Those of you with epic memories will recall that Sony launched the Instant Game Collection at E3 a couple of years ago. Back then – when it was only compatible with the PlayStation 3 – the platform holder revealed that the PlayStation Plus-based service would consist of a trio of ‘evergreen’ titles, in addition to a rotating catalogue. The former category has comprised of first-party favourites such as Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception and LittleBigPlanet Karting in the past – and it looks like it’s poised to be refreshed next month.

This means that you should have a larger selection of PlayStation 3 software to bust your bandwidth with when June’s update drops in the coming weeks, but there may be even more to get you excited while you wait. An eagle eyed Reddit user has spotted that both Stick It to the Man and Resogun are set to leave the Instant Game Collection in North America next week, meaning that you may get two free PlayStation 4 titles with the next major update. It’s not entirely clear whether this will apply in Europe, as Housemarque’s shooter was removed from the free selection a while ago overseas.

Nevertheless, this teensy tidbit has prompted subscribers to pontificate as to whether we may finally see a retail title added to the premium package. Popular candidates include Knack and Killzone: Shadow Fall, though with the latter still selling fairly well globally, we’d recommend tempering your hopes for that. In fact, this is all speculation for the time being, so it’s best to go into the latest update with your expectations low. Still, a further two free games would be quite the return on investment, don’t you think?