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Rumour: PlayStation 4 Will Launch in November for $429

Posted by Sammy Barker

You'll be able to control it with your phone, apparently

We’re less than 24 hours away from officially learning about Sony’s next generation console – but a report on Kotaku appears to have jumped the gun. The popular North American blog is reporting that the PlayStation 4 will launch this November in North America, and will ship in two different SKUs. The base model, the site claims, will retail for $429, while the more expensive option will set you back $529. These plans, the publication stresses, are subject to change.

Citing an unnamed source, the report continues that you’ll be able to control the impending console with your tablet or smartphone. Apparently, the functionality will allow you to chat with your friends and purchase PlayStation Store content remotely, which will then be automatically downloaded to your machine.

Perhaps most worryingly, the site states that Sony is planning to charge for “most” of the PS4’s online features. We’d imagine that, much like the current setup on PS3, bog-standard online play will continue to be free, but you’ll need to pay extra for the bells and whistles. A new service called ‘PlayStation World’ is set to replace the existing PlayStation Plus.

Reinforcing older rumours, the publication claims that every new console will ship with an updated PlayStation Eye camera. Apparently, you’ll be able to watch what your friends are playing directly from the dashboard, too. Such functionality is likely to play into the system’s ‘Share’ button, which has been a source of much speculation over the past couple of months.

All will be revealed during tomorrow’s hotly anticipated PlayStation Meeting. We’ll be live streaming the whole thing, so make sure you check back tomorrow for all of the gory details. In the meantime, feel free to air your thoughts about these latest rumours in the comments section below.


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kivi95 said:

I doubt that they will reveal the price tomorrow. The price is most likely not set yet and will be revealed at E3.



get2sammyb said:

@kivi95 There's no way we get a price tomorrow. I don't reckon we'll get a price until weeks before it's actually set to release. It's a strategic thing. Sony will want to react to Microsoft.



Valky said:

I think so too, announcing the price straight tomorrow is probably going to kill all the good mood, unless it is really that cheap as said in an older news, but then again, the price itself is usually one of the last things revealed, and it's still too early for it.
Thing is, we could get a realistic idea on how much the final price will be tomorrow.



XCWarrior said:

I wouldnt hold my breath on these rumors. Never has a new system been cheaper than its predessor. $600 min. The camera thing sounds like Sony wants to charge you per person for movie rentals, so hope that isnt true.



3Above said:

I hope the paid online features is wrong, no one wants to pay for online, ya know except the idiots who already do. $529 sounds wrong too, never seen a console launch at a non $99 price point.



Valky said:

I believe you will just keep paying the usual fee as a PS+ subscriber, with evidently many new features. For sure though the cloud thing won't be free of charge.



InsertNameHere said:

The price is no doubt going to be lower. Also, I'mreally loving this new controller, it has a nice sleek look.



Jaz007 said:

$529 seems like a steep price point, even for the deluxe model. The $29 thing also seems wrong. Since when does someone ever make the price for a new console that doesn't end with 00 or 50. Charging for online any more than they already are seems like a bad move.



murder1show said:

@get2sammyb I hope this site pays you a lot.. Your the only one I ever see posting (great stuff) on here. This has to be the best site for PS news and rumors .. Other sites could learn something from this one. Keep up the good work I enjoy your posts.



hamispink said:

@XCWarrior The PS4 will likely be cheaper, the most costly component of the PS3 was the bluray drive because they weren't being mass produced yet. PS4 won't have that issue to worry about, all the components are standard PC.



artemisthemp said:

Doubt Sony will Start charging, since require a subscription to access Online feature like Netflix and even some Single Player features is one of the reason Xbox 360 became the big loser this Generation.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I can't see Sony Charging that much for the PS4, considering that the Wii U isn't selling very well at its current price and what happened with the PS3.

If they do start charging for online it'll probably be apart of PS+/Playstation World along with streaming or anything else.



rastamadeus said:

Hope they don't charge for anything online. As above people have said not charging has helped them overcome the 360 with its ridiculous 'pay more to play a game you already bought online' method. They charge and I'm out. Also, PS World sounds doodoo, keep it as PS+, it sounds nice and the logo is good. Don't mess with things that aren't broken.



rjejr said:

@murder1show - This has been Sammy's - and pretty much only Sammy's - site for at least 3 years, that's about how long I've been visiting anyway. I rarely even bother going to the PS blogs anymore. He only recently merged with Nintendo Life.



ThreadShadow said:

I too like the look of the triggers.

Funny, I always thought this site was spun off NintendoLife...



MorriganIsHot said:

Sony can't be this stupid to start charging for online as a whole when the PS+ which is optional and free PSN online it self is doing great. Just because M$ been charging online since XBOX doesn't mean sony should too. Main reason why XBL is so successful is because the dumb xbots don't know how to reason with money. At least Nintendo isn't going to this ridiculous route and hopefully not.



rjejr said:

So nobody is mentioning the November release date?

While I agree with nearly everybody else that we won't get a price tonight - and if we did it would change by launch based on currency conversions alone - I wonder if Sony is launching in November. Why not earlier? If November why not wait until E3? The traditional "holiday shopping season" is a week shorter this year - T-day is Nov. 28 not the 22nd - so they shouldn't wait. Unless of course it releases next March.

I'm guessing no date tonight. OK, maybe "late 2013".



rjejr said:

@ThreadShadow - Sammy used to work at NL way back when, (I think they were vc-reviews back then) then he left and started PS, then last year they hooked back up.

Disclaimer - I'm not affiliated, I'm a stay-at-home dad, and despite what you young'uns might think, there is a limit to how much pron you can watch in a day.

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