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drumsandperc92 commented on PS4 Racer The Crew Is Going to Drive Away with...:

fine by me.
I imagine it'll be somewhat like the NBA 2k series. I have 2k13, and to upgrade 'my player' you can either spend a ridiculously long time playing the game and slowly inch your way up, or drop $20 on a points pack and have an awesome character in a day. Problem is, it takes a ridiculously long amount of time.
Personally I found the leveling system in 2k to be too slow, as I really didn't play that often.
I hope Ubisoft balances better, allowing for reasonable upgrades from just playing. I ended up actually buying points packs for 2k13 because i couldn't handle how many hours I would've had to sink in to get the smallest improvement in my player. It ended up turning me off from the game. I'm really excited for the Crew. Don't be greedy Ubisoft!



drumsandperc92 commented on Project Morpheus to Be 'Affordable Consumer-Gr...:

$200 if it comes with the move controllers would be great.
id rather use my DS4 with it anyway though, so I'm hoping for a price of $150.
Even if it is technically comparable to Oculus, Sony really cannot sell it at nearly the same price as the PS4! If they sold it at $350 like Oculus, that would mean as a consumer you'd have to drop $750 to get the full experience of Sony's VR vision. I know I certainly can't afford that.



drumsandperc92 commented on PS4's Enormous 2014 Lineup Looks Even Better i...:

awesome video, really does make me want to play a ton of those games.
Hence my frustration....i couldn't identify more than a couple of the major ones i've already seen/read about!
can someone (Pushsquare?) make a list of the games & the order/times they appear at? lol



drumsandperc92 commented on Grand Theft Auto V to Expand with Exciting Sin...:

I've been holding out on GTAV for a ps4 version. now that the last of us is coming to ps4 it gives me hope that so will GTAV. there are enough games coming out this year on ps4 for my fairly low amount of video gaming to keep me occupied till holiday 2014. after that, if theres still no sign of it i'll give in and pick it up for my aging 360



drumsandperc92 commented on Tony Hawk Hops Back on His Board in Brand New ...:

THPS1-4 were incredibly addicting and so much fun!
TH Underground continued that gameplay and added a story that at the time as a young teen I enjoyed. It added a lot to the game for me.
TH underground 2 was just a jackass takeover, and American Wasteland, while I had fun with it, started to get a little out there for me.
Everything after American wasteland was complete and total garbage.
If the next TH takes a reality check and goes back to the gameplay of the THPS games, I'm all for it.
Otherwise, what I'd really like is Skate 4.



drumsandperc92 commented on The LEGO Movie Videogame May Be PS4's Most Col...:

i think we may actually see cartoony, pixar/dreamworks type animations on PS4/Xbone this generation that look nearly as good as the movies, if not the same by the end of this gen. Judging on the visuals from Knack and even more so from the few screenshots here from the LEGO movie game, we're really not far off.
Granted the movies keep looking better and better too, but real-time playable stuff is catching up! The screenshots from the LEGO game look almost as good as the movie (i've only seen the trailer)



drumsandperc92 commented on Free PS3 Fighter SoulCalibur: Lost Swords Step...:

@rjejr they introduced the armor/clothing getting "destroyed" in battle in Soul Calibur IV, but if you ask me, it looks a lot worse in Lost Swords. It looked like it just disappeared, and the layering isn't nearly as developed. In SCIV, one or two pieces would break off at a time, but in the trailer it looks like the whole suit just disappears at once and boom, characters in their underwear.
otherwise, gameplay looks...interesting. why no PS4 though? New systems are out now, it should at least be cross-generational. I would've definitely at least tried it out on PS4, but I can't since i don't own a PS3.



drumsandperc92 commented on Soapbox: Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Light...:

i want more ports for 2 simple reasons. first, i never owned a ps3, so titles like the last of us would be great for to experience on ps4. secondly, my x360 is an original, with 20gb hdd thats basically filled up, and the machine runs loud and hot. games like gtav I'm concerned about running on the system. also, i skipped gtav as well as tomb raider on 360 plus other games in 2013 because i was saving my money for ps4. now that i have ps4, id much rather play some of those gems i missed on my new console with upgrades! bring on the ports!!



drumsandperc92 commented on The Order: 1886 Will Ride Its Horse-Drawn Cart...:

i don't see Uncharted 4 coming out this year, seeing as Naughty Dog just wrapped up the Last of Us not too long ago. But perhaps a major new exclusive IP from one of the other studios as well as one (or more) of those new indies we've seen brief trailers of (looking at you, Rime)



drumsandperc92 commented on PS Plus Wants to Be Your Valentine with Gigant...:

