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Sony Unleashes Freedom Wars on PlayStation Vita in 2014

Posted by Sammy Barker

Open your eyes

Remember last week’s mysterious Japan Studio teaser? Sony’s followed it up with an official announcement, revealing Freedom Wars for the PlayStation Vita. The title – which is due out in 2014 – is described as a multiplayer action game, which means, well, it’s probably going to be a lot like Monster Hunter.

There’s an updated trailer embedded below which includes some new voice samples and the game’s logo. Additional details are extremely scarce right now, but we’re expecting more information imminently. Is this title on your radar? Let us know in the comments section below.

Update: The game's official website has now refreshed with some screenshots, which we've embedded below. It looks like there'll be some kind of GPS hook judging from some of the images, which has the potential to be extremely interesting. More information is set to be revealed later in the week. Naturally, we'll keep you updated.


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Gemuarto said:

Why don't you call every MMORPG WoW clone or something like that?

Anyway, maybe this will have open world? I mean, there is moment in the game where characters ride some strange dragons. And you don't need riding dragons to travel hub + missions based games.



ViciousDS said:

if its a mmorpg thats fine.......I'm still waiting for phantasy star online 2 for the Vita. I seriously hope we get some damn good games. Ragnarok Odyssey and Soul Sacrifice are truly amazing games and show the systems potential in what it can bring to the table in terms of quality games.



get2sammyb said:

I have updated the article with new screenshots and information. It looks like it's going to have a GPS hook, which could be awesome.



charlesnarles said:

Cyber-punk instead of old-world rustic, huh? Skyscrapers and dragons and convicts? And the quintessential barbed wire conjuration attack, too. I'm glad they're trying to make some good vita gsnes



get2sammyb said:

@charlesnarles I think the barbed wire is like their handcuffs, right? And maybe he's setting himself free in the trailer? The numbers seem to be a prison sentence or something? Certainly seems like an interesting world.



Gemuarto said:

Yeah it looks like prison sentence. And by killing monsters they make it shorter.



neumaus said:

Yes yes YES!!! I'm so hyped for this game and I'm disappointed it won't come out until next year :( And that's probably just the date for Japan, eh?
But I'm really glad to see Sony putting good effort into their struggling handheld, despite the sales.



Gemuarto said:

@FredyGarbagis Yeah, I am tired of this. The first clone of Monster Hunter called Phantasy Star On-line.... and it was created 4 years before Monster Hunter. We don't call sandbox games GTA clones, don't we? Maybe it's time to invent some name for games of this type, too. We still can call all games Zelda or Mario clones, anyway.



BornOfEvil said:

I'm excited for this, especially since Studio Japan is behind it. If more first party got behind the Vita like Studio Japan is doing, then it would be doing a lot better here in the states and Europe.



get2sammyb said:

@Gemuarto I'm sure if it keeps gaining in popularity it will end up with a genre name eventually. Don't forget that first-person shooters were called "DOOM clones" for a long, long time.

Having said that, I don't really see it a derogatory thing. People understand what Monster Hunter is, so comparing a game to that is an easy touching point.



FredyGarbagis said:

@Gemuarto Yeah, I think we are way past the "cloning" phase. It's a new and established genre, regardless of the obvious influences. Thats how genres are born.

@get2sammyb The problema with mentioning MH is that there are people still salty about the game not being on Vita.



artemisthemp said:

Sony Japan made Soul Sacrifice and Gravity Rush, which is one of the best games for Vita, so I really looking forward to hearing more about Freedom Fighter



rjejr said:

It went from being called "Panopticon" to "Freedom Wars"? Can't say I'm in favor of that change.

I wonder if that girl in the video w/ the blue eye winds up getting some Kos-mos like superpower. There's always 1 in everyone of these games, right?



Ginkgo said:

I wonder if the whole monster hunter obsession started with Godzilla. Hmm.
In any case this games looks like it could be great.



Gemuarto said:

Is'n gameplay screen looks like PVP?

I don't know, but I don't like the design of everuthing in this game. need closer look to understand if I want it.



CanisWolfred said:

Criminy, another Action game. Oh well, at least this one's pretty. At the very least, I'd get this over Soul Sacrifice. I didn't like that one's visuals.

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