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Sat 9th Feb 2013

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neumaus commented on Guide: Everything You Need to Know About PlayS...:

My brother preordered this, so I get to check it out for free
I already have a standard Vita though, and while I do not play "on the go," I do prefer to play on handhelds-- I literally only turn my tv on when I'm going to exercise, lol



neumaus commented on Reaction: EGX London Hammers Another Nail in P...:

Vita's not dead to me. Most of the games I want to play are on the system, albeit in Japanese (but I'm studying so no worries there). I really appreciate the LACK of region-lock, so I can enjoy games from any region I care to import from.



neumaus commented on Rumour: PS4 Production Impaired by Poorly Trea...:

I wish the abuse of people, animals, and the planet would stop. And it's sickening that people (particularly ones in first-world countries) would just say, "I don't care," and leave it like that. I'm sure you'd care if it was yourself or your kids/family being abused :c
We can't change everything at once, but every little bit counts. Vote with your wallet, support fair trade organizations, and hopefully it'll spread to the electronics industry! I really hope so. We can do it



neumaus commented on Could Injustice: Gods Among Us Pummel the Play...:

I'd buy it, so long as they don't screw up the port too badly. And please, don't drown us in DLC
I don't mind DLC, but not when it's like "buy the character," or something equally hampering the experience. Never played the PS3 one (wanted to, but never got around to buying it).



neumaus commented on Killer Is Dead Dons Its Gigolo Glasses on 27th...:

Wow, lots of goodies, wonder how much it'll cost. I want it, but man, there's too many games coming out! Dynasty Warriors 8, Dragon's Crown, Ys, KH, and whatever else I'm forgetting in such a short amount of time



neumaus commented on Tokyo Jungle Mates with PlayStation Mobile on ...:

I'd love it if they put the original on the VITA, but I can also see how it'd make playing more difficult, because a much smaller screen means the less you can see and in this type of game that means death.



neumaus commented on Review: Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two...:

That's a real shame, because the game looks so cute
(But why would they send you guys a copy if reviews already said it sucked in previous versions? Isn't that a bad business move? Sorry if I'm not supposed to ask, I'm just curious...)



neumaus commented on E3 2013: Media Molecule Unfolds New Tearaway T...:

@AceSpadeS Agreed about the rear touch pad...
I do poorly with games that utilize the touch functions too much, and it's not because I don't use touch stuff (I have a smart phone I'm always on), but for gameplay I quite dislike it. A good example is Dynasty Warriors Next-- I'm far more likely to lose duels and omg I HATE those minigames where you need to shoot stuff and turn the Vita wth IT'S SO HARD WHY ALL THE TOUCH?!

...too much touch takes the fun out of games, and the immersion, it breaks it up.



neumaus commented on Talking Point: Will You Still Buy the PS4 If I...:

Even if it has those odd restrictions, I think I'd still end up buying one.
It'd mean either dealing with crazy restrictions, or missing out on awesome EXCLUSIVES (y'know, for people who say go PC, not that I have anything against PC gaming).
However, I'm really not fond of needing to connect once every 24 hours, because I sometimes go months without touching my PS3. I imagine it'd be a similar story with the PS4 (or am I misunderstanding?), and if these restrictions were being implemented with the PS4 then it'd significantly delay the time I'd get one (instead of 5/6 months after launch, maybe a year or two. Until it drops in price, basically).



neumaus commented on PS4 Developers Required to Support Vita Remote...:

@rjejr I said it makes me angry, joke comment or not, but I didn't say anything wrong. So I don't think I'm getting 'bent out of shape'.
And to me, it didn't look like a joke. That's irrespective, but that's how I saw it.
People can of course have their opinions, but I feel like I've been on Vita defense lately xD
(and I didn't have coffee today, I had organic soymilk )



neumaus commented on PS4 Developers Required to Support Vita Remote...:

@XCWarrior Har har, aren't you so funny? Comments like these that unnessecarily talk bad about the Vita really piss me off (even moreso because I know you're from Nintendo Life). Trying to be civil, trying to be civil;
trying, trying, trying, trying...
(someone put me out of my misery .-.)



neumaus commented on Review: Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk ...:

I have a question if you can answer it: is it possible to completely MUTE the voices? While English CAN be outstanding, I couldn't stand what I heard of this game. I'll definitely look into buying this one IF I can shut the VA off.
Thanks!! )