PS3 & Vita have been having it really good the past couple months. I understand PS4 can't give out any AAA titles just yet, but Don't Starve & Outlast really just aren't my type of games. Resogun was great fun, and Contrast was ok. I'm just waiting for the day that Knack is the giveaway. Looks fun, but had such mixed reviews I don't really want to buy it to try it out.



drumsandperc92 commented on Want Backward Compatibility on PS4? You May Ge...:

I'm really looking forward to Playstation Now for all the PS3 games i never got to play since I owned a 360, and was keeping my fingers crossed for PS1 and PS2 libraries as well from that service. Depending on cost, it may be better to stream unlimited games for a price per month than to buy each game alone a la Nintendo's model on it's eShop and Virtual console.
However, if PS Now is only for PS3 games, then I would love digital downloads for PS2 & PS1. I never owned a PS2 either, so buying games digitally or used, either way I'd have to buy them. Digital is convenient.
But i'd like an emulator app or something, because I do still own a library of PS1 titles and i could probably find PS2 discs for cheap.
PS4 could EASILY run a PS1 & PS2 emulator with upping the res to HD. computers have been able to do that for a while now, so i don't see why not. and if sony controls it, then it's not illegal! better for them if you ask me.
Keeping my fingers crossed for more news on this.



drumsandperc92 commented on Pachter: Nintendo Should Publish Its Games on ...:

would never happen, much as id love it. it would save me $300 by not having to buy a wii u (which i was planning on eventually)
thing is, even if the wii u is a complete and utter flop financially for Nintendo, and a "failed" console, it will be in a certain (small) number of homes, and owners will buy Nintendo's great first party games for it, and it'll be a niche console somewhat like gamecube was. Nintendo, with $10 billion in the bank, will live to see another day, and make another system eventually.



drumsandperc92 commented on Don't Panic, Deep Down May Still Be Getting a ...:

perhaps its a case similar to that of DriveClub?
Where a FTP version will allow you to download and play the "entire" game, but only a small amount of content is unlocked. In the case of DriveClub, a certain number of cars and tracks are available for free. It's basically like an unlimited demo, and probably a bit more content then what's found in a demo. You can then buy cars and tracks individually as you desire. But there's also a physical/full $60 release that has everything unlocked.
I could see Deep Down doing this, as it seems Capcom is putting in quite a bit of effort in this game.
I would do with Deep Down what I plan on doing with DriveClub, i.e. treating it like a demo and if i like it, just buying the full version.



drumsandperc92 commented on Sick of Your PS4 Controller Running Out of Bat...:

battery was constantly being drained for me & found out it was because the default power save settings leave the controller on when not in use indefinitely. So for movies or Netflix (which is used often on my ps4) the controller would just be on all the time. Then when I went to play games it would die off and it seemed like a short battery life when it reality the life was just fine. I changed my settings to turn off the controller after 10 minutes of non use, now they appear to be lasting much longer (even though it's the same amount of time on)



drumsandperc92 commented on Painkiller Developer Aims to Get Even in 2015 ...:

that can't be real-time footage. until they did a close up of the dead soldiers, it didn't even look like a video game at all. looked way too real, including the soldiers moving through the scene. and this is coming from someone who has been playing games since the early 90s, I'm not easily fooled...



drumsandperc92 commented on The Producer of Tekken Wants to Continue the S...:

id like to see tekken return to the glory of the Tekken 3 days. For whatever reason, that is the pinnacle of tekken games for me. I played 4 & 5, didn't do it for me. I owned 6 for a while & that also didn't do it for me at all. Same with the Soul Calibur franchise...after 2 it went downhill. I'd like to see reboots in these franchises in the way that Mortal Kombat rebooted their franchise with MK9.



drumsandperc92 commented on Naughty Dog: We'll See if the Future Uncovers ...:

would love to see a port. I'm one of those 360 converts who never owned a ps3 so i'd love to play TLOU on my PS4, as long as it doesn't take away Naughty Dog's attention from Uncharted PS4. Maybe outsource the port or have a very small team just do the port?
As far as the 'dry spell' the only dry-ish months I really see are January and the very beginning of February. But Tomb Raider is coming out at the end of Jan, February we are seeing two major launches in DriveClub and Thief. In March we have MGSV Ground Zeroes and InFamous: Second Son. After that, in my opinion (at least to my knowledge) is when the dry spell starts. Whats coming out in the spring & summer? Next major release to my knowledge is Destiny in September.
But I'm sure we'll have plenty of indie games to play all the while.



