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WCamicase commented on Ratchet & Clank PS4 Footage Looks Out of This ...:

Looks like Gadgetron was removed D:
I don't even know if that's Megacorp but most weapons seems from Grummel Net.

Gadgetron was in R&C1 and 3 while Megacorp was in 2, since they where in another galaxy.
Oh well, let's wait and see.

Looks like the boss with the Snagglebeast was moved from the original area and I'm assuming that the Mother won't be a fight.
And Quark isn't a traitor? At least not so in your face like before

All that aside I do know this is a Reimagining and my hype meter is off the charts!



WCamicase commented on You Won't Be Doing Much Video Streaming on Pla...:

Funny.. I don't even know what Netflix is, Portugal along with other countries do not get to know what it does.
With this said, until we get Netflix here (and that would be awesome) articles such as this have no effect on me, sadly



WCamicase commented on Guide: Everything You Need to Know About PlayS...:

I was trying to find it but I've not been able to do so. Is it region locked? I remember reading it was when it released in Japan back then but I dunno if they removed it or patched it out.

I ask this because I have a few Japanese Vita games



WCamicase commented on This Portuguese Retailer Is Certain Grand Thef...:

LOL at Worten, I can't say they are wrong because it's really something that I feel is bound to happen but I really don't trust them, guess it might be because I go to their stores often and there's nothing worth seeing there LOL



WCamicase commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Respond to Microsof...:

You still need Live to play the game right? So that's 60$ or so per year
Around the same price I have plus which also gives me free games every month LOL
I don't really remember though, did MS also adopt the same strategy of plus for XBox? First I read it was only up to the release of the new console but I have this vague idea I read they would keep doing that, might be my imagination LOL



WCamicase commented on DmC: Devil May Cry Sheds Its Silver Locks for ...:

I already own Borderlands 2 and DmC on PC
I do own Blazblue CS Extend on the PS3 but was hoping to get it on the Vita since it's an amazing fighter, and boy I can't wait for Soul Sacrifice as I've heard many good things

A good month I must say, gonna get all the games, after all, there's no problem in having then all in the download list

About Don't Starve, I'll probably try it too since I might be getting my PS4 today, that is.. If Friday 13th does not ruin my plans LOL



WCamicase commented on Rumour: PS4 Loses Black Friday Battle Against ...:

I'll be buying the Mega Pack next week but yesterday a regular PS4 shipment arrived to the store I'll be buying mine. I have never seen that store so full, it was only selling PS4's
And believe me, I live in an island where most of people say that gaming is for kids, but it was full of adults, something I never expected to see
That didn't happen with the WiiU nor the PS3 that came before it



WCamicase commented on Sony Shines a Bright Light on Siren PS4 Specul...:

@get2sammyb As much as I loved Gravity Rush 2 to be on the PS4 I think the series hhould remain on the Vita
I finished the first game and I loved it, I think it's a must buy on the Vita and for that same reason an excuse to own the console.
If the Vita loses that it will be another reason to skip the console and I would hate to have it die so soon as I love my Vita.



WCamicase commented on Not Pre-Ordered a PS4? There'll Be Consoles Av...:

The PS4 won't even be out on the launch day in the island I live
I wanted to get it as soon as possible but the stores I called all said they don't even know when they'll get the console LOL

I got so pissed >_<

EDIT: I didn't pre-order because I didn't know if I would have the money when it releases nor did I want to be buying any kind of converter because the electricity things in portugal are different from other places is europe LOL



WCamicase commented on Review: Battlefield 4 (PlayStation 4):

@get2sammyb You're right, not that it bothers me that much, FPS games I only play to pass time, gaming for me needs a story and characters that I create bonds with. For that reason I tend to preffer RPG's.

As a gamer though I play almost every genre, but I feel most of them are suffering because of FPS games, every company wants to have it's own and the industry is getting "over populated" with shooters.

That's why I have been supporting Indies and those companies that stay true to themselves, those games turn out original or at least more entertaining to me.

Also the community in those games tends to be quite bad, at least my brother has the decency of mutting all those 12 year old, even though he's 13 LOL



WCamicase commented on Review: Battlefield 4 (PlayStation 4):

I think it's about time the FPS genre starts to fade a little bit, we look everywhere and we have military shooters that differ little from one another
These games are good but with so many releasing every year I feel it kills the gaming comunity, specially because they only focus on multiplayer, something that barelly existed on consoles 10 years ago

But before you start raging on me understand this, I'm not saying it's a bad genre and that multiplayer shouldn't exist but I believe I'm not exagerating. Let the genre rest for a bit and focus on other types of game that have faded in these last few years



WCamicase commented on Review: MediEvil (PSone):

Any time I play MediEvil I get chills, I used to play the demo years back and I used to get scared but at the same time I wanted more
The first graveyard levels and the stained glass demon boss fight bring me back some many memories of when I was a young oblivious child haha
I gotta say, the nostalgia factor this game has in me is really big, I have the game on my Vita and I always let the intro video run LOL



WCamicase commented on Talking Point: Do Single Player Focused Games ...:

I really hate online focused games, I miss the times where we had long solo campaigns
Now a days they make half a game and add multiplayer as an excuse
Rather have a single player game that's worth it than an incomplete game with multiplayer
This is one of the reasons that I love JRPG's so much