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Talking Point: What Are Your First Impressions of the PS4?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Hot or not

You may be bleary eyed after an evening spent standing outside your local game store, but we daresay that Sony’s next generation system has managed to wash away some of your blues. While you may not have had ample time to sink your teeth into the PlayStation 4 yet – that’s what the weekend was invented for, after all – we want to know your first impressions on the latest addition to your gaming family.

For many of you, this will be your first opportunity to go hands-on with the brand new console, so we want your thoughts on everything. Firstly, is the DualShock 4 living up to your expectations? Are you pleased with the enhanced triggers, improved rumble, and tighter analogue sticks? How about the touchpad – have you had an opportunity to test that out yet? Is it as responsive as you expected, or do you think that it’s a bit of a gimmick at the moment?

We want your thoughts on the hardware itself, too. How has it slotted into your entertainment centre? Are you surprised by its size? Is the system a little noisy for your acute ears, or is it as whisper quiet as you’d hoped? Did you get the system setup straight away, or did it take you a while to get everything in place? Have you had any hardware issues yet – crashes, freezes, or locks – or is your unit functioning fine?

How about the user interface – did you manage to download the device’s day one patch without a hitch? What do you think of the new social functions? Have you managed to record any gameplay clips with the share button yet? Does the vaunted Remote Play feature work as you expected, or is it all a bit disappointing? Have you managed to venture into the PlayStation Store? Is it an improvement, and did you buy anything from the digital plaza?

And, of course, we also want to know about the games. What was the first title that you popped into the system? Have you been impressed with the leap in visual fidelity, or are you a little bit disappointed by the titles that you’ve tried? Is there a particular release that you wished that you’d picked up but didn’t? Have you sampled any of the free-to-play software yet, or are you saving those for later on?

It’s still obviously too soon to be coming to any conclusive assumptions about the system, but is it living up to your expectations at this relatively early stage? Are you satisfied with your purchase, or are you starting to feel the nagging pangs of buyer’s remorse? Jump into the comments section and give us your thoughts. Then you should probably head to bed – you’ve got a lot of gaming ahead of you.

What are your first impressions of the PS4? (57 votes)

I already absolutely love it and can’t wait to play more


I’m really happy with it, but haven’t played much


I’ve got my console, but haven’t had a chance to try it


I don’t regret it, but I’m not overly impressed yet


I’m really disappointed with the device and may sell it


Sadly, I still haven’t actually got my console


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User Comments (44)



InsertNameHere said:

@SuperSilverback Sony is working on eyetracking tech and have teamed up with NASA, Second Sony launches March 21st, the Destiny beta will be available on PlayStation first, MGS V: Ground Zeroes will have a PS exclusive mission that will see you playing as PSone Snake, The Last of Us' singleplayer dlc will put you back in Ellie's shoes as it tells the story of how she and her friend Riley were infected and that's about it.



ZeD said:

Why does it have to come out 2 weeks later in EU!



longshot28 said:

Greetings from the US, all I can say is It is amazing and can't wait to see EU tearing it up online.




charlesnarles said:

Omg! I really like ds4s, and the initialization music was great : D
UI is different but intuitive. It's silent without a disc (down)loading. It's tiny and svelte as all hell. I'm trying out BF4 right now and pressing options to begin is odd lol. Very much what I wanted !!!!!!!!!!!!!



Dodoo said:

Unfortunately I won't be getting mine until March 21st!

Damn that's a long wait!



FullbringIchigo said:

after watching some vids online I'm really excited for it, but I have to wait untill new year to get mine



Dodoo said:

@Reverend_Skeeve - Certainly am my friend!

I'm holding out as I've got such a big backlog on PS3 and Wii U but the launch hype has made me very jealous!



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@Dodoo Awesome! If I could wait 'till March to get my PS4, that would be the bundle I'd get, too! My most anticipated PS4 game by far Although I can't wait to play Shadowfall and Resogun.



Carl-G said:

Still got to wait 2 more weeks(UK) but that is o.k for me because i still got TLoU to finish & just got R&C:Nexus yday to I still want it bad tho! + i watched the live gaming stream yday from yosp & that was AMAZING, well it worked anyway That & seeing the PS4 UI in action made me want it more



Hokage17 said:

I think the console is great but not very impressed with the launch lineup. The delays of Drive Club and Watch Dogs really hurt their launch a bit. Having said that I think 2014 is going to be a great year for PS4.



