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PS4 Shooter Velocity 2X Flies for Free in September PS Plus Update

Posted by Sammy Barker

PS All-Stars, Joe Danger, and more up for grabs

Take a deep breath and get ready to complain: the September PlayStation Plus update has been revealed. As this author suspected, FuturLab’s hotly anticipated arcade shooter Velocity 2X will be the headline addition on the PlayStation 4, where it will be accompanied by local multiplayer minigame compilation Sportsfriends. There are going to be some raised eyebrows when people boot that one up, we’re sure.

Over on the PlayStation 3, you’ll be nabbing underrated arena brawler PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale – which is cross-buy compatible, by the way – alongside medieval loot-‘em-up Hoard. Lastly, the PlayStation Vita will play host to complimentary copies of Joe Danger and Llamasoft’s ridiculously snazzy TxK. This lineup is exactly the same in both Europe and North America, which makes our job a little easier.

What do you think of this offering? Are you still irritated at the lack of retail releases, or were you going to buy some of these titles anyway? Cheer or jeer in the comments section below.

European Trailer

North American Trailer


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jpelgrom said:

It's great that Vita users essentially get 4 free games this month, since Velocity 2X and PSASBR are cross-buy. Still need to get a subscription though...



adf86 said:

Great line up if we're been honest but judging from the Blog comments it would seem people want Jam with it too.



Sadodi said:

This is the best line-up I've seen in a while, no joke. Looking most forward to Velocity 2X and Sportsfriends. Already have PS All-Stars but I'm more thrilled that I'll have a digital copy of it on my PS3 for easier access and play sessions. TxK, Hoard and Joe Danger look like nice bonuses.



XFsWorld said:

Well at least it's been like 2 months since I bought PS Battle Royale, so I'm not too disappointed. At least there will be more players online . This month isn't bad tho. Just mostly great indies




Not amazing but could have been a lot worse. Nice to see Velocity and ps all stars, but sports friends is a clear sign that Sony are not listening. The Vita games are a bit meh in my opinion (Joe Danger is possibly one of the most overrated titles ever) but the cross buys make up for it. Hoard though? What?



Cyrso said:

@get2sammyb So true, haha.

Another great month of adding even more games to my personal PSVita library. So many games, so little time.

And Velocity 2X from day one is amazing! Very keen to playing Joe Danger as well. Already got PS All-Stars Royale on PSVita, but cool, I'll have it on PS3 as well now.



Reverandjames said:

Ok then, I'll be the first.

So this appears to be the worst month yet for PS Plus. I'm not Talking about the lack of triple A for PS4, I'm seeing a rapid decline in quality for Vita and PS3, and no, cross buy doesn't count as a Vita game I'm afraid.



ohhaime said:

Month of Meh.
Velocity 2X is the only thing I'll give any real time to.

What are they thinking make every game for the month an arcadey score based game,I mean I like those kind of games but nothing here gets me excited.

I own All-stars(and it sucks), I own Joe Danger 2 already so I don't really care to play the lesser version.I have no friends to play Sports friends with.I've played the Hoard demo before and didn't really think it was anything special.
I've heard good things about TxK but I've played plenty of Tempest so while I'm happy to get it,the whole month just leaves me bored.
Now what will I play to tide me over until Smash Bros. and Freedom Wars are out in October?



SirBlobbington said:

This is a pretty good lineup, both Sportsfriends and Velocity 2X look great in my opinion, PS All Stars is a damn fine game, Hoard looks kinda cool, Joe Danger is a masterpiece and I've heard TxK is pretty good, but it's not really my kind of game.



RawShark said:

I think this month is saved by three of the titles being Cross Buy. Something for everybody indeed. Even so, have to say that this month still leaves me a little cold. No probs with Velocity 2X - I'd have bought that anyway. I've wanted to try Sportsbuddies so that's fine but it's a pain that I need to get a friend around to actually do so.

The PS3 titles are the weakest of the lot - I picked up PSASBR at launch. It's getting on two years old now and in all honesty was never a great game to begin with. I might dive into it one more time as there'll be an increase in the multiplayer pool. I played the demo for Hoard and I can't see many people being pleased by it's appearance on the list.

I've already picked up TxK - it's alright... it's not a game I feel compelled to play very often. And Joe Danger - I'm glad it's there as I've heard good things about it.