drumsandperc92 commented on Christmas Comes Early in North American PSN Fl...:

argh. why right before christmas...i'm spent!!!
$15 is the right price for Trine 2, not $20. I already own it thru steam on my Mac where i bought it on a flash sale for like $3, but only ever played the first level. i'd much rather play it on PS4 but i don't really want to spend $20. $15 isn't too shabby!!
I've still yet to fork out the $10 for the Freedom Cry DLC on AC4 too. I've beaten the game and i've been itching for more to do!
Keeping my fingers crossed for more & even better sales like this in the future.



drumsandperc92 commented on PS4 Exclusive inFAMOUS: Second Son Will 'Blow ...:

I'm going to bet 2014 is going to be huge!
DriveClub (finally) in February, Second Son in March, Watch_Dogs in the spring i imagine, E3 to Hype us up again in June, there's got to be a big summer release of something (maybe indie games, I want Rime! but idk about that) Destiny in September, maybe the Order in October or november? Plus AC5 will definitely be coming out in November, and maybe Uncharted PS4 in December?
PLUS MGSV & the Witcher 3 also being released in 2014 (i'm forgetting dates). And did they confirm yet that Dark Souls II is coming to PS4?
Christ, if that were the case, 2014 would be one of the most phenomenal (-ly expensive) year for gaming ever!



drumsandperc92 commented on Sony's Studio Liverpool Rises from the Ashes a...:

wipeout was Sony's answer to F-zero back in the day.
seeing as Nintendo doesn't seem to be eager to deliver a new F-Zero game on the Wii U, the PS4 could really do well with continuing the Wipeout franchise. I know it'd satisfy my thirst for f-zero, thats for sure!



drumsandperc92 commented on You'll Be Able to Try Killzone: Shadow Fall's ...:

sounds awesome, i've been wanting to try out KZ but didn't want to fork out $60 for it without knowing if i'd like it.
Does anyone know if the deal is that it'll only work on the 28th & 29th? Or is the deal that on those two days you can download the MP mode for free, and then have it forever (on PSN+ only i assume)?



drumsandperc92 commented on Sony Removes Ability to Redeem Codes Due to St...:

man, i literally just bought a 1 year subscription for PSN+ on amazon last night (they had it on sale for $30!) and it's just a digital code. haven't tried inputting it yet, and i've still got two weeks left of free PSN+ trial that came with the system, but I REALLY hope the get it back up and running so i didn't waste my money...



drumsandperc92 commented on Sony Gives Thanks with Meaty North American PS...:

definitely disappointed by lack of PS4 PSN+ giveaways, but its understandable. They aren't going to give away any big AAA titles just yet, especially when the system came out half way through november. They could give away Knack, but i don't see that happening soon. They'll likely giveaway indie titles for the first few months or so, since everything else is so new.



drumsandperc92 commented on Talking Point: Is the PS4's Controller Pushing...:

i've always preferred the 360 controller to DS3. Up until now the 360 controller was my favorite of all time. But DS4 mops the floor with it. This is the best controller i've ever held or used. Buttons are perfectly clicky, super responsive, tight controller sticks (that revamped concave grip is perfect too) the triggers are miles ahead and your fingers rest on them better than other controllers since they are wide, and overall it's the most ergonomic and comfortable controller to hold. Now feels MUCH better in my hands than anything else before it.
Admittedly i haven't tried the Xbone controller yet, but it looks clunkier and more angular than the DS4 and i can't imagine that being a good thing.

My only complaint is the limited function of the touchpad. I like Injustice's use of it in the mini games, that's fun. I also like how easy it is to get to the map by way of clicking the pad in AC4. However, i always find myself using the sticks to navigate the map because using the pad as a track pad a la a laptop or something just really isn't very responsive at all. Idk if it's the hardware or the software. I'd really like to see it serve as a trackpad for things like maps in future games or even for the web browser app.
Also i don't have a camera so the light bar is utterly useless but is a beautiful aesthetic touch that i am glad they included.



drumsandperc92 commented on Activision Crushes Crash Bandicoot Dream, Stil...:

This is really unfortunate. any number of Sony's 1st party studios would've done an amazing job reinvigorating Crash. Activion's done absolutely nothing with the character. It's been two entire generations already....bring him home to Sony!!



drumsandperc92 commented on Gran Turismo 7 Might be Parking in Your PS4 As...:

so in other words, GT6 ported & upgraded to PS4? GT6.5? as much as i want GT for ps4, i'd rather wait for it to be a true next gen GT, not a port or anything like that.
Unless they've been working on it simultaneously with GT6 for a bunch of years. Then it could be very, very good.



drumsandperc92 commented on Review: Knack (PlayStation 4):

good review. i figured it'd be around a 7 or 8. i was secretly hoping it would be in incredible game, but just didn't have the actual expectation.
this will surely be coming to PSN+ as a freebie sooner rather than later, that's when i'll give it a go!



