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Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus Strikes North American PS Plus

Posted by Sammy Barker

Slice and dice

Sony is rounding out January in style, by giving away copies of Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus to North American PlayStation Plus subscribers. The critically acclaimed PlayStation Vita port – which secured a strong 8/10 in our review – will be available for free from 29th January, so make sure you free up some space on your system’s memory stick.

Other additions this week include a 30 per cent discount on both the PS3 and Vita versions of Madden NFL 13, as well as 50 per cent reductions on Gatling Gears, Greed Corp, and Section 8: Prejudice. As always, let us know if you’re happy with the new arrivals in the comments section below. It looks like a solid update to us, but we're sure that there'll be plenty of complaints.


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Splat said:

Nothing for me this week. To be fair Sleeping Dogs doesn't hit Europe till February so I'm curious what the US will get then...

I really enjoyed Darksiders this month in the US.



SilentJ said:

I suppose we can't get the epicness of Foosball every week. Ninja Gaiden is ok but it hasn't really grabbed my attention since the old nes/arcade versions(sorry Slapshot). I don't have a Vita yet anyway so nothing for me this week.



Squiggle55 said:

awesome free game. I'm definitely excited to try this one out. But I did chuckle a little when I saw the sequel is coming out soon, as I just posted that tendency about US PS+ this morning.



SilentJ said:

I tried Foosball with the Move control and never made it past the tutorial. I just couldn't get the hang of it so I'll have to give it another shot with the dualshock3.



Epic said:

No PS3 game? -_-
Oh well I hope we get something good next week.



charlesnarles said:

They're trying to get y'all to buy one NG was decent on console, it'll be fun to play in increnrnts



Gamer83 said:

Actually not a bad update NG is a great game and it will now be free don't really get why I've seen some bitching about this.



Squiggle55 said:

@gamer83 People are absolutely insane and very ungrateful. PS+ pays for itself the second you sign up, but then I stop to think that I'm basically going to get a new game each week, and it's insane how good the value is.



Gamer83 said:

It's easily the best service from any of the big 3 and really I don't know how Sony can be making good on this at all. It can win them some new fans but with the amount of stuff they give away I wonder if they actually turn a decent profit off Plus or not.



InsertNameHere said:

Hey everybody, let's complain about Sony giving us huge discounts on great games. After that's done, we can all go slap our mothers and scold them for giving birth to us.



Gamer83 said:


Seriously, sometimes I wonder how clueless people can get. Would they rather Sony act like MS and charge just to play online with friends? Worse yet are MS' 'sales' for Gold members. It's recycled deals for games that have been on the market 3 years or longer that most people already have. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. I'm actually a big fan of the Xbox brand as well but MS is a joke sometimes with how it handles stuff.



Knux said:

Nothing for me this week since I've already bought Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus a long time ago.



divinelite said:

Looking at the post I could not believe my eyes, vita us ps+ actually gives a full game release.

Very happy of this update, I who had already lost expectation of us ps+, well very surprised



Slapshot said:

@SilentJ You're forgiven, but only because you don't have a Vita!

And I think I know the guy who wrote that Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus review - someone told me he's a huge Ninja Gaiden fanboy!



Gemuarto said:

Ninja Gaiden Sigma PLUS for PSN PLUS - that's funny =))).... Can we expext other PLUS games from Tecmo Koei for free on PSN PLUS? Never played Ninja Gaiden before and very exited about this update =).

P.S. US PLUS is great =).... In EU people will get lame Wipeout 2048.... But I envy about Luminies =)))

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