So it's not a total loss, but it's not going to be distracting many people from Destiny by the looks of it. With Driveclub coming next month I'm hoping they've been holding back on a few big titles to accompany it.



Dodoo said:

For me this is the worst lineup for PS+ in the last year with nothing of interest apart from maybe Velocity.

Still you can't win em' all!



Munkyknuts said:

1st offering on PS+ I'm totally indifferent to....oh well one dud month (to me) is no big deal. I'll give the games a shot, I might be pleasantly surprised. The indie games on PS4 aren't a problem to me at all but I expected something a bit chunkier on PS3.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

I recently bought velocity on vita so I'm not fussed about the ps4 sequel, spoetsfriends... no thanks. Joe Danger... no thanks. TxK, already have. Nothing for me really. I will give them all a try though. I suppose I also get battle royale for vita so thats not so bad...



ToOGoodOfAPlaya said:

Wow! I was totally hoping for another side scrolling shooter...
Velocity looks like Metroid, only without the cool.
Sports friends isn't my thing.

Still, here's hoping for a story driven, RPG or another solid action plat former or adventure game sometime in the next 40 years.

I know I'm not allowed to dislike the games offered so I apologise in advance.



KomrathDE said:

Yay, all the games look interesting this month for me I consider PS+ as a way to discover games that are below my radar or are older than I consider "check this out" This month delivers!



zerotheclown said:

i was interested in velocity anyway, and getting all-stars back is a great bonus. good line-up for me personally this month.



ToOGoodOfAPlaya said:

@get2sammyb I'm waiting for the usual "you are self entitled, you want triple a etc" crap is all.
I loved Metroid, so that was the only thing making me even consider getting it.
Never mind eh, I'll always have next months indie puzzler and side scrolling shooter to play...



rastamadeus said:

This month is so bad it's bordering on ridiculousness (for me). January's update - the one with DMC - was the last time I personally didn't find the service meh or worse. Seriously disappointed and fed up now with PS+ and for the first time I'm actually considering stopping when my subscription runs out. And as I can't be doing with online gaming I'm basically paying for games I own already or I'm not interested in and then haven't liked or enjoyed when tried (I try them all, can't judge unless you do). It's been ten months since I enjoyed a game off there. Sadly my fears for the service have come true, now you have to pay to play online there is no point in Sony trying to entice people onto PS+ and the quality - and quality, let's not forget - is declining massively. So, to quote the Dragon's, "I'm out."



DarkStorm said:

@XFsWorld Oh no I can hear the Microbots call us the IndieStation4 as we speak. I guess they don't like variety and creativity,just CODs and ACs, and that god damn halo. But yea this lineup looks great



DarkStorm said:

@Reverandjames Well the plus line up can only be so good with the lack of games coming out lately. I think it's decent, and I'm hearing amazing things about velocity




PS4 owners dumped on again. PS+ is just a joke. It's ok though.... we're getting a free demo as well.



drumsandperc92 said:

Again, not sure about this month. So far i've downloaded all the freebies on PS4 since I bought the system at launch, but I've only kept maybe half a dozen of them. Just not doing it for me, though I do really appreciate that Sony gives us free games for our subscription. I've not heard of either Velocity 2x or Sportsfriends before today, so i'll try them, but right now i'm feeling "eh" about it. PS3 owners are getting the goods every month, sounds about right since it's the end of the life cycle.
I'm still hoping for the day that we see some more major titles given out. I can see that happening starting this holiday season, November or December. It'll have been a year since the PS4 launched, and it'll be more incentive for holiday adopters to get PS+ if they hear AAA games are being given away. I've a feeling knack and Killzone will be among the first.



ztpayne7 said:

Not a good month for me - mostly cause I own all stars. I don't know anything about velocity but I'll give it a try. And the only reason the sports friends might get use is that jousting game. Maybe.



SilentJ said:

Nice update this month. Looking forward to PSABR, Joe Danger Vita, and Velocity. I'm surprised they added Hoard considering how old it is. Maybe there's still hope for Red Dead Redemption for U.S.



Gamer83 said:

Assuming it will live up to the first game, Velocity 2X turns an otherwise meh lineup into a good one.



Gamer83 said:


Watching some videos it seems like an interesting game for short bursts, maybe when I'm on a lunch break at work or something. I'll definitely give it a try and hopefully I'll be able to get into it.



Gemuarto said:

It's nice, I can try Velocity2X for free =). I was really eager ti try it out. =).

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