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March NPD: PS4 Overcomes Titanfall to Top Hardware Charts Again

Posted by Sammy Barker

inFAMOUS in at second

Titanfall may have made the Xbox One the faraway frontrunner in the United States sales battle last month, but the PlayStation 4 extended its lead on Microsoft’s home turf with another unexpected victory in the all-important territory. The triumph cements a sales double-whammy for platform holder Sony, after it announced that its next-gen system had surpassed seven million units globally overnight.

As expected, Respawn Entertainment’s semi-exclusive topped the software charts, but inFAMOUS: Second Son put up a decent fight, finishing in second position. We already know that the game sold over one million units globally in just nine days, making it the fastest selling entry in Sucker Punch’s superhero series. South Park: The Stick of Truth finished up in third, while Call of Duty: Ghosts and Dark Souls II rounded out the top five.

Elsewhere, Konami’s premium priced demo Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes entered in sixth, while PlayStation 3 and Vita compilation Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster put in an appearance in an eighth place. Despite the large number of new releases, software sales dropped by 28 per cent year-over-year, a consequence likely caused by blockbusters Tomb Raider and BioShock Infinite deploying during the same period in 2013.

Hardware did increase 78 per cent, however, on the back of Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles. As already alluded, though, it was the Japanese giant’s device that came out on top, scoring its third successive victory in the US. With the likes of Watch Dogs and The Last of Us Remastered on the way, we can’t see things slowing down anytime soon either. Nevertheless, overall industry sales totalled $1.03 billion for March 2014, up three per cent year-over-year.

You can peruse the full list of movers and shakers below. Are you surprised that Sony managed to overcome the Titanfall marketing machine? Are you satisfied to see inFAMOUS: Second Son chart so high? Were there any other titles in particular that kept your wallet light last month? Freak out in the comments section below.

Top Ten Physical Retail Releases: March 2014

1. Titanfall (XBO, PC)
2. inFAMOUS Second Son (PS4)
3. South Park: The Stick Of Truth (360, PS3, PC)
4. Call Of Duty: Ghosts (360, PS4, PS3, XBO, NWU, PC)
5. Dark Souls II (PS3, 360)
6. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (PS4, XBO, PS3, 360)
7. NBA 2K14 (360, PS4, PS3, XBO, PC)
8. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster (PS3, PSV)
9. The LEGO Movie Videogame (360, PS3, 3DS, NWU, XBO, PS4, PSV)
10. Minecraft (360)

Update: Guy Longworth, the Vice President of PlayStation Brand Marketing, had a short but sweet statement to share regarding this month's figures: "Today’s NPD report confirmed that the PS4 was No. 1 in sales for March and extended its cumulative lead for next generation game consoles, despite continued supply constraints. NPD also highlighted that PlayStation sold the most total consoles and demand for inFAMOUS: Second Son was extremely strong." The champagne's on Sony, then.


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get2sammyb said:

I'm updating the article, but have to drop in and say that this is huge. Titanfall was supposed to change everything... No reasonable person expected the PS4 to maintain its lead in the US last month.



Ginkgo said:

Personally I am not surprised. At no point did the Titanfall XBO bundle overtake the PS4 sales on Amazon for example. Though I wouldn't have been surprised if XBO had just pipped PS4 either.

Have said many times that as good a game as Titanfall is, I was not sure that a multiplayer only, FPS, also available on PC and 360 was going to sell as many XBOs as they would hope. Multiplayer only is too niche, and PC/360 give too many non XBO options.

In any case, well done PS4/Sony.



Jazzer94 said:

The hype was to big couldn't live up to it in the end the experience of Titanfall was a fairly standard fps.



ShogunRok said:

Quite incredible, really. It'll be interesting to see how Titanfall did on the 360. It'll also be interesting to hear what EA think of this — not quite the gargantuan hit that they expected it to be.



divinelite said:

I wonder if the data include 3ds, usually its better sales number than consoles. I just wish to know which is better now



kensredemption said: even FPS games won't save the XBO. Well then, EA, time to jump ship and give Sony and Nintendo special treatment this generation.



JaxonH said:

So, where's the Japanese charts?


PlayStation Vita – 24,078 (25,017)
3DS LL – 17,291 (22,947)
PlayStation 4 – 13,034 (13,401)
PlayStation 3 – 7,305 (10,871)
3DS – 6,271 (9,091)
Wii U – 5,512 (7,962)
PSP – 2,027 (2,892)
PlayStation Vita TV – 1,220 (1,371)
Xbox 360 – 229 (276)

All hardware sales down, presumably from the recent tax increase in Japan. Vita finally overtook 3DS sales (3DS + 3DS XL) by about 500 units, as it continues it's recent boost in sales. PS4 sales continue to float around 13,000. Alarming for a console so popular elsewhere in the world. Wii U continues its recent trend, as does the PS3. Basically, 3DS and Vita are the only consoles selling even remotely well in Japan atm.