DeHorror1975 said:

I love the console, but PSN was down. I have killzone, ghosts and bf4 and they are absolutely gorgeous and smooth!



get2sammyb said:

@charlesnarles Glad you're enjoying it. I definitely enjoy what I've used of the controller in the past. Really great first impressions.

@Carl-G You and me both, buddy. These are going to be a torturous couple of weeks for us EU peasants.

@Itachi Glad you like the hardware. As you mention, the software list will inevitably grow - so as long as the hardware rocks, then it's the first hurdle cleared. Now we just need to wait for those big announcements from the first-party teams.

@DeHorror1975 Hopefully PSN recovers sharpish. Glad you're loving the look of the games.



divinelite said:

Ign told Asia leftovers (non listed now) will get before kapan, hope the rumor is true. But I might wait for Second Son-y releases the bundle after all



divinelite said:

@get2sammyb Indonesia, country south of Singapore. Well importer got ps4 with kill one bundle ready but... $900

Or Asia version ps4 for somewhat 750$. Currently no way to own ps4 because no official release hath been sounded yet



grenworthshero said:

The PS4 itself looks great. The menus, new features, everything so far feels wonderful. Well, except for the day one PSN connection issues.

The campaign in Killzone, on the other hand, is a major disappointment so far. It's a mess trying to figure out what the game is trying to be. No more sense of being in the thick of battle, and no more comrades around to help you. Instead, you're essentially a faceless supersoldier, gunning down waves of baddies. Oh, here's some forced exposition. Now go shoot some more things. The controls are kind of clunky now, and I can only imagine how they'll feel coming back to it late in the PS4's life.



get2sammyb said:

@grenworthshero That's a bit of shame with regards to Killzone. When I played it earlier in the year, it really seemed like there were plenty of different ways you could approach missions — stealth, loud, mixture. Are you not finding that?

Glad you like the rest of the system, though. Has anyone had any hardware issues yet? Sounds like those early reports were just bad luck - I'm not seeing anything online other than PSN issues.



grenworthshero said:

I'm finding lots of different ways to get lost. The mission objective marker is none too helpful. They tried to shoehorn stealth elements into a game that has nothing to do with stealth. The campaign barely even feels like Killzone anymore and it's a real shame. I loved the campaign in 2 and 3 and even though most of the characters were pretty stereotypical and shallow, at least they had some personality. I'll reserve any further Killzone comments for the review since this is about the console itself, and I haven't yet finished the campaign so maybe it'll get better.



TerrorByte said:

This piece of machinery is absolutely gorgeous. I have Killzone and nba2k14, and I'll tell u, the videos online of these games do them no justice, just wow. But surprisingly the game I had to pull myself from was Warframe. That game is addictive. And the live stream is so cool, I've watched a ton of live streams. They're entertaining and very funny.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

Just had the opportunity to check out Knack on a Demostation at a retailer close by. I love the DS4! It's a huge improvement over the DS3 and adresses pretty much all issues I have with the DS3, especially the tighter, smaller sticks that are further away from each other and finally it has some propper L2/R2 triggers...the L2/R2 buttons on the DS3 are a pain in my opinion. So, controller-wise, all worries that I had are gone. Knack looks nice, too, with sharp textures, nice anti-aliasing and some decent transparency effects...made me want to play more...will definitely play this when it comes on PS+

Nov. 29th can't come soon enough! So excited!



Gamer83 said:


Yes, the new controller is brilliant. I really like how the made a few subtle changes while still keeping that dualshock look and feel. The d-pad is fantastic and I love the addition of the touchpad.



ztpayne7 said:

Okay first off, I love the actual look of the console compared to pictures. Much better. Next, resogun is a lot more fun to me than super stardust. Didn't know if I'd enjoy it, but it's quite fun!

Now, to what some of you may be wondering. I tested resogun on remote play. Super easy setup. Worked really fast. Within the living room, had absolutely no lag. You actually control not just the game, but the whole ps4 interface from the vita. I went into my bedroom and it worked. I then went into my bedroom and closed the door. There was a hiccup at one point but mostly worked well.



bman2112 said:

thanks ztpayne......
im a heavy vita user so was interested in your comments. glad it works well!!

let us know how you get on with other games too



PMasterTy9 said:

Well, I haven't played much of it yet but I will be playing it most of the weekend. I am super happy with it so far. The DS4 is awesome! It is kind of hard to explain it without touching it first hand. I did use the touchpad in Warframe and it is pretty cool. I played a few minutes of Killzone and it started to install right away. I was able to start the game withing minutes just like the videos you've seen online The overall speed of the system is amazing including the store. I already received a few updates for games and they automatically installed. I have added a bunch of games to my download list so when I get off of work I might have too many choices...LOL I haven't used the voice commands yet but my friend sent me a video of him using it and it works very well. The only complaint I have so far is the smartphone app. They say you can do things remotely but I can not connect to my PS4. The only way you can do anything with your PS4 is if you are on the same network locally. I can't wait to get home so I can go on a PS4 gaming binge. haha



Visiblemode said:

The machine is amazing. Very intuitive and the dedicated resources for the UI take things to a whole new level. The UI 'feels' like it weighs nothing. Jump in and out of games with zero effort.

