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Rumour: PS4's Free PlayStation Plus Game May Be PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate in June

Posted by Sammy Barker

Water you going to complain about this time?

Nothing remains secret in this industry for long, so it’s not exactly surprising to see a selection of Europe’s latest PlayStation Plus titles leak online. While we haven’t been able to track down the promotion for ourselves, NeoGAF has uncovered a banner advertisement showing some of the titles supposedly set to join the Instant Game Collection in June. As we’ve been unable to verify the image at the time of typing, there’s still a chance that it may not be legit, but it seems authentic from where we’re sitting.

Assuming that it’s accurate, it looks like PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate will be your free PlayStation 4 release for the month. This is UK-based developer Double Eleven’s re-imagining of Q-Games’ classic side-scrolling shooters, and while it may not appease those of you with an anti-indie agenda, we must stress that the original versions of these games were very good. The re-release will include the inaugural title, as well as its excellent successor.

Other games on the advertisement include basketball simulation NBA 2K14 and survival horror Lone Survivor: Director’s Cut for the PlayStation 3, as well as racy brawler Dragon’s Crown for the PlayStation Vita. It’s worth mentioning that this may not be the full extent of next month’s offering, as evergreen titles such as LittleBigPlanet Karting and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception are also set to rotate. As such, you may have a second PS4 game to look forward to.

All will be revealed over the coming days, but while we wait, feel free to let us know your thoughts on this selection in the comments section below.


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Gemuarto said:

What a meh =). Only games I realy liked in PS4 + are Resogun and Zombie Apocalipse =(.



Gemuarto said:

Oh, and Contrast and Outlast. And I bought PS+ for 30$ =). PS+ is really great =).



get2sammyb said:

I'm not sure about this version, but PixelJunk Shooter is very good. Double Eleven do great work, so don't write it off just yet.



ztpayne7 said:

To me, this is only a terrible choice if they don't pair it with a triple a game as a yearly choice. If they don't do that yet and this is the offering for June...I think you're going to see a lot of complaints.



RawShark said:

I've got to stop reading these comment boards as I'm starting to lose faith in humanity.

For me, this would be a great choice. Shooter is in several sites Best PS3 Games ever lists but one I never got round to picking up. So if all is as it appears then we should be getting the definitive version of one of the most critically acclaimed games of the last gen - one which apparently many people overlooked. Personally I'd rather this game than Knack any day of the week.

I'll say this one more time then shut up - a lot of the best games of the last gen were indies! Fez, Limbo, Braid, Castle Crashers, the Telltale adventures, even freaking Minecraft for God's sake. Not only that, but AAA gaming has gotten to the point where a game like Tomb Raider can sell 6 million copies (1 million of those in 48 hours) and STILL be considered a financial disappointment! The industry can't support itself like that any longer! That's why the Indie movement has been the breakout success of the last gen and why it's on the grow.

If you want to play your big budget games on PS4, cool. They're all there. But don't kid yourself, you're going to be paying a heavy premium for that for a long while to come. Because apart from the lite version of DriveClub and apparently one evergreen release to be announced soon, it's going to be an indie showcase on the PS4 plus side of things.

And you shouldn't be so surprised about it - when they announced the PS4 it was one of the main selling points. I mean were you guys not there? They had a power point demonstration and everything.



ToOGoodOfAPlaya said:

Is this not yet another re-release? It's almost like they can't be bothered with new games.

I imagine there are some people out there that have bought this, and didnt like it, and those that did, have already paid and are getting the exact same game for free after the fact.

I think this it what is bothering some folks, me included. I chose not to get this first time around as it doesnt appeal so thats another no from me .



rjejr said:

Can't help but think there's more coming at E3.

Also cant help but think that no matter what it is, Knack?, Killzone?, people will still complain. So it goes.



ztpayne7 said:

@RawShark I just think they need to show something bigger that can get people excited around e3. I really think they need to announce ONE non indie. It could be a yearly thing with knack or killzone (single or multiplayer only?). It could be injustice, lego marvel, Rayman...I just get the feeling if they don't give away ONE non indie, people are going to lose faith, on top of the order being pushed back. There are some great indies. And I'm personally fine with what we've got so far. They just need to inject some excitement; even it just for one month.



Weskerb said:

Cheap thrills for PS4 again. Dragon's Crown on Vita has me covered though. Overall, Plus saves me money so I'm not complaining.



