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Thu 13th Dec 2012

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kingandaval commented on Who Would Win Wednesdays: Raiden vs. Sephiroth:

@Kayoss You're wrong, I'm afraid.

I suggest you watch this series on YouTube:

Yes, he was made from Jenova cells but he was locked in the Mako Deposit after Cloud stabbed him in the flashback sequences. Because of his Jenova cells he was able to control Jenova and the only time we actually see Sephiroth is at the end of the game. That YouTube series explains it all.



kingandaval commented on Review: Trials Fusion (PlayStation 4):


Change the Art style.
Change the Music.
Change the difficulty curve. (It's too easy and quite 'hand holding' for too long)
Change the menus.
Pretty much change everything I said I don't like about it

Like I said, the gameplay is as fantastic as ever and it can't be improved but it just looks imposing and horrible when compared to the last two.

Imagine if they made a new Dark Souls game for next gen that played as fantastically as ever but it was set in the world of Killzone: Shadow Fall. That's what Redlynx have done here.



kingandaval commented on Review: Trials Fusion (PlayStation 4):

@Reverandjames I completely agree.

Whilst the gameplay is as good as ever, it hasn't improved and certainly does not reflect a new generation of consoles. Couple this with a garishly awful dystopian 'theme' and horrible soundtrack, you have a game I really regret buying. Previously Trials was presented in a goofy and cool way that really made you invested in it's universe but now I feel as though it's being rammed down my throat as a serious title with clean edges and bright colours. The menus are particularly horrid. Everything's just too chiselled and clean. Take the medals that you earn, for example they're now a rounded, precise reward compared to the rough and edgy stylisation of previous titles.

Both Trials Evolution and Trials HD are better games in each and every way. Heck, I'd even say that I've enjoyed Urban Trial Freestyle more!

Though I criticise the title it's only because it's a series I hold close to my heart. I can see why a newcomer to this series, which will be a lot, as it's new to PS, would absolutely love this.

It's a polished title, just like it's predecessors, but it's polished in the complete wrong direction.

6.5/10 for me.



kingandaval commented on Review: The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 - Smoke A...:

I've got 99 problems... and every single one is a technical issue with this game.

I really loved the episode but the tech issues were griping on me from the get-go.

Did anyone else experienced a really jarred and disjointed 'previously on TWAU' due to terrible loading times?