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Sat 18th Jul 2009

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Ristar42 commented on Soapbox: Sony Needs to Set the Record Straight...:

I guess this is what happens when consoles become lower end PCs in a branded box. To be honest, though Ive been gaming since the Atari 2600, this is the point where Im done with buying consoles. PC just seems like the better option.



Ristar42 commented on Feature: Everything We Know About PS4K So Far:

I only bought the console a few months ago, I also bought the Vita and PS TV to see them pretty much dropped. I would have hoped for more features to be added to the PS4 (like PS1 games), at this point, an 'upgrade' that requires the purchase of a whole new console has no interest for me.
If this is the way consoles are going, I'll just switch to PC if I find I'm interested in keeping up with new games, the upgrade options would be far more varied.



Ristar42 commented on Rockstar Classics Bully and Manhunt Stealth Re...:

So far the PAL versions have problems, in that we are getting 50Hz games forced into 60Hz, resulting in frame pacing issues and lower frame rates than the US versions.
Eurogamer and Digital Foundry covered this and I was pretty disappointed with my PAL purchase of GTA SA, the image has a visible 'grid' on the screen (not present in any other of my PS4 games) and it runs worst than the 50Hz PS3 version due to the emulator blending frames.



Ristar42 commented on Saints Row Undercover Almost Took a Dump on PSP:

@get2sammyb Did you make it to the 'Saints of Rage' section? I even played the dlcs on on this game, running up walls and flying about to Thin Lizzy and Stan Bush, taking Keith David and the late Roddy Piper out in your crew and listening to them talking about 'They Live'. Saints Row IV is probably one of my favorite open world games ever... after Shenmue of course!



Ristar42 commented on Saints Row Undercover Almost Took a Dump on PSP:

Hmm, I thought the absurdity of the 4th game was a lot of fun with all its pop references, should have got a patch on PS4 though as the framerate jumps about a bit too much.
I think I remember the suggestion of a 3DS game near that consoles launch, that seemed to get cancelled pretty much immediately.



Ristar42 commented on 23 PS3 Classics Stream to UK PlayStation Now S...:

I still use the PS3 as much as the PS4, so Now is not really appealing to me right 'now'. I also think allowing 'free' streaming of games already digitally purchased on PS3 would add value to the service, or at least create more of an incentive to try it out.
PS3 discs are generally so cheap, it hardly seems worth the effort of the subscription to me, as I still have the console.



Ristar42 commented on PS2 Platformer Psychonauts Levitates onto PS4 ...:

I'm not impressed with the the PAL PS2 emulation on PS4, at least with the game I bought, GTA SA.
We are in effect getting the slower PAL 50Hz code again, with some weird frame blending emulation in effect to force the game into a 60Hz refresh rate, resulting in choppy performance over 25 unique fps (see the Digital Foundry analysis).
GTA SA also seems to have some weird visual problems in its presentation to me, with some transparent lines / grid type appearance evident across the image.
I've not seen this in any other PS4 games I have played on the console.

This game was pretty cool though, I played it on the original Xbox.



Ristar42 commented on Sony: We Put Time and Money into PS2 Titles on...:

Im not impressed with the PAL versions, in effect replicating the slower framerates of the 50Hz versions, as Eurogamer have demonstrated.
I noticed straight away when I played GTA San Andreas on PS4, and Digital Foundry discover its running at 25 unique fps instead of 30fps like NTSC release, which isnt a pleasant experience to play for me.
The PAL PS3 remaster ends up running better than the PAL PS4 emulation.
I won't be buying any other PS2 games off the PAL PSN store.



Ristar42 commented on Bloody Nora! PS4 Sales Surpass 30 Million Units:

I only recently bought the PS4, gaming since the Atari 2600 so I guess I'm still attached to games consoles.
I've found it has a great range of games and remote play works well. Hope they get PS2 emulation up and running into a service soon, the PS2 Star Wars games look to get a real boost on PS4.



