You shouldn’t think of the PlayStation 4 as a replacement for the PlayStation 3, but more as an adopted child that’s better than its sibling in every possible way. Chatting with the Gulf Times, Sony’s Middle East general manager Robert Fisser explained that rather than displace its predecessor, the next generation console will instead sit alongside it.

“PS4, an addition to the PlayStation family, like the PlayStation Portable and the PlayStation Vita, will offer a completely new gaming experience,” he said, adding that the console will redefine gameplay “with powerful graphics and speed, intelligent personalisation, deeply integrated social capabilities, and innovative second-screen features”.

The insinuation that the PS4 will not fully replace its forbearer worries us a little. We appreciate that there’s still plenty of life left in the PS3 as a budget console, but if Sony’s going to continue to release high-profile titles like Gran Turismo 6 on its current generation platform, then it could find itself in hot water.

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