Splat said:

I would love the PS3 version of Dragon’s Crown in the US. I don't have a Vita so that version wouldn't help me none.



Tasuki said:

I will try it since it's free if I don't like it I can always delete it.



Reverandjames said:

Glad I cancelled my PS Plus subscription. Complete waste of money, with no incentives whatsoever if you own a PS4.



Ginkgo said:

So far the PS4 instant games collection has been a mixed bag.
My thoughts:

  • Contrast - I enjoyed Contrast, though it appears many didn't.
  • Resogun - Good in short bursts. Many adored it, looking at you Sammy.
  • Don't Starve - I really enjoyed, as did the kids.Great game.
  • Outlast - Loved this one! Best so far.
  • Dead Nation - Dual stick mechanic, is not really my cup of tea.
  • Mercenary Kings - Worst game of the lot. Didn't appeal.
  • Stick It to the Man! - Not bad so far. Haven't really managed to get into it.
  • PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate? - The jury is definitely out.


617Sqn said:

Was hoping for dragons crown, so happy with that. I really want that chicken indy game.



rastamadeus said:

It's all well and good people telling the complainers to keep quiet but the problem is the service is declining. If you spoil people too long then any dip in quality (as has been going on since PS4) will be severely noticed. I'm not personally happy with the games so far on PS4 but I knew it would be like this until the end of the year. It's just very noticeable that since you HAVE to have PS+ Sony have stopped trying to entice you on to it.

As for this month then if the rumours are true then it sounds like the worst month yet since I joined two years ago this month (for me personal). Thankfully Dragon's Crown makes up for the rest of the crap.



B16_Poppa said:

To be honest I agree in part with @RawShark some of the best games have been indie over the past couple of years, and i have brought into everthing Playstation has released and sold to us. I own all 3 of the platforms that Ps have released.
What many upsets me though is the fact that a good percentage of the promises that ps made at e3 last year havent happened such as drive club etc.
I think that the service batters the xbox live into oblivion but a triple a game to replace the held back drive club was needed. I recognise its still early days, i just feel that now they have our money they can give us continous indie.
If they release a yearly game i will be pleased but its going to be a game that they most likely released as a console addition such as knack or killzone which will make more people moan who brought the relevent bundle.
The games released over the last 7 months on ps plus would amount to the same price on steam to the price of the plus subscription, and i think this is what the problem is!
In 6 months we will look back and laugh about how much of a moan ass we as gamers have become, but in hindsight i feel cheated........
It can only get better!



oOo_Lindsey_oOo said:

All we can do is wait to see what E3 brings. Personally I am not a fan & I am kind of fed up with indie games too. But at the moment there are not a lot of ps4 games out there & I know if I made a AAA title & spent all that time on it, I wouldn't want to give it away for free. Once more games are released the forgotten games would surely appear on ps plus. Even then not everyone would be happy because people like different games. Ps plus will never please everyone, not until they give every game away free!! I do think only 1 game a month on the ps4 is a let down to those with only a ps4, but it's early days.



NathanUC said:

I love Pixel Junk Shooter! Looking forward to replaying it on PS4 (I never even finished Shooter 2)



PorkinsUK said:

If this turns out to be true, I think its great news! I never played Shooter despite hearing nothing but praise, and Dragon's Crown has been on my 'to play' list for quite some time. If I had to grumble, i'd maybe like to see another title alongside Shooter. But then the first Evergreen should be landing soonish anyhow so that overrides my quibbles.

I'm not sure quite how people can complain when they're being given quality like this, I mean sure, compared to the last few months of PS3s releases, PS4s may seem a little light - but Stick It To The Man alone was worth the 90 day subscription fee alone IMO. (Sad I missed some of the earlier releases but I'm still happy overall).

I'm not even sure what it is people expect from Plus right now? The way some people seem to complain you'd think they were expecting Sony to turn around and say "Oh hey, take any 5 free games of your choice! Enjoy!" It's unrealistic and pretty damn ungrateful.

But, as we all know, at times like this we must refer to the ancient scriptures and tablets for words of great wisdom... "Haters gonna hate."

EDIT: All that said, I won't be TRULY happy until Binding of Isaac appears on PSN. ;D



ToOGoodOfAPlaya said:

"Quality" is subjective.
If you only own a PS4, arent into rehashed throwback type games then these are NOT quality.

