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drumsandperc92 commented on Assassin's Creed Syndicate PS4 Trailer Shows S...:

I'm sure ill be picking up Syndicate eventually, but I'm waiting for full reviews and more importantly after Unity - that the game is fully functional.
The hype train thing is an interesting point.
Syndicate looks really good, but I feel like Ubisoft is laying relatively low with this one, possibly due to possible franchise burnout and the whiplash from last year's launch.
Every AC game in the past had huge, hyped up marketing campaigns before launch. I started preordering every one after ACII, and with Unity, I actually bought the season pass before the game launched (my mistake!)
So this year I'm playing it safe and waiting till after launch.



drumsandperc92 commented on Round Up: God of War III Remastered PS4 Review...:

would've been interested in a compilation of GOW1, 2 and 3 remastered, a la the Halo Master Chief collection. I'm one of those PS4 owners who never had PS3, and I represent I think half of PS4 owners? I also never had PS2. Anyway, GoW always looked cool, but I would've liked to play 1 and 2 first...



drumsandperc92 commented on Ratchet & Clank PS4 Footage Looks Out of This ...:

WOW! I did not expect it to look this good...are they shooting for visual parity with the movie? It kind of looks like it is...
Also can i just say the groovitron thing is the best thing ever, and the pixelizer is the second best thing ever?
Love it. Can't wait for this game to hit the shelves.



drumsandperc92 commented on Rumour: Dark Souls III PS4 Screenshots Summone...:

Awesome! Loved Dark Souls.
I skipped Dark Souls 2 on 360 (i had already moved onto my ps4) and thought about getting the remaster on PS4 but there are too many other new games coming out right now.
I also skipped Bloodbourne simply because the gothic/horror type setting didn't really do it for me, I much prefer the medieval fantasy set up of Dark Souls.
DS3 will be a must have for me though when it comes out.



drumsandperc92 commented on Sony's Readying a 1TB PlayStation 4 Model:

thats great and all except what about us 500gb PS4 owners? What they really need to do is finally add external hard drive support. with USB 3.0 on the PS4, it should be easy to use a USB hdd no? Because that would be a welcome addition to current owners.



drumsandperc92 commented on Feature: What Are June 2015's Free PlayStation...:

I felt that selling MGS Ground Zero for what was it, $40? was ridiculous, especially if its just a bonafide demo. However, being a freebie, i'll definitely try it out! Finally happy to get something other than a 2d indie. Thought Sony was going this route back in January when they gave us the Infamous add-on, that was awesome. GZ is pretty much the equivalent to that, so I'm glad, but I hope they keep it up.



drumsandperc92 commented on Talking Point: What Freebies Would You Like in...:

as a first AAA title, I'd like to see Knack, possibly Killzone, Driveclub (though that's highly unlikely) or maybe something else 3rd party from the launch period. It's been long enough...
anyway, maybe they'll hold out for that till july or later this year, so they can make a big fuss about it at E3 or something.



drumsandperc92 commented on The Next Assassin's Creed Is Being Revealed in...:

Really, REALLY hoping they improve upon all that was complained about in Unity. This game needs to have a perfectly smooth launch.
Ubisoft made good on Unity's technical issues, but it took far too long.
Plot holes, however, were integral to the main story and were frankly unacceptable. It had SO much potential, but it ended up being one of the worst narratives in the series, in my opinion.



drumsandperc92 commented on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 Goes Back to Basics o...:

Yeah this looks bad. Keep in mind folks graphics DO play a part in a game about motion...the animations need to be smooth and well rendered, and it helps if the environments look good as to not distract. Also, projectiles??? If they are going back to basics, they should really bare down to the minimum...great, arcade skating! That's it!

Also, I'm really quite disappointed to see that a game releasing late 2015 is cross-generational. I've got a feeling that part of the reason it looks the way it does is because Activision didn't go exclusively next gen. Releasing a half-hearted game that's trying to bridge the generational gap is really not the way to reboot a beloved franchise...

My hope for this is next to zero. THPS 1-4 were some of my favorite games back in the day, but that day has long since passed.
Some series can hold up...Nintendo has done a phenomenal job keeping Mario, Zelda, Smash, Kart, all their IPs, all relevant and fresh with each new entry. But Tony Hawk games have been garbage for a long time, there wasn't a single good entry in the Xbox 360/PS3 era. Same with Sonic, as another example. Really shined on Genesis, had a good run in the Dreamcast/Gamecube/PS2/Xbox era, but failed to have a decent game in the last gen.



drumsandperc92 commented on Talking Point: Has PlayStation Now's Subscript...:

Great move, the rental fees per game were a huge turnoff.
I hate to sound greedy, though, but I still won't be joining PS Now unless Sony offers a steep discount for PS+ users. I'm already paying $50 a year, $20/month is too high. Bring it down to $10-12 a month for PS+ and then i'd join.
Oh, and PS1 & PS2 titles are a MUST.
PS1 for all that nostalgia & childhood, and PS2 bc, I am ashamed to say, I missed out on a PS2!!!



drumsandperc92 commented on What Do You Actually Do in PS4 Indie No Man's ...:

amazing, thank you for the answers. you mentioned weapons for battling the rogues & defending friendly ships. Are there specifics on what kind of combat the game includes? Is it FPS on foot combat, dogfighting in your ship, or both?
Great info otherwise, covers all my questions!



drumsandperc92 commented on PS4 Exclusive DriveClub Finally Appears to Be ...:

forget the PS+ version at this point, it's already been two months! no way am i gonna play a glorified demo to have to fork up $50 to "upgrade" to the full version digitally.
If anything i'll pick this up in a bargain bin eventually, or what Sony should really do, is give the full game away for a month as one of the first non-indie PS+ games (not that they started that this month with Injustice), maybe in February or something.



drumsandperc92 commented on Sony Cashes in on PlayStation Nostalgia with E...:

is this sale for digital downloads on PS3 only, or does it include downloads of these games on PS4? Because i thought PS4 didn't do downloads of classics like this yet...too bad those are some killer deals, and that anniversary theme is making me all nostalgic...



drumsandperc92 commented on The Mass Effect Trilogy Is on the Cards for PS...:

Plain and simple, all of the above mentioned features, but it should really be coming out this holiday season. Perhaps sometime in the spring would be nice, but definitely sooner rather than later to tie us over till ME4.
I got very far in ME1 on my xbox 360, but never saw it to completion. Later, I got ME2 & started over since I never finished the first. I LOVED ME2, one of my favorite games of last gen, sunk a ton of hours into that game and finished it of course.
ME3 rolled around and for whatever reason I never picked it up.
Recently I've been thinking about it, and call me vain but it's sort of hard to go back to my xbox after playing PS4 for the past year.
Point is I still need to play through the first again, and then play the 3rd for the first time. I'm sure I'm not the only one, and I'd much rather see it on PS4, seeing how good other remasters have looked so far