Music Unlimited

Sony’s been fairly pro-consumer with the PlayStation 4 thus far. Aside from locking online multiplayer behind a paywall, the company’s fought back claims that it will block used games – and forced its closest competitor to overhaul its policies in the process. That doesn’t mean that it’s always got your best interests in mind, though.

We already know that the next generation console will not play audio CDs, but the platform holder confirmed earlier today that it won’t be able to read MP3s either. Why does this matter? Well, because the only way that you will be able to listen to music on your PS4 is via Music Unlimited, the platform holder’s online audio streaming service.

Currently, a subscription to the Spotify-esque platform costs around £9.99/$12.99 per month, but the Japanese giant regularly puts annual subscriptions on sale. Of course, discounted or not, the very fact that you’ll be forced to pay to access music that you may already own is easily the most offensive thing that we’ve learned about the PS4 to date.

The only real positive is that you’ll be able to stream Music Unlimited from wherever you are in the system, including inside games. Still, we remain hopeful that the manufacturer will at least incorporate MP3 support in the future, because this is very much the kind of corporate handcuffing that has irritated Sony customers in the past.