed as I have with as I have with ND's last 2 major releases. Plus there's enough people here gonna be hyping the crappy outta UC4 we don't really need another.

@Ginkgo I like cinematic games myself, big fan of David Cage's work in particular, but story was another area that I found TLoU to be lacking for myself. It just didn't grip me at all after the first few hours. Usually a good story will keep me playing, but when the story & gameplay isn't keeping you interested - the visuals can only do so much



Shellybird27 said:

Wow, would go on a huge rant about how wrong and ignorant it is to say TLOU, was like a movie. It wasn't. It was hard as f**** on survivor. But i won't, i'll just go back to watching Twin Peaks, knowing how wrong you all are.



get2sammyb said:

Put me in the camp that thought The Last of Us was a great game, too. I thought there was plenty of variety, and found the enemy encounters to be mostly excellent.



JaxonH said:


It depends on the game really. I love gameplay based games. I mean, there's all types of "games" in the world, not just video games. Sports are not story driven, it's the fun of the skill-based action that entertains. That's how gameplay-based games are. It's the fun of the gameplay that entertains. Not saying one is better than the other, it's just preference really. But just because a game is gameplay based without story, does NOT mean it's outdated by any means. Look at Trials Fusion. I loved that game. Not an ounce of story in sight, but it didn't matter, because the fun was, how does EA say it? It's in the game.

And personally, I love story-based games with cinematic flair too, but only when it supplements top-shelf gameplay. When a game uses story as its crutch at the expense of fun gameplay, I lose interest fast. Because it's still a game, and to me, a game needs fun, engaging, addictive interactive qualities- otherwise, what am I spending $60 for? Unfortunately, many games today use Hollywood spectacle to mask below average, run-of-the-mill gameplay and/or poor story (if it's story based). Kind of like how a lot of below average movies spend hundreds of millions on production value, but the actual movie itself is nothing special (think the new Total Recall, for example). Those games I try to stay away from. But it's not always black and white- many games fall somewhere in between on a scale of quality gameplay, cinematics, and story. Some games have excellent story and cinematic flair, but average gameplay. Some are visa versa. But for me, the one thing that is an absolute must every time, is gameplay.



Davros79 said:

@MadchesterManc TLOU a "step backwards"? It wasnt made to be an uncharted clone you know? Did you play TLOU from start to finish?

It won game of the YEAR by a MILE!! Beat everything !!(GTAV included) . Now i know its your opinion but ,to dismiss the game, as a step backwards like that , is just idiotic.

There are millions of people who would rate TLOU as one of the finest games they've ever played___

Also the stealth/cover system and close quarters combat, heck even the shooting system! Were much improved from any uncharted game IMO. If taking a "step backwards" results in the GAME of year, Then i for one, hope that Naughty dog go in full reverse with their future releases !!



Ginkgo said:

@JaxonH I get where you are coming from and you are not alone in your opinion. Certainly there are many games (sports etc) that have no story element, and are no worse off for it. And indeed, bad gameplay is just bad gameplay, and no amount of cinematics will make it or the game good.

I guess where I differ is that I don't see story as a supplement to gameplay, but part of the central experience and what I love most about games. Two of my favourite parts of TLOU was the conversation between Joel and Ellie at the end (which had me passing the floor for an hour) and the giraffes. Both were cut-scenes. Stripped of its impactful story and brilliant and rounded characters, TLOU would have been a really good, but mainly generic shooter.

The idea that I can "play" the lead character like in a film or book and/or explore an open world, really excites me. There are many great multipler-shooters with fantastic game-play, and I bore of them after a few hours. I love story and characters and in my favourite games they are central to the experience.

Honestly I assume that most of these things come down to our personality types and hence likes and dislikes. What makes a good game can be very subjective.



JaxonH said:

Well said. Nobody's wrong here, because a preference can't be right or wrong in the first place.

Some games, as you mentioned, are relatively average on the gameplay but have a really great story, and as a result end up being enjoyed by many. If you're looking for a story-based experience, well, then of course that makes perfect sense. Because the type of entertainment you personally value most (story) exceeds expectations. But if you're like me, and only enjoy story when it works in tandem with excellent gameplay, then you're not likely going to appreciate a game with great story but mediocre gameplay. I mean, you probably will still get some level of enjoyment and entertainment from it, it's just a matter of QUALITY of entertainment. How much you will ENJOY the entertainment the game provides.

So yeah, again- it's all preference, and what type of entertainment you're looking for. I grew up playing gameplay-based games, which probably explains my personal partiality to them. I don't DISlike story based games, on the contrary, I find some of them to be amazing. It just depends on the game really- every game is different and should be judged on an individual basis, and opinions will differ from person to person, based on preference.

I just notice alot of people treat gameplay based games as "outdated", when they're not- they're just a different type of entertainment than story-based games. I'm not sure on what authority some people assume story based games are "superior", but they're just a different genre, that's all. Some prefer them, some don't. Me, I love the story-based AAA game, but that's just one of many genres I enjoy. I would never play JUST platformers, or JUST RPGs, likewise I'll never confine myself to JUST story-driven AAA titles.



Chris1975 said:

@Davros79 Well said mate, I'm aghast at some of these ludicrous comments concerning one of the finest if not THE finest games of the last generation.



