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Male, 45, United Kingdom

Unashamed Gamer since xmas 83 when I got my zxSpectrum. Ive been here for every major release, from sensi soccer on amiga, sonic on megadrive, fzero on snes, road rash on 3do, tekken on ps1, got 120 stars on mario64, virtua fighter on saturn, everquest on pc, halo on xbox.. On and on and on..

Tue 20th Aug 2013

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rykkchii commented on Store Update: 17th May 2016 (North America):

"a ton of other titles to look forward to – including a couple of new PlayStation 2 re-releases..."

The fact you weren't joking shows the sorry lack of creative development in our industry today



rykkchii commented on Review: Hitman: Intro Pack (PS4):

I threw £45 at it and I wish I had waited. The repetitive nature of the game simply doesnt work because of ridiculous loading times. Fails and restarts are how you learn. It should be called Hitman: Groundhog Day which is fine, but in a 2 hour session, you will spend nearly half of that time staring at the barcode loading gif. Im shelving it until they fix it and make it playable. #disappointed



rykkchii commented on Talking Point: Is the Force Strong with Star W...:

When i buy, i want a game for my money. I want to own the game. I want to play it at my pace for my pleasure. I dont want a glorified £50 ticket to play a shared game on a server far far away, full of elite players, where i get shot dead in the back every single time i spawn. I love starwars but this multiplayer only mould is destroying the industry



rykkchii commented on DriveClub on PS4 Just Keeps Getting Better and...:

I love it too. My only problem with it was no clutch and TH8PA support. Box ticked now!!!
I just wish it wasnt so damned hard.. or I wasnt so bad . Still, I platted it so I cant be too useless eh? Can I?? heheh



rykkchii commented on Guide: Which Skills Should You Pick in The Wit...:

@milero91 not only do i dislike 'having' to manually save (having the option is great, but for it to be essential is not great) because i forget, i also hate it because having to pause and save breaks the immersion terribly. Skyrim got it spot on with its autosave after every so often (adjustable).



rykkchii commented on Guide: Which Skills Should You Pick in The Wit...:

They better patch an autosave-every-ten-minutes in or I'll have to give it up before I smash my living room up and have to see a divorce lawyer, when losing an hours progression at least once during every gaming session. And loading-after-death times are no better than bloodborne.. Great game, but not perfect.



rykkchii commented on Ubisoft's E3 2015 Press Conference Gets a Date...:

Something absolutely brand new please. Put your millions to work and give us something NEW!!!!! I'm sick of splinter this 4, and assassins that 12. New adventures please, and I simply refuse to collect 500 feathers or 600 codecs ever again!!!!



rykkchii commented on Round Up: Project CARS PS4 Reviews Target a Po...:

Oh gawd! In a twisted way I was hoping this would bomb. I love racing games. I have a sim rig with t500rs wheel BUT i put having fun before frustration. I love Driveclub, even tho I find it very tough.. So do I buy this, knowing how tough it will be?? heeelllp!!!



rykkchii commented on Phwoar! Project CARS Looks Stunning on PS4:

Out of all the project cars videos so far, FINALLY this one looks nice. Shame it was a pc version. I'm a gamer that loves racing games, not a petrol head that wants to use a console to simulate my racing passion, so I'm still unsure about this. I'm enjoying driveclub too much - it's better for gamers like me I think..



rykkchii commented on Bloodborne's Long Load Times Will Be Addressed...:

@Boerewors I get your point about retro games mate, but you're considering the future being the same as the past, when in fact the future is just that. U will generally only be able to get ANY media, albeit film, music or games from some distant faceless storage soon. If u want to watch an old old film u still can. By Netflix or other services. I'm a retro gamer too, but I embrace technology today that enables me to retro game, listen or watch. I miss the old arcades.. Green beret, Kung fu master etc. Just cos the arcades are gone doesn't mean my cabinet with mame built in won't let me play them!
You'll be able to play a fully patched game of the year edition of bloodborne in twenty years mate - somehow.. I promise.



rykkchii commented on Lamborghinis Making a Beeline for PS4 Exclusiv...:

I love Driveclub. Apart from being an amazing looking and feeling racing game, and in spite of the very dodgy release, this is EXACTLY how a game should be supported. this is the true glory of DLC and season passes. Not bolted on extra chapters or hidden content only accessible with pre order codes. THIS should be the blueprint for true online game support. It's the only season pass I've found worthy of purchase. Just awesome.



rykkchii commented on We Need Different Types of Games, Says The Ord...:

Someone once said time is relative. I finished and platted farcry4 in a week. I took it back to Game n got most of the value back. Dragon age took over 100 hours of my life before I traded that in. Both were excellent games. I don't care less how long it takes. A good game is a good game.



rykkchii commented on Evolution Studios Prepares Free Apologetic Dri...:

It makes sense to me! Why cant they be working on both? If i was in a resteraunt and my meal was late i wouldnt expect the entire 15 strong kitchen staff to be beavering away to get me my pie n chips! That would be rediculous. So would an entire studio working on streamlining net code?



rykkchii commented on Assassin's Creed Unity Ain't Sounding Especial...:

This was inevitable. Just like the pc scene years before it, once u allow games to be released unfinished and unbug tested, corrected later by patches, then most games released will have these problems. Patching allows complacency. Simples



rykkchii commented on Feature: How Has the PS4 Fared in Its First Year?:

B-. Im sick of ps3 slightly shiner re releases, and disappointed that so many games promised this year have been delayed. But, ive played consistently all year long and enjoyed my machine overall. Ps, Driveclub has online issues yes, but its a fantastic driving game at its core. Pushsquare are too hard on it. Gtavs online launch was a joke too, but i dont remember any kind of panning to the extent driveclub has had. Its great! Simple as!