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drumsandperc92 commented on Talking Point: Why PS4's Christmas Offering Is...:

this year ill be picking up AC Unity, GTAV, TLOU, LBP3, possibly Destiny, DriveClub, and Farcry 4. Thats a LOT to play, exclusive or not, especially for a casual gamer. In actuality, those are the games I want. I'll more likely only be forking out the cash for 2 or 3 of them.
However, I really do think Sony needs to remind us why PS4 is the best place to play, in 2015, especially if there is going to be cross platform parity in 3rd party games going forward. What do I want? To be blunt, I want Sony to revive Crash.
Plain and simple. That would be a killer app for sure, for older fans like myself where it would be a sweet and long awaited reunion dripping in nostalgia, and for new younger players that could experience a proper 3D platformer on Sony's newest system (which it is currently lacking)



drumsandperc92 commented on Leaked PS4 Brawler Tekken 7 Gets a Tense New T...:

Tekken 6 was the first Tekken I played since Tekken 3 back on PS1, and 6 was a huge let down. I'm stoked for MKX right now, so I'll wait to see if Tekken 7 will be the return to the series I've been waiting for. If not, MKX will scratch my fighting itch. If Tekken 7 turns out to be good, then I'll be glad to give it a go. MKX is a 2D fighter after all, so a 3D would be a good compliment to have in my PS4's library.



drumsandperc92 commented on Sony: We Won't Close the Door on Crash Bandico...:

I had a PS1 growing up and Crash games were always some of my favorites, but Crash post PS1 really was all down hill. I remember playing only one or two on Xbox and I recall they were pretty bad.
When/why/how did Activision acquire the rights to the character, if Naughty Dog was the company that started it all?
I would LOVE to see Naughty Dog get it's old IP back and hit the drawing board fresh for PS4.



drumsandperc92 commented on Twitch's E3 Streaming Schedule Teases 13 New P...:

hmm, interesting list. I count 4 unannounced titles for Nintendo. One has got to be the new Zelda, i wonder what the other will be.
As for Ubisoft, i see 2 unannounced titles but no mention of AC Unity....i wonder if "unannounced" means we (the public) have no knowledge of said game before E3, or if "unannounced" simply means that the developers themselves simply haven't told Twitch yet what game they plan on showing at that time? i.e. 'unannounced' may very well be AC Unity for ubisoft, and 'unannounced' for Nintendo may be a game we already know about such as "X" or something.



drumsandperc92 commented on June PlayStation Plus Freebies include PixelJu...:

so im a bit confused about PS+, i see that we will get our games all at once, on the first tuesday of each month beginning of July.
But what about June?
Should we expect our plus games all tomorrow, the first tuesday? Or are they still being staggered out this month? And if so, does anyone have the dates they are being released?



drumsandperc92 commented on June PlayStation Plus Freebies include PixelJu...:

super excited for Trine 2!!!! exactly my kind of game, but $20 has been a little steep. Ill try pixel junk too!
glad sony is giving us a bit more, because the titles so far have really not been for everyone...
But instead of 2 indies id rather Sony give us 1 retail game like Knack or something, been wanting to try that.
Although with Trine 2, i really can't complain this month!



drumsandperc92 commented on You'll Be Able to Watch Sony's E3 Press Confer...:

well, i think it's safe to expect a much more major E3 than any of us expected this year to be....
Last february they announced PS4. Last E3 was the PS4's E3 debut, and it was a blow out of information.
They didn't do this movie thing at all last year.
Sony, what the hell do you have up your sleeve!?
Folks, the hype train has just broken the sound barrier.



drumsandperc92 commented on June PlayStation Plus Freebies to Be Revealed ...:

honestly I'm just hoping for some sort of retail game on ps4 already, though i wouldn't be surprised if we keep getting indies till holiday season this year. knack is the likely first giveaway but ill take anything really just to try it. CoD, BF4, NFS, NBA2k14, killzone, rayman, anything. the indies have so far been ok but nothing i can really get into personally.



drumsandperc92 commented on Feature: Four Reasons Why PS4 Racer DriveClub ...:

sounds a lot like the old project gotham racing series on Xbox, that was simcade, and honestly my favorite racing games while they were around.
I liked Forza and Forza 2, and loved NFS up until Most Wanted (the original lol).
But i still got the most out of PGR, due to the fact that it was a challenge and felt more real, but was punishingly real and not fun like Forza could be at times. i'm not a hardcore racing gamer by any means, so while Sims are fun, games like PGR hit the sweet spot between real and arcade for me.
Really looking forward to DriveClub now. can't wait to try out the PS+ demo!



