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Yoshida Appreciative of Feedback on PS4's Missing Features

Posted by Sammy Barker

System's development team in the loop

Sony has done a lot of things well over the past few months, but one of the most prominent changes that it’s made is making its executives more accessible. It’s now easy to contact high-ranking suits such as Shuhei Yoshida and Adam Boyes, and, assuming that you’re reasonable with your requests, you’ll often get a response, too. This has been particularly important over the past few days, as not everyone’s been best pleased with some of the PlayStation 4’s missing features.

A gigantic FAQ published earlier in the week revealed that the system will be unable to play MP3s, and will lack DLNA support. Seeing as these were popular features on the PlayStation 3, there’s been a bit of a backlash over the past few days as people attempt to wrap their heads around the reasons for their absence. This is feedback that Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has not only already taken on board, but also presented to the platform’s development team.

“Had a very good discussion with the PS4 development team today,” he said on Twitter. “We're happy and appreciative to learn that so many people use and like the PS3's media features.” Clearly, it’s far too late for anything to change before launch, but we wouldn’t be surprised if DLNA functionality got pushed to the top of the division's patch production pipeline. MP3 support seems less likely, as there’s evidently an agenda to boost Music Unlimited subscriptions contributing to that decision.

Still, it’s great that the platform holder is at the very least taking the feedback on board. Given the goodwill that it’s accrued among the public and the press over the past couple of months, we expect it to work hard to maintain that sense of positivity. Are you bothered by the lack of DLNA and MP3 support in the PS4? Sound off in the comments section below.


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MANTAGTJ001 said:

if i wanted a music player / entertainment system / media centre with second rate gaming I would get a XBONE but as I want a badass gaming system then TBH I am quite happy that Sony chose this over a media centre ! Incidentally my PC is plugged into my home system and its got so many MP3s on there I do not care that I cant put them on my PS4 !



banacheck said:

I'll give you one guess what i buy a gaming console for, i have never used the blu-ray on the PS3 to watch films. I've never stuck a music CD into my PS3, so the multimedia stuff i couldn't careless for. I'm buying the PS4 to play games not to play films or music, i have other devices for that & use.



Gemuarto said:

Guys, we are talking about custom soundtrack, not about MP3. So you need to pay for music unlimited if you want custom soundtrack. You need to pay for custom soundtrack =(.



InsertNameHere said:

I'm not all that bothered because I rarely used my PS3 for music, although I did store my music on it, but since I'm keeping my PS3 after I get my PS4, this doesn't effect me.

Hopefully they patch in DLNA support for the people who frequently use their system to listen to music.



longshot28 said:

@Gemuarto I know some people like this, but I never wanted music over orginal game soundtracks.

but im sure it'll get patched in some time.



Munkyknuts said:

I never used the PS3 to play music but it was nice the ability to do so was there. I do use the system to watch love film and other on demand TV, and to watch DVDs and Blue rays. I like that the PS3 is a media centre that covers all my needs as well as being an excellent games console. I'll still have my PS3 when I get a PS4 so as long as the features lacking on the new console don't disappear from the old one it's all good. Like others on here I always prefer the intended soundtrack to games over my own music.



DirectAim said:

DLNA is important. Not too bother about MP3 playback.

What I am most shocked about though is not being able to attach a pen drive or external HDD! Now that is a shame!



Hokage17 said:

Well I didn't expect it to have everything. It offers so much I can see how it's easy to overlook something like DLNA, but it's nice their listening and willing to add features even if through a patch. One thing that i am most impressed with and to some it may not seem like much at all but they were honest with their FAQ's, unlike Microsoft who beats around the bush, tries to avoid the subject, and even tell lies to try and cover up the truth like the 720p situation. People aren't stupid and want to know exactly what their spending their money on. So thumbs up to Sony.



NathanUC said:

Lack of DLNA support was the first time I ever questioned buying a PS4. My TV has the ability to stream DLNA music while viewing other content and it's a Sony. I don't see why they'd leave this out of the PS4 features other than to force more people into using Music/Video Unlimited. It wouldn't bother me nearly as much if MU was more affordable and or offered a freemium model for PS+ users.

