Lookout point
Image: Sony

According to prolific rumourmonger VGLeaks, the impending PlayStation 4 will be accompanied by an upgraded EyeToy that will keep tabs on you while you play. The so-called ‘Dual Camera’ – which has also been hinted at in a series of EDGE reports – will apparently feature a pair of wide-angle lenses, each boasting a resolution of 720p. The unit will also supposedly include four microphones.

The report explains that the device will be used for non-gaming tasks such as video chat and facial recognition, while it will also be capable of precise head and hand tracking. It’s worth noting that there’s no mention of Kinect’s body tracking technology, so this definitely sounds like an evolved version of the EyeToy rather than a direct response to Microsoft’s motion gaming solution.

The peripheral will apparently be bundled with every PS4 console, which sounds like a risky move to us. On the one hand, it would allow the platform holder to ensure that all consumers have access to the same technology, allowing it to make better use of the hardware. But on the other, it could drive up costs. Perhaps the camera will be included with a premium model of the next-generation console?

Sony’s been dabbling with augmented reality for over a decade now, so a camera always seemed like an inevitable add-on for the PS4. It will be interesting to see how much of a priority the peripheral is, though, especially with overseas reports suggesting that the unannounced console will include “new playing options” as one of its primary hooks. Again, take all of this with a pinch of salt until 20th February.

[source vgleaks.com, via edge-online.com]