I think some people expect a bit much, like inFamous being on IGC at launch, but others like myself would like a bit of substance to what they play.

Like them or not, there is little to do with these releases after the first playthrough, and the visual qualiy is lacking in most cases.
Its easy to say this is quality if its what you like.

There are a lot of games on the PSN that are of, in my opinion, better standard, Strider, Child of Light, Pure Chess. These are all £11.99 or below so its not like they are lacking choice.



rastamadeus said:

@PorkinsUK What seems to be continuously overlooked is it's not the quality of games people are complaining about on PS+ but the changes and lies about the service. One less game a month, one update less a year, the two Vita yearly titles not changed, now down to four games a month (one less Vita), our US friends paying less and getting more... Sony assured people PS4 would not affect PS+'s quality when they had a sale on membership at the start of last year. Many people stocked up (I got three years worth for £90) but they lied, the service had dropped now you HAVE to have PS+. It's not about "haters hating" it's about Sony bull****ting people and the few that speak up about it being labeled as idiots. There's always going to be bad months as everyone's taste is different but if you're paying for a service which promises quality games and the games aren't to your liking your entitled to say so, just like you are if you like them.



MadchesterManc said:

Remember the days before IGC when the games you got with Plus were bobbins PSN games, Ps1 titles & mini's? No? You dont!? oh thats right, only a handful of us were actually using the service back then Probably why I dont have any 'entitlement' issues with how PS+ is currently faring on Ps4 when I think back to those days



Mrskinner said:

Deffo not my type of game. Nothing really for me on ps+ apart from outlast so far. Oh well, it will only get better. I have had ps+ for a long time and remember some of the terrible early days!



PorkinsUK said:

@ToOGoodOfAPlaya Well, its not really all that subjective... If you get served raw chicken, it's poor quality food. If it's cooked and seasoned well, it's much better quality. Maybe you don't like chicken? Well fine, but the restaurant doesn't have beef on the menu right now. Sorry.

The same applies here - you're getting well made, nice looking (imo) and not totally broken titles that offer a pretty wide variety of gameplay. I appreciate that there are other titles you'd prefer from the PSN library but you can't look over the list of PS+ releases so far and deny them of quality or variety. If you're not into anything that has been released so far, then you're possibly a tad on the picky side.

@rastamadeus Good points. I'm not disputing those things at all, there have been some lapses in service quality but I try to remain positive that the future will only bring better things! Yes, you're entitled to your opinions - as am I, but I'm just tired of the moaning now. Every mention I see about Plus is inundated with "hurrr Indies durrr" and little else in the way of how the service should be performing and not just "I don't want ____ game, I want _____ game." That's my real gripe in all this!

I think we should just be thankful we get anything at all, and aren't just paying to be online!



ToOGoodOfAPlaya said:

@PorkinsUK I like to play a variety of genres and different games will be better than others regardless of that.

I will not say that some of them are without their merits, but the content is far too light for me, or I have previously tried them, as nearly all have been a rehash, and didnt enjoy them first time around.

If you like the games you get free then great.
But getting something for free doesnt make it better than it is, nor does it make that game worth playing.
Thats just my view.

EDIT: I do like what you said about the service performance, and I agree, giving improvement ideas may be a good way to go.



PorkinsUK said:

@ToOGoodOfAPlaya Time is a healer my friend. I'm sure one day we'll look back on the early days of the PS4's Plus service and laugh as we tuck into our next AAA meal. Sorry you've not enjoyed them, but hey, there's still more announcements for June's plus update. I hope it pans out well for you!

EDIT: I really need to ease off on the food based metaphors.



ToOGoodOfAPlaya said:

@PorkinsUK What Im most looking forward to is EA UFC, and the Playstation Now service above most other things.
It'd be nice to see something akin to pinball or chess, or a sport title on IGC for the 4, but Im sure thatll come soon.



Agnazrage said:

I don't see what the complaining is about. I bought the game when it first came out on ps3 and loved it. Simple yet entertaining. Playing it on my vita now again for free didn't feel like a rip off to me. What else is really out now that would be better. Or you could.. You know, double up with gamefly.

So to sum up most comments, waaaaah, I just want another call of duty or other not real game like football and I want it for free. I can never be satisfied with anything even though it only costs 50 bucks a year and I get more than enough to occupy myself for the money I spent. I'm also egotistical and speak down on everything because I'm a (child/teenager/immature adult/unemployed). Wah.

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