Carl-G said:

I can't wait to see it But NO WAY am i getting hyped this year for E3 I do it every year & it's never jaw-dropping(for me anyway) It's good sometimes tho.



darkhairwarrior said:

Gameplay: Jak > Uncharted > Last of Us
Graphics: Last of Us > Uncharted > Jak
Naughty Dog's been decreasing in the fun factor since the founders left for what seems to be the sake of graphics. Shame really.



MadchesterManc said:

@Davros79 Where did I state that the game was an Uncharted clone? I never did, I was referring to the game being a step backwards with regards to its overall quality compared to previous games that Naughty Dog have worked on

Whats idiotic about not following the status quo? Wouldn't following the status quo and using that to validate your own opinion be idiotic because it shows you have little belief in your own opinion? A GOTY award is just the opinion of the outlet. Great. An outlet shares your opinion. I still dont see how an opinion validates an opinion into making it superior to another opinion. Its all just opinions.

Whether its your intention to or not, you've come across as going into a meltdown of sorts with that post. Just relax. Opinions in gaming are as diverse as the games themselves. Not everyone will be following the mainstream status quo.



Davros79 said:

@MadchesterManc Im totally relaxed, I just think its farcical to suggest that TLOU is a "step backwards in terms of overall quality compared to Naughty dogs previous games"!

To put it bluntly , No it isnt.

It was awarded GOTY by over 200 sites and publications!!!

So i suggest that You're in the extreme minority, who think that way!



rastamadeus said:

@Ginkgo I too like cinematic games - Heavy Rain being a fine one despite the plot being leakier than a colander - but it has to have some sort of game with it. Heavy Rain was mainly the odd button or stick press and that was much more entertaining than The Last Of Us for me. I've said it previously that I like everything about TLOU except the game itself. For all the talent Naughty Dog have it's a persistent problem they have (in my opinion). But as @JaxonH said it's just preference. Some like blondes, some like brunettes. It's just a shame people - we can all see in this case there is someone who seems to have his knickers in a twist and another who just likes to brand people stupid if they don't agree with him - can't handle the fact that your opinion is not gospel. If that was the case then COD is rightly so the best game series ever as it sells the most so therefore is liked by the most people.

There's always room for game play over graphics though and I hope that never stops. I've been utterly addicted to Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA ƒ this week and in one song I get a thousand times the enjoyment as I did in The Last Of Us or any Naughty Dog title (not singling them out as the only culprits, just they're who we're talking about). Now most people won't agree with me there - @MadchesterManc likely will - but that's what makes games so good, the options. If we get in a situation where all games want to do is just make us think and feel rather than also have fun then it will be a catastrophe.



Davros79 said:

The last of us had TONS of gameplay. It was action adventure, 3rd person shooter, steatlh game, survival horror, all rolled into one imo.



rastamadeus said:

One interesting side note is that around eleven months ago when I said on here that The Last Of Us is rather weak I was vilified plus received messages on my PS3 calling me all sorts (one of the people has posted in this article) and even a death threat (pathetic, I know). Now though it's about 50/50 who agrees with me. Shows what time does.

@Davros79 True, but in my opinion it did all four of those things poorly. Jack of all trades, master of none. Take the story/emotion out of the game and I honestly think it would have been slaughtered and got no more than fives.

@kensredemption I've said similar before. I'm not exactly a massive fan of anything Naughty Dog have ever made to be honest but I've always admired them for their desire to make a series, do a few titles and then leave it be. I was hoping Uncharted would be over (on their side) so the news that we go from U3 to Last Of Us to U4 is just a little sad. Still I look forward to later this year when we see actual game play of U4, hoping this will be the one that converts me.



SuperSilverback said:

I found the game play great in TLOU. But as has been said, tis only an opinion.

Anywho, Uncharted 2 was the best so I have high hopes for U4 with Neil & Bruce at the helm!



sinalefa said:

I hope the new people who replace the ones who left can spice up Uncharted a little. I found 3 so underwhelming that I took ages to pick it up, and was hesitant on getting TLOU as well. I got the most out of it in split screen multiplayer with my bro. I wish all ND games had that, but I think only Uncharted 3 does.

I am one of those gameplay over graphics guy, so my jaw does not drop by visuals alone.



MadchesterManc said:

@Davros79 Indeed. Keep bringing up gaming outlets GOTY awards as a way to keep validating your opinion but it still doesn't mean anything in the context of things. I'm not going to change my opinion no matter how much you keep mentioning GOTY awards n the like as I'm unmoved in my belief of it. I don't see why you feel the need to keep justifying your own opinion with the opinions of others. Your jimmies are well and truly rustled. This meltdown of yours is whats farcical as you can't seem to grasp the basic concept of someone's opinion being different to your own.



Ginkgo said:

@rastamadeus I couldn't agree more with your sentiment that is a real shame that people cannot discuss / debate / disagree without people resulting to name calling an abuse. The fact that you got abusive messages after a post of an opinion on this site saddens me greatly. I can only hope a few bad apples don't spoil the whole bunch.



rastamadeus said:

@Ginkgo Oh don't worry, I'm a gobby get when I want to be (I'm a scouser). He got a lot back. Never replied after that either, haha.

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