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Out Today: Grand Theft Auto V Hot-Wires Retail Around the Globe

Posted by Sammy Barker

Five's the magic number

It feels like an eternity since Grand Theft Auto V was first announced on 25th October all the way back in 2011. The title was revealed in familiar Rockstar Games fashion, with a single unexpected Tweet effectively bringing the Internet to its knees. That initial tease was followed by a mysterious trailer a week later, and then the company said next to nothing for almost a year, before blowing the doors off the title as part of a Game Informer exclusive.

And now, the release is finally here. The wait has been so excruciating that its arrival almost feels like an anticlimax, but judging by the early reviews, any malaise that you may currently be experiencing will almost certainly be squashed the moment that you pop the disc into your PlayStation 3. Remember that you’ll need to sit through an 8GB install sequence before you can actually play the game, but that should give you plenty of time to turn on the kettle and steady your nerves before the action inevitably unfolds.

If you’ve been living in a nuclear bunker for the past couple of years, Grand Theft Auto V takes place in Los Santos, and sees former bank robber Michael De Santa lured back into a life of crime alongside nutcase Trevor Phillips and automotive repo man Franklin Clinton. You’ll play as all three characters, and will be able to switch between them on the fly, providing the backdrop for some interesting missions, as well as plenty of downright chaotic sandbox action.

While the single player undoubtedly represents the primary lure of the package, it’ll be accompanied by an ambitious online component on 1st October. This will provide you with access to a fourth protagonist – one that you create – and will allow you to engage in online activities with up to 16 friends or strangers. You’ll even be able to construct your own content, such as jet-ski races and much more.

But you already knew all of that, didn’t you? The chances are that you’ve been avidly scouring every video game website under the sun for additional Grand Theft Auto V details for the past couple of years. We know, because, well, we’ve been doing the same. With the game finally here, though, we want to read your first impressions. What do you think of the opening mission? Are you taking the day off work to play properly? Did you attend a midnight launch? Don’t be a mute, and let us know in the comments section below.

And before we forget: happy GTA day, everyone.

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Paranoimia said:

Wasn't at all interested in this to be honest, until the most recent trailers. Even now though, it's still not on my 'must have' list.

I'm trading in my Xbox 360 later this week, so I might... might... use the credit to pick it up. Or I might wait for a price drop. Or... I might wait and see if the rumoured PS4 version is announced.

Either way, I'm not busting a gut to get it. Still got Killzone Mercenary to complete, and next month is Beyond, and the following month is PS4, so... this can probably wait.



rjejr said:

I guess it's always mid-night somewhere.

You know, when I was a kid, I could never understand how Santa could cover the whole globe in 1 night at midnight, but when I got old enough to know there were 24 times zones it all made sense.

My sons turns 11 tomorrow/today and I'm going to take this time to appreciate that he has no interest in this or COD:Ghosts. He'll be playing Mario & Luigi Dream Team. And he's REALLY looking forward to Pokemon X next month.

OK, I'll leave you all to your collective gamegasm now. Enjoy.



ShogunRok said:

The PSN version doesn't unlock until 1AM in the UK. I'm never going to play this, am I?



get2sammyb said:

@ShogunRok I think that this ridiculous saga has really shone a light on how much needs to improve before the so called digital future becomes a reality. It's supposed to make things easier, but that clearly hasn't been the case for many. Teething troubles, I know - but very disappointing.



MadchesterManc said:

@Paranoimia With the hyping this sites been doing lately for GTA5 I was starting to think I was the only here who hadn't been swept up by the hype. Its good to see others haven't lost their minds. Beyond next month is going to be bliss tho



Paranoimia said:

@MadchesterManc For me, the series peaked with Vice City. I didn't enjoy San Andreas at all, and only played the first few missions; I hated the RPG elements, changing clothes, constant need to eat etc., and also felt that the game was too ambitious for the PS2 hardware - the amount of motion blur used when driving at high speed often left me feeling ill, something I've not had with any game before or since.

GTA IV was okay, and toned down the elements I disliked in San Andreas, but overall it felt rushed - relatively short for a GTA game, and barely any side missions.

