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Tue 21st Feb 2012

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davitpr commented on Battlefield 4 Proves That One Screen Is Never ...:

And this shows once again how Nintendo's thinking is so behind that they couldn't see that most people already own a second screen. As soon as the PS4 is released with all these games like BF4, Watch Dogs and The Divison, the Wii U will die once and for all.



davitpr commented on PlayStation 4 Is Not the PS3's Successor, It's...:

I think the best and most important way to support the PS3 is to cut the price as low as they can, even if thay means not making any more new games for it. The PS3 has enough games already and they should stop putting resources into it after this year. The PS3 should be $149 now and with games like Last of Us and Beyond coming out this year everyone should be happy. There's a lot of ps3 games that I still want to play and by not releasing any more games on the PS3 people can be allowed to focus their money and efforts on games that are already out there but haven't sold much (God of War Ascension).

By all means, I want Sony to keep making the PS3 for years to come but I think if they focus all their supporting efforts on making all the software better and adding remote play capabilities to more games they will have a winner.



davitpr commented on Pachter Predicts PlayStation 4 Will Get Outsol...:

I don't agree with him based on the next:
1. Xbox won't even win this generation. This is the year the ps3 will get the crown.
2. Skype and TV tuner as killer app? What is this,1990? Everyone with a computer, phone or tablet can already do Skype or other alternatives to video calls. As for the TV tuner, one word: Netflix.
3. Sony has been humiliated enough that they are listening to the customers more than ever and by the looks of it Microsoft isn't, unless they're catering to customers that play Kinect Elmo.



davitpr commented on Microsoft: PlayStation 3 Doesn't Do Entertainm...:

LOL! Loved the last paragraph! It makes me happy to see Microsoft trash talking Sony and PS3. We all know it means they're scared and not confident on the next Xbox, specially since windows 8 is a big fail.



davitpr commented on Sony's Latest PlayStation Vita Promotion Pays ...:

Oh Sony, this is the best you could think of to promote the Vita? It's pathetic. If Sony had an actually good marketing team they wouldn't be in the mess they are and the Vita would be selling so much better.