Ristar42 commented on Soapbox: Why I Love Shenmue:

I was already in my early 20s when I played these games near their release, both on Dreamcast. I never got that glitch, but I did look at a lot of faqs to access particilar events, so I may have avoided it that way.
Most recently I went back to Shenmue 2 when I read about a glitch to get out of the map, I dont know why, but I always wanted to cross the road in the Lucky Charm Quarter.
Im going to avoid learning too much about the third game prior to its release, as after 15 years waiting for further narrative deveopments, I dont want spolilers!



Ristar42 commented on Shenmue III PS4 Trailer Looks Out on the Lake ...:

It can look like a Dreamcast game as far as Im concerned, Im just so glad to see the game getting made after waiting all these years, I cant seem to be cynical about Shenmue or Yu Suzuki, Shenmue and the games he made at AM2 in the 80s / 90s are some of my favourite ever video games.



Ristar42 commented on Yu Suzuki Wants Physical Shenmue III PS4 Discs:

Im not concerned, you dont have to fund the game if you dont want to, just buy it at release, or not if you dont like Shenmue.
This game is finally getting made and there may be more, I would have been happy with a graphic novel, Ive just wanted to know where Yu Suzuki has planned the story to go for all these years.



Ristar42 commented on Shenmue III Stretch Goals Extend PS4, PC Seque...:

What's Shenmue! Cool. Weird thing is, I never found Shenmue to be that 'open' a world, I did finally get across the road in the Lucky Charm Quarter by glitching Ryo out of the map...
Im a big fan but not overly concerned about having an 'ultimate' version, just give us narrative closure (and a Japanese voice track option), even if I cant use my Dreamcast save file.



Ristar42 commented on Shenmue III Targets $10 Million as Funding Is ...:

At this point, I'm just glad a game is getting made to continue the story, Ryo has been stuck in that cave for so long. I don't care how it gets made, I'm just happy it is, and hopefully will finally get to see where the story goes next.



Ristar42 commented on No, Shenmue III Ain't Looking for Sailors on PS4:

Hey - disc four is good, its got the stand alone versions of the arcade games.
I think typeface for 'spring 2016' also kind of looks like the Shenmue logo.
If this was a real thing, I'd be interested, Yu Suzuki is a legend!



Ristar42 commented on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's Debut PS4 Trailer I...:

'I never asked for this', actually, I really liked Human Revolution, I even re-bought it for the Directors Cut, and was interesting to hear some of the great ideas that didnt make it to the game in the commentaries.
Hopefully, they can up the scope and realise some of those ideas here, creating a less linear environment, the first game kind of lost it at the end for me, and felt like could be a better game overall, given its heritage, I did like the art design and atmosphere a lot though.
Adam isnt looking too stealthy in that trailer though, I dont play Deus Ex as an action game, but I guess its tricky to make stealth look 'dymanic' in a trailer...



Ristar42 commented on Talking Point: Is This the End for the PlaySta...:

Not for me, I still prefer the PS3, I'm yet to see a compelling reason to buy any of the new consoles. I still have so many games to play on the PS3, the 'next gen' just doesnt impress me so far, but, I suppose Im more of a retro gamer anyway.



Ristar42 commented on Review: Life Is Strange: Episode 1 - Chrysalis...:

I really liked it, but if something is out of date internet humour, I probably wouldnt know. Reminds me of all those US teen movies and adds in a bit of sci fi, and as an 80s child I can appreciate that.
I also liked that low orange sun which gives a kind of dreamy nostalgic style to the art direction, and the roaming about at my own pace, there are heavy handed moments in the script, but also subtle. I'll probably get the season pass as its not like anything else Ive played recently. I like that you can rewind for different outcomes to see how an individual scene will play out, but still not know if you have made a 'right' choice, or how it may effect the next.



Ristar42 commented on Guide: How to Survive the Spencer Mansion in R...:

I played this on the Gamecube, wasnt going to buy it again, but I did. Looks great on PS3, plus was a cross buy if I ever get a PS4. First place I played Resident Evil was on the Saturn!
First run through playing as Jill took me 8+ hours (saving Barry and Chris), I'd forgotten a lot of the game so was fun and reminded me what a great game this is.
Gamecube had some cool action replay codes though, like play as other characters.