drumsandperc92 commented on You May Be Sharing the Animus in Future Assass...:

AC4 was what AC3 should have been (lush environments, mix between nature & cities, the ship stuff, the action, badass assassin, etc.)
So far it's a huge leap (i'm maybe 25% through the game), my 3rd favorite AC behind AC2 & Brotherhood, and right now on track to beat out brotherhood for second.
My biggest & virtually only gripe? The combat!
Thank god it's better than 3, even though it's using what 3 started.
The combat in AC1, 2, brotherhood & revelations was for me one of the best combat systems. Lock-on targeting with parrying, blocking, countering, disarming, and stringing kills were all excellent mechanics, albeit if the A.I. was fairly dumb.
AC3 threw it all out the window in favor of timed button presses, much to my disdain. And AC4, to my surprise and further disappointment, got rid of lock-on targeting and blocking all together!! That being said, compared to AC3, Black Flag's combat feels much better, and is presenting slightly more of a challenge to master. A.I. is smarter too, at least a little. But i miss the days of just being able to block, not having to counter everything. Guess it serves to speed up the fights, but i wish we still had lock-ons and block. Often in AC4 i am just pressing the two buttons when i need to and cutting through the enemies like butter.
AC5 needs to go back and redo the combat again, taking a tip from the animations and fluidity of 3 & 4 and returning to the mechanics of the Ezio trilogy, and implement significantly more challenging A.I., or at least a hard mode!



drumsandperc92 commented on Your 500GB PS4 Is Essentially a 400GB PS4:

i was so stoked to hear the ps4 was launching with a 500gb hdd, i mean the last console i bought was the original X360 w/ a 20gb hdd!
but then i read about the fact that every game, regardless if u have the physical disc, needs to install the entire thing on the hdd....
and now i read that we are losing another 100gb to firmware or whatever.
it looks like nearly every PS4 user will have to update the hdd.
thing is, we're not all techies so i hope it's easy enough, but one of the most useful things about consoles is to be able to buy the box and not have to tinker with it!
it's REALLY disappointing that PS4 doesn't allow external hdd. they could do it too, with USB 3.0. idk about it, but i would guess that USB 3.0 hdd read times would still be faster than the bluray read times from disc?



drumsandperc92 commented on How Does the PS4 Deal with Those Massive Manda...:

damn. with all the incredible PSN titles (which are getting bigger and bigger) and even a game as simple as Knack requiring a 37gb install, that 500GB is not going to last past a handful of titles.
It won't be long until i have to upgrade the HDD. it's REALLY too bad that sony isn't supporting external drives as a 2TB external is cheap enough and u just plug it in.
Sure, you could go in and manually delete a game every time you want to play a different game and then reinstall a game every time you play it, but what a hassle.
This is the most disappointing news i've heard about the PS4 :/



drumsandperc92 commented on Knack Proves That a Problem Shared Is a Proble...:

@ztpayne7 i'm with you, very tempted by knack it looks like a blast and it would make a great second game to pick up at launch. but given that cerny is behind it, and that they are pushing it a lot as one of it's big 1st party titles, i imagine it will be one of the first full retail games on PS+. i might just wait on it.



drumsandperc92 commented on Ubisoft Sticks a Hidden Blade in Hopes for a M...:

no, i'd rather them go further back in time. honestly they've gone as far present as they could with Connor, MAYBE they could make an 1800s setting work, a la europe during the industrial revolution. That's about it. Much more present than that and then you have what they mentioned in this article; vehicles, sprawling metropolises with skyscrapers, too many accurate ranged weapons, etc.
I'd rather see a return to a time even before the renaissance where they eliminate the entire gun mechanic. The crossbow was about as far as i would've liked to see ranged weapons go, the addition of the gun in AC3 was handled well though. But i'd rather go back to ACII w/o any ranged weapons (i know he had the hidden pistol but it was like a one shot deal and you couldn't be that far)
I'd LOVE to see ancient Egypt, feudal japan, ancient greece, persia, etc. any of those locations.
Or a South American native american - mayans, incas, aztecs, any of those civilizations. They could do a lot more w/ 'those who came before' if they go further back...



drumsandperc92 commented on What Are the Main Differences Between Call of ...:

not impressed. the ps4 version looks good, but nothing special. Honestly BF4 looks better on the PS4 then ghosts, it looks a lot more like a next gen game.
But KZ has both of those titles beat graphically hands down.
KZ is our first glimpse at what a true next gen FPS will look like, both BF and especially ghosts are being held back by the current gen.
doesn't matter to me though, i'm so sick of COD. I may give BF4 a try on ps4, but i'm more looking forward to KZ.