drumsandperc92 commented on Here's a Better Look at the New Dragon Ball Z ...:

@wagleton agreed. definitely the best looking DBZ game yet, but if it only goes up to the Cell saga, misses out on Buu & Dragonball, doesn't play like either budokai or Burst Limit, and/or doesn't include transformations in fight, count me out.
Hasn't been a decent DBZ game since Burst Limit though, we're definitely due for one.



drumsandperc92 commented on Holy Graphics, Batman! Here's Your First Look ...:

The Order & UFC better move aside, ladies & gents i present to you the first truly spectacular leap in graphical fidelity for the new generation.
Honestly, i'm having a hard time believing any of this is gameplay or in-game engine, let alone all of it.



drumsandperc92 commented on Here's Your First Glimpse of Dragon Ball Z's P...:

graphically looks amazing.
also, i can make out a SSJG future trunks on the bottom right corner.
The thing about DBZ games is they are a crap shoot as far as gameplay goes, could be amazing or absolute garbage.
I won't be excited till i see it in action. I loved Burst Limit, hopefully it's something like that.



drumsandperc92 commented on Reaction: Xbox One's PS4 Impersonation Improve...:

@Jaz007 i agree, Sony definitely has something.
Remember when Jack at last years E3 trolled Microsoft by announcing the price at $400 and the used games thing?
I want to say they will do it again, announcing a small price cut to undercut XO's new price tag. Then again, PS4 is consistently sold out to this day, deman still outweighs supply, therefore it would sort of be crazy for Sony to chop prices yet. Maybe for the holiday season or something though, or maybe they will start Vita bundles at insanely low prices, like $500 or something.



drumsandperc92 commented on Feature: In Theory, Could Titanfall Drop a Bot...:

didn't titan fall receive less than spectacular reviews, when everyone thought it was going to be the next CoD?
ps4 doesn't need titan fall. if a sequel improves upon the original, it would be a good bet for EA to go multiplay & id bet they will. but for now, we're not missing much in my opinion :)



drumsandperc92 commented on EA Is Going to Show Off Six New Games at E3:

@Gamer83 man, i didn't even THINK about that!!!! that would make me jump for joy....i often forget Bioware is an EA company. Thing is, they have ME, which is already a sci-fi space-faring combat RPG lol. while it would be amazing for them to tackle the SW universe, it would be too close to ME with lightsabers and force instead of guns and bionic powers.



drumsandperc92 commented on You'll Totally Be Able to Upgrade DriveClub PS...:

lol. $10 off, with the loophole of the PS+ subscription expiring?
No thanks. plus, i prefer physical copies rather than digital only.
I'll try the demo. If I like the game, i'll grab it for sale in a store or even used or something for well below $50 eventually...



drumsandperc92 commented on PS4's Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Changes E...:

looks a lot more like a semi sci-fi shooter now. reminds me of Killzone and crisis more than CoD to be honest. Not necessarily a bad thing, but definitely very different.
Am I the only one who'd be interested in a new, more traditional, old school WWII CoD?
They might have trouble creating more elaborate bombastic sequences, but that wouldn't bother me at all.



drumsandperc92 commented on Rumour: Sony's Next Big PS4 Game Project Beast...:

so, Dark Souls 2 for PS4? Or Demon's Souls 2? It looks exactly like the Souls games, looking at the picture with the character stepping into the fog especially. It's clearly before a boss battle lol.
If this is real, and is a Souls game coming to PS4, then I'm super stoked. I've been waiting for an announcement of Dark Souls 2 ports for next gen.
Thats why this has me skeptical. DS2 JUST came out, and they could much more easily port it to PS4/X1 rather than make a DS3 or Demon's Souls 2 or another game thats exactly like the souls games from scratch. They'd be competing with themselves if it released this year. Wouldn't really make business sense.



drumsandperc92 commented on Free PS4 Racer DriveClub PS Plus Edition Will ...:

im satisfied. especially since demos seem to be a thing of yesteryear now, i'm glad to give it a try for free! Also, competing online in the free version is a big bonus.
Depending on how steep the discount, and how much I like the game, I would then buy it or not.
Overall a very smart business model. It's certainly not enough content to satisfy gamers who really love the game and want to play it, but it's enough to get a really good taste for those who aren't sure.