The DS4 feels incredible in action.

Only played Knack and Resogun so far. Kids are up. Knack is actually what I thought it would be in the beginning: punishing old school platformer. Yeah it's not a 10...but so far it feels like a very solid 7 to me. That's a good thing. I got it for $20 off too, which helps since I think the game's ideal price might be more $20-30. It's not a typical day-one buy, but for many a worthwhile console-launch-day-one buy, especially if you have kids.

I actually find it amazing how little I've spend on games this launch, tons of deals to be had.



ivanmata said:

Just had a few problems connecting to psn, but I finally was able to, I'm loving my console, I love the stand-by orange line



Ps4all said:

I stayed up til 4am est. played killzone and one match of Ghosts online. Killzone looks awesome and the controls are way better than previous entries. COD is what u would imagine. The UI is awesome, I actually used the voice commands a bit for menu navigation. Also, I like the facial recognition log in. I wasn't able to see the progress of downloads which I didn't like, also psn was down until about 3am in the morning. But I linked my iPhone to my ps4 and have been remote downloading things from psn from work all day.



Jaz007 said:

I'm quite happy with my purchase, I'm having a great time with Warframe, Injustice, and Resogun (so pretty). The Dualshock 4 is great, the new triggers are great, they feel so much better to shoot with, it just fits so well in my hand, the new touchpad is great. I don't how the joysticks feel on my fingers though, it feels like after you've been in the bath too long and your skin had become soggy and unnaturally soft.



Tasuki said:

I am loving it. If feels so good to have a Sony system again. I have to admit after I unwrapped the Dualshock 4 and held it I had flashbacks to the first time I held a playstation controller way back when I first got my PS.

So far I have only played AC IV (beautiful game btw) and have yet to try some of the free games. Should be getting to them tomorrow since I have it off from work .



Visiblemode said:

Ok so, have now played some Killzone. (Kids are in bed) Holy crap... Not only is it great looking, but wow it really makes you think about the potential going fwd. Not just for post launch performance bumps.. But just imagine a Naughty Dog game of this graphical fidelity. The nice.

To be fair to this game specifically, as a big fan of the series, I should add, it's off to a great start, story and gameplay-wise.

Review sites, by and large,have talked down everything next gen... To me, based on my experience so far, that is mental.



mr_krispy_kreme said:

I really liked the PS4 user interface. Keeping similar to the PS3 UI, the different menus can be accessed by scrolling side to side. However, having all of the important features down at the bottom (i.e. games, videos, downloads...) really makes it easy to use the PS4 for what its intended.

I like how the friends list shows what games people are playing on the PS3 and on the Vita at the moment, similar to how the Vita friend list is. I also like the layout of the friends and how you can look up friend information fairly easily.

I've been playing with the Vita cross-play, using the Vita as a controller. Its really cool, although there are some lag issues and connection problems that sometimes mess up the Vita screen. But for the most part, its pretty smooth. It really takes advantage of the Vita's HD screen.

Overall, I am massively impressed with this system. Its definitely the game system of the future.



pdruskin said:

disappointed and depressed...My system never even booted-up I went to the store, "The Source" and they had no other PS4's available. They plugged it in to verify the system was broken and sure enough they also realised my disappointment. All the staff at the store had purchased one and felt my pain. Needless to say the store offered me a new one sometime after January or giving me back my money. I took the money as I could not bare another disaster like that. 2 Hrs waiting to get into the store, 1hr for them to find my order, 2hrs on hold with Sony, 2hrs to go back to the store and have them look at the system and return my money. Unfortunately this left a vary bad taste in my mouth both with Sony and the store...



DoublezZ01 said:

I freakin love it. ...especially the speed and sls or status light strip on the console. .., and over practicu already adjusted to the DS4! !! Man...killzone is not that easy to get used to. .. is only on normal and is still. Very difficult. .. although they are limited I love the voice commands putting the system in standby or turn it off is pretty neat that way

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