All that said, everything else in my game room can steam music, I suppose I don't NEED my PS4 to as well.. it's just much convenient.



PMasterTy9 said:

I use have a PC that I use as a media server to stream movies onto my PS3 so, I would also love to do this with the PS4.



rykkchii said:

I, I, I... That's all I'm reading. just because the lack of these fundamentally used features are or aren't used by you, does not take away the principle here. The ps4 is the next gen games machine from Sony. just like the iphone14e will one day be the next gen phone from apple. what if apple just decide not to support features like games in that version? There would be hell to pay. Many people have done or will sell their ps3 in order to afford the next gen. They should have known long before now that they were actually losing some cool features. thats the point here, not "I'm alright jack"



charlesnarles said:

I just got a iphone 5s and guess what, it holds many MP3s! Ps4 is not a CD player. lol I'm sure they'll add anything we pester them enough about



charlesnarles said:

@rykkchii but iPhones were conceived and designed to play mp3s while also being a phone. I'm saying that PS4 isn't an MP3/(CD) player, it's 100% game console, and we shouldn't expect it to be something else too. Vitas can play mp3s tho! : )



Paranoimia said:

"The ps4 is the next gen games machine from Sony."

Exactly. A games machine, not an MP3 player.

"just like the iphone14e will one day be the next gen phone from apple. what if apple just decide not to support features like games in that version?"

Well, it's a phone... as long as it makes phone calls, anything else is a bonus I could live without.

Anyway... I've never used a game console to play CDs or MP3s, so won't miss it. DLNA support I would have liked, but my PS3 does that, and so does my new TV, so it's not like it'll be missed. That said, I don't think PS3 supported it at first, and that was added in a later firmware update, so it'll probably arrive on PS4 in time, along with MP3 playback.

Most surprising is the lack of support for external drives. But even if you can't use an external drive for day-to-day storage, you should at least be able to use one for system backups. Imagine if you fill the 500GB and want to upgrade it without any backup options. That said, I can understand they may want to lock it down, as PS3 was secure until the USB ports were used to crack it - you can probably blame whatshisface for that one.



Cloud7794 said:

@DoublezZ01 Thanks, that's a great find! It's also great to stock up on links, sources are always great when correcting people > @charlesnarles Regardless of what it was built to do, it's very strange to actually downgrade certain popular services when upgrading your product. The Iphone can do youtube, but what if, suddenly, youtube and flash/html5/etc support was removed for Iphone 6? The backlash would be pretty large, with many people commenting on just why was it even removed. According to the link posted by DoublezZ01, though, mp3 support should be coming soon



DoublezZ01 said:

@Paranoimia I mainly want the mp3 in the ps4 so I can play metal music while playing action adventure games in intense moments, and the DLNA most definitely needs to be there since external hard drives are supported it would be nice to have to stream movies pictures and music, but I also had the same thought about ps3 because there's no way I'm ever getting rid of it



DoublezZ01 said:

@Cloud7794 no problem dude I knew Sony wouldn't let us down, its software all it needs to do is be added! I wonder how it will look in the new dynamic menu



cepwin said:

Since there are a lot of people who do use these features I'm glad they're listening. People shouldn't be forced into purchasing a music service by cutting off a feature they rightfully expect to be there. I will add though the thing that I think is more important is the promised removal of encryption on HDMI gameplay output as it's critical for youtubers and streamers whose efforts provide a great benefit to gamers as well as free publicity for Sony and their 3rd party partners. By listening to their customers Sony has a greater chance of making the PS4 the raging success it can be and it seems they understand this too.



BlueProxy said:

Looking at the broader picture, not everyone wants multiple boxes to do basic things like listen to an MP3, or watch a blu-ray movie. Less clutter, convenience and getting the most out of one device makes total sense. Like it or not, its a game console and a media deice. It's just up to each person how they want to use it. I get that their pushing paid service, but there's a valid reason not to restrict such a basic feature. It's like not being able to play a dvd on a blu-ray player without a monthly subscription... forcing you to have a separate box. I don't use my PS3 for listening to music, but just making point.



artemisthemp said:

Never used DLNA or MP3 but, I can see it been a important feature with PS4 since, It can play music in background while playing a game.

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