drumsandperc92 commented on PS4 Executive Shuhei Yoshida Planning 'Very, V...:

i want to see:
1. Last Guardian for PS4 with new trailer & release window
2. Uncharted 4 trailer
3. Final Fantasy XV more gameplay/release window
4. New exclusive AAAs for PS4 that we haven't seen yet.
5. More footage/release windows for indies announced last year...Rime & The Witness, i'm looking at you.
6. Trailers/info for other games we know about but not much yet..AC Unity, Division, hell, what happened to DriveClub? Lol



drumsandperc92 commented on Is Lords of the Fallen the PS4's Answer to Dar...:

trailer looks great. I am still sort of hoping for a Dark Souls 2 port to next gen, but if that doesn't happen then Lords of the Fallen may at least bridge the gap till the inevitable DS3.
Till now, i was looking forward to LotF either way, but this new trailer (while looking awesome) directly compares itself to Dark Souls. That said, it may not be a bad thing. Time will tell. Wouldn't be the first time a game is copied, but the thing is, Dark Souls may simple be the first series in a new genre, and LotF may very well be the next. Maybe in 10 years we'll have a name for the genre, with many series that play that way. Not bad. Competition pushes innovation.



drumsandperc92 commented on PS4 Racer The Crew Is Going to Drive Away with...:

fine by me.
I imagine it'll be somewhat like the NBA 2k series. I have 2k13, and to upgrade 'my player' you can either spend a ridiculously long time playing the game and slowly inch your way up, or drop $20 on a points pack and have an awesome character in a day. Problem is, it takes a ridiculously long amount of time.
Personally I found the leveling system in 2k to be too slow, as I really didn't play that often.
I hope Ubisoft balances better, allowing for reasonable upgrades from just playing. I ended up actually buying points packs for 2k13 because i couldn't handle how many hours I would've had to sink in to get the smallest improvement in my player. It ended up turning me off from the game. I'm really excited for the Crew. Don't be greedy Ubisoft!



drumsandperc92 commented on Project Morpheus to Be 'Affordable Consumer-Gr...:

$200 if it comes with the move controllers would be great.
id rather use my DS4 with it anyway though, so I'm hoping for a price of $150.
Even if it is technically comparable to Oculus, Sony really cannot sell it at nearly the same price as the PS4! If they sold it at $350 like Oculus, that would mean as a consumer you'd have to drop $750 to get the full experience of Sony's VR vision. I know I certainly can't afford that.



drumsandperc92 commented on PS4's Enormous 2014 Lineup Looks Even Better i...:

awesome video, really does make me want to play a ton of those games.
Hence my frustration....i couldn't identify more than a couple of the major ones i've already seen/read about!
can someone (Pushsquare?) make a list of the games & the order/times they appear at? lol



drumsandperc92 commented on Grand Theft Auto V to Expand with Exciting Sin...:

I've been holding out on GTAV for a ps4 version. now that the last of us is coming to ps4 it gives me hope that so will GTAV. there are enough games coming out this year on ps4 for my fairly low amount of video gaming to keep me occupied till holiday 2014. after that, if theres still no sign of it i'll give in and pick it up for my aging 360



drumsandperc92 commented on Tony Hawk Hops Back on His Board in Brand New ...:

THPS1-4 were incredibly addicting and so much fun!
TH Underground continued that gameplay and added a story that at the time as a young teen I enjoyed. It added a lot to the game for me.
TH underground 2 was just a jackass takeover, and American Wasteland, while I had fun with it, started to get a little out there for me.
Everything after American wasteland was complete and total garbage.
If the next TH takes a reality check and goes back to the gameplay of the THPS games, I'm all for it.
Otherwise, what I'd really like is Skate 4.



drumsandperc92 commented on The LEGO Movie Videogame May Be PS4's Most Col...:

i think we may actually see cartoony, pixar/dreamworks type animations on PS4/Xbone this generation that look nearly as good as the movies, if not the same by the end of this gen. Judging on the visuals from Knack and even more so from the few screenshots here from the LEGO movie game, we're really not far off.
Granted the movies keep looking better and better too, but real-time playable stuff is catching up! The screenshots from the LEGO game look almost as good as the movie (i've only seen the trailer)



drumsandperc92 commented on Free PS3 Fighter SoulCalibur: Lost Swords Step...:

@rjejr they introduced the armor/clothing getting "destroyed" in battle in Soul Calibur IV, but if you ask me, it looks a lot worse in Lost Swords. It looked like it just disappeared, and the layering isn't nearly as developed. In SCIV, one or two pieces would break off at a time, but in the trailer it looks like the whole suit just disappears at once and boom, characters in their underwear.
otherwise, gameplay looks...interesting. why no PS4 though? New systems are out now, it should at least be cross-generational. I would've definitely at least tried it out on PS4, but I can't since i don't own a PS3.