"This is pretty freakin' awesome"

Xbox One semi-exclusive Titanfall may have been the biggest release in March, but that’s not stopped inFAMOUS: Second Son from dropping a smoke bomb at retail. Sony has revealed that the PlayStation 4 exclusive surpassed one million sales within nine days of its release, making it by far the fastest selling entry in Sucker Punch’s previously underappreciated superhero series.

It’s been good couple of months for first-party titles, as Killzone: Shadow Fall has also proved a gigantic success, ratcheting up sales in the region of 2.1 million units. Meanwhile, the popularity of The Last of Us on the PlayStation 3 bodes well for its just-announced next-gen re-release. Even the critically maligned Knack has fared, er, fairly well – primarily due to day one Japanese PS4 bundles including a copy of the old-school affair.

Have you already burned through Delsin Rowe’s inaugural adventure, or is the release still glowing like neon on your Amazon wishlist? Sing your favourite Nirvana song in the comments section below.

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