Ristar42 commented on Out This Week: Resident Evil, Saints Row, and ...:

I think Capcom had already updated the tank controls for the Wii version of REmake, though I find they better suit the style of gameplay myself, if the camera flips I still know 'up' makes my character walk forward. Reminds me of playing 'combat' on the Atari 2600!



Ristar42 commented on What Actually Comes with Dark Souls II: Schola...:

After spending many hours playing Dark Souls, which I thought was a great game, I bought the sequel on launch day and it just didnt capture my interest in the same way. I've read people debating its various qualities, but for me I found it lacked the cohesive world design and atmosphere that the original achieved, the game world was fragmented and at times just visually unappealing with flat lighting and sparse environments.
Once I completed the game, I never bothered with the dlc.



Ristar42 commented on Review: Resident Evil (PlayStation 4):

I've played this game too many times to buy it again, first on the Saturn, PS1, Gamecube, DS, PS1 again on PSN...
My thoughts on REmake were that it was good, but I missed the cheesy quality of the original. Was interesting to see what had changed when I first played it on the Gamecube, but I find the original more 'fun', for all its 90s nostalgia.



Ristar42 commented on Game of the Year: Best PS3 Games of 2014:

@DESS-M-8 Got to say I pretty much agree, if the attention of the industry has 'moved on', mine has not, as I still the think the PS3 is a better console in terms of games available, vs. the cost of investing in new hardware.

As a gamer since the Atari 2600 days, this whole fixation with resolution and framerate is not really generating much interest from me at the moment, in comparison to the PS2 to PS3 transition.

I play a lot of retro games though, so quite a backlog anyway!



Ristar42 commented on Feature: The Third Place - A Brief History of ...:

Ah, the 'double life' one takes me back... In the UK at least Sony managed to pick up where the Megadrive left off in having a slighly 'edgy' image (yep, I remember Pirate TV, and SEGAs 'cyber razor cut' ad')!
I had a saturn instead of a PS1 as it meant I could play SEGA Rally, but games like GT and Resident Evil 2 were something else.
Great period for gaming!



Ristar42 commented on Shadow Warrior's Latest PS4 Trailer Is Packed ...:

That song is only really Transformers the movie for me, Far Cry Blood Dragon trailer's sold me more on an 80s vibe too. They could have used 'Never Surrender' from Kickboxer, I think may have suited better... plus I wouldnt just see Prime on his way to confront Megatron!



Ristar42 commented on Here's a Really Bad Resident Evil: Revelations...:

Dunno about all out 'bad', upon replaying the early games recently its a series which for me is as over the top and camp at times, as it is scary.
In a way I think the modern games remain true to this mix pretty well.



Ristar42 commented on Yu Suzuki: I'm Ready to Create Shenmue III Sho...:

I remember the released Saturn version footage seemed to include scenes up to the end of Shenmue 2, I wonder how much of the game design was actually developed beyond that point. The pacing of Shenmue 2 seemed to really pick up towards the end, as if they knew they were unlikely to give the story the scope intended due to the Dreamcast looking to be discontinued - at least we got the game in Europe and I still prefer the Dreamcast Shenmue 2 to the Xbox version!
The 'Project Berkley' video on the VF3 TB Japanese showed some scenes not in the game...
I would probably buy a console just to play Shenmue 3.



Ristar42 commented on Activision Rolls Out Transformers: Rise of the...:

3 Optimus Prime versions in that trailer, proper G1 can be seen near the begining. Hope you can unlock and play as G1 in other missions, tranformers has levels of childhood nostalgia up there with Ghostbusters for me!



Ristar42 commented on Review: Watch Dogs (PlayStation 4):

@SteveoKenobi Ha ha yep, I tried waiting at a bus stop for a while, they get pretty noisey in the rain, some odd sound balancing (on PS3 at least, Ive not played PS4), but a nice effect!
Been playing on PS3 and enjoying the game so far, I went off the gta series after 4, so this is a nice alternative. The game runs ok, bit of screen tearing, water looks flat when youre in a boat, good atmosphere at night though.