Gamer83 said:

Well, inFamous: Second Son coming out helped PS4 more than I figured it would. Titanfall will have longer legs but may not be a system seller afterall. Price may play a bigger role in this whole thing I expected.

I don't think it'll happen, but how hilarious would it be if Xbox One comes out and is the top selling home console in Japan for a bit?



N711 said:

Titanfall is going to be a hit on 360 because its about the same (not so next gen) game and people are not so daft as to buy a new console just for it. IMO buying a console is more of a long term investment for next gen only games to come



Shaolin said:

We should be careful how we interpret this. I am interested in PlayStation first and foremost so I don't really hold too much of an interest in Xbox related matters. However, I do know that the real money in console gaming comes from the games, that much I know. So we shouldn't scoff at Titanfall sales (particularly as the majority appear to have been on Xbox One) and we can't necessarily compare console sales as a mark of success because they're making a small loss on the hardware. Business can be a funny thing you know and I'll always remember Tim Cook when he said that Apple don't need to sell more than the competition to win - wise words indeed. Don't get me wrong though as I'm absolutely thrilled with Sony's achievement of 7 million because the direct benefit for me personally is a large and varied base for multiplayer.



get2sammyb said:

@Shaolin The thing is, the order of the platforms after the game name shows which platforms software is selling best on, and Sony's install base advantage is extending to a software sales advantage, too. Call of Duty: Ghosts, Ground Zeroes, and NBA are all selling best on PS4.

Imagine if Titanfall would have launched on the PS4 as well...

EDIT: You're absolutely right, though. The war's not over or any nonsense like that, there's still a long road ahead for Sony, and Microsoft will continue to remain extremely competitive.



Weskerb said:

This is definitely big news. I thought the hype and marketing for Titanfall was excellent, but in the end it wasn't enough to topple the PS4. FPS is the most popular genre of game, EA were publishing, it was made by the creators of COD and they were giving it away for free with the Xbone. If that didn't put the Xbone ahead of PS4 in the sales chart then nothing can. Unless Microsoft can get Minecraft 2 or GTA 6 as exclusives lol that's really all there could be bigger than Titanfall.



Jaz007 said:

Dang, the PS4 really is unstoppable. The Xbox One just can't beat it. I'm starting to think the PS4 will be selling like this for longer than I had thought.
@get2sammyb Is the Xbox One selling out? I'm assuming it's not, but this doesn't have anything to do with the amount Xbox One's available right?



THEundying27 said:

Even if Microsoft sells units at which point do they start profiting? I can't even begin to fathom how much money they've thrown in towards X box one. To keep titanfall and plants vs zombies away from Sony definitely wasn't cheap. And then to give titanfall away for free at the end of it is crazy.

I have a feeling titanfall will have a sequel sooner than everyone is expecting. EA is most definitely salivating at the fact that the new titanfall will be available to an additional 7 million+ customers(who knows how many units sold by then) and thanks to Microsofts hype for this game, i know ps4 players are dying to play this and will have no problem buying it the minute it's available for play station



get2sammyb said:

@Jaz007 It's apparently not, though the PS4 is also starting to become readily available as well now. Having said that, retailers have been cutting the price of the Xbox One here in the UK and US, which leads me to believe that they're trying to get rid of stock - especially now we know it was still behind in NPD.



SethPuddle said:

I was hoping this would be the case. I figured this would happen. TITANFALL was fun but it really is just more of the same. DESTINY will be the game changer. but I have been neglecting both my XBO and PS4, for the first time ever I have been playing games on my pc. well game not games. GUILD WARS 2!



Punished_Boss_84 said:

Screw it i'm no longer being surprised at the PS4's level of beasting right now (Japan is different tho).



memoryman3 said:

Meanwhile at Nintendo Life there is 126 comments of internal panic and confusion about the Wii U's sub-100k sales.....



Savino said:

@memoryman3 Lol...

It´s funny to see how things on Nintendolife scale up when the public thinks that nintendo is in trouble.

You can see 500 comments in a post easily!!!



FullbringIchigo said:

@get2sammyb then we played titanfall and found it was extreamly average and in no way worth buying a xb1 for (a mistake I did sadly make still my brother is getting some use out of the xb1 because I'm not going to be useing it, yeah I gave it to him going to stick with the ps4 because you don't need both)

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