You may be bleary eyed after an evening spent standing outside your local game store, but we daresay that Sony’s next generation system has managed to wash away some of your blues. While you may not have had ample time to sink your teeth into the PlayStation 4 yet – that’s what the weekend was invented for, after all – we want to know your first impressions on the latest addition to your gaming family.

For many of you, this will be your first opportunity to go hands-on with the brand new console, so we want your thoughts on everything. Firstly, is the DualShock 4 living up to your expectations? Are you pleased with the enhanced triggers, improved rumble, and tighter analogue sticks? How about the touchpad – have you had an opportunity to test that out yet? Is it as responsive as you expected, or do you think that it’s a bit of a gimmick at the moment?

We want your thoughts on the hardware itself, too. How has it slotted into your entertainment centre? Are you surprised by its size? Is the system a little noisy for your acute ears, or is it as whisper quiet as you’d hoped? Did you get the system setup straight away, or did it take you a while to get everything in place? Have you had any hardware issues yet – crashes, freezes, or locks – or is your unit functioning fine?

How about the user interface – did you manage to download the device’s day one patch without a hitch? What do you think of the new social functions? Have you managed to record any gameplay clips with the share button yet? Does the vaunted Remote Play feature work as you expected, or is it all a bit disappointing? Have you managed to venture into the PlayStation Store? Is it an improvement, and did you buy anything from the digital plaza?

And, of course, we also want to know about the games. What was the first title that you popped into the system? Have you been impressed with the leap in visual fidelity, or are you a little bit disappointed by the titles that you’ve tried? Is there a particular release that you wished that you’d picked up but didn’t? Have you sampled any of the free-to-play software yet, or are you saving those for later on?

It’s still obviously too soon to be coming to any conclusive assumptions about the system, but is it living up to your expectations at this relatively early stage? Are you satisfied with your purchase, or are you starting to feel the nagging pangs of buyer’s remorse? Jump into the comments section and give us your thoughts. Then you should probably head to bed – you’ve got a lot of gaming ahead of you.

What are your first impressions of the PS4? (56 votes)

I already absolutely love it and can’t wait to play more


I’m really happy with it, but haven’t played much


I’ve got my console, but haven’t had a chance to try it


I don’t regret it, but I’m not overly impressed yet


I’m really disappointed with the device and may sell it


Sadly, I still haven’t actually got my console


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