With GTA V I was expecting nothing more than "more of the same, but prettier". To some extent, that's just what we've got - but it does seem as if they've packed a lot more into this one, which rekindled my interest a little. Just not quite enough to feel a need to rush out and buy it straight away, especially with something completely new just around the corner in Beyond.



ztpayne7 said:

@get2sammyb I know this will probably be an unpopular question for a series like this, but how much cursing is in this game? Like, I thought last of us had above normal. And are the sexual/stripper like scenes avoidable? I've never played gta but I'm curious. I just don't like a lot of the content because of the people I play around.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

First of all: happy GTA day, folks! Hope you enjoy the game and the wait was worth it!

Personally, I wasn't much interested in GTA V until the recent trailers...but I can still wait comfortably for the PS4 version sometimes next year or so. I'm pretty sure there's a PC version coming someday and with that, a port to Xbox One and PS4 will happen as well, me thinks. Rockstar just didn't announce that because they want to sell the game twice to eager fans (not that I blame is a business, after all, one where companies try to make a buck or two.

I loved the attention to detail in GTA IV, but gameplay-wise it was just too much of the same old formula to be able top hold me...never finished the game, just popped it in here 'n there to take a taxi ride through the city, listen to some music and enjoying the sights while...cough...never mind.

Again, I most certainly will pick this up once it's on the PS4...if not, I'll have to wait until GTA VI, I guess...

@rjejr You, sir, have done something right, props to you! Good to see there's still "normal" kids out there...and parents who actually care about what kind of games their children play.



Sanquine said:

Am i the only one that is waiting to get this game? GTA IV destroyed all my love for the series. It was boring and bland. Hmm first going to finish ni no kuni, puppetteer and my import Monster hunter 4



Sanquine said:

@Reverend_Skeeve Maybe im turning old ( xD 24 years) but i hate mainstream games. Whenever a friend of mine who never plays games is talking about GTA i get so tired. But whenever i talk about something like monster hunter / tales game or YS games they get bored..



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@Sanquine Yeah, maybe that's it. There's just too much of the "same old, same old" out there, it seems. And concerning GTA, for me, Rockstar didn't add anything new to the gameplay since...well...GTA III, or so it felt.
Loved to soak in the city and the details, but was mostly just watching the whacky tv shows or the comedy shows...playing the missions was just boring for me quite quickly.

Haven't tired out the games you mentioned, though, so can't say if that would be more my cup of tea, nowadays...but I think on PS4 I will check out a lot of indie games and the ones that are less mainstream.

Although, I'm still very looking forward to AAA blockbusters like Kill Zone and inFamous.



SuperSilverback said:

Gotta admit, i dont care that this game is out. GTA4 got 10/10 and it was absolutely horrible. So im not falling for it again with this game!

I'll wait until my friends that love gta (but hated 4) get it. They'll let me know if its back to its former glory or not.

Hope everyone that has it is enjoying it all the same!



MadchesterManc said:

@Paranoimia Couldn't agree more. Vice City is easily the best GTA theres been. Its the only one that Ive played through fully and enjoyed, I still drop it into the Ps2 every now n again. The series has definetly gone downhill since. Im hoping the rumours of a PC & Ps4 version are true as Ill just wait for one of those versions. According to some reviews GTAV has some framerate issues & Texture pop-in n it looks a bit bland to me personally so hopefully a next gen version will iron out those technical kinks. I see you've mentioned Beyond again If I was to to be hyped for one game this year it would most certainly be that. It looks refreshing in its trailers and I cant wait to be immersed in its story.



ShogunRok said:

@ztpayne7 There is A LOT of cursing from the word go. Just about every other line of dialogue throws an f-bomb into the equation, among others. As for things like cutscenes, you can skip them, but you'd be missing out on a lot of story. Some event scenes aren't skippable, either.

Overall this definitely isn't a game you'll want to play in front of younger kids, etc., unless all you plan on doing is travelling around the map not hurting anyone. I hope this info helps!



Savino said:

@Sanquine seriously?! I loved Niko!
Maybe is because I love russian accent, or for that matter, russia in general (not a comunist, I just like the country), but I really liked Niko....
CJ is the worst in my opinion and I have a feeling that I not like Franklin! I dont like this "street style" that rockstar put in every black character!



odd69 said:

I have to miss out on all the fun today, but i will have my copy soon!!



Epic said:

Just preordered my copy.
It will be out in this country on the 19th.
So I still have few more days of wait.



ztpayne7 said:

@ShogunRok Thanks! Maybe I'll rent it first to see what I think. I kinda stuck it out with the Last of Us despite the cursing...but that was a pretty amazing game by a company I really like. I'll have to make sure the same is true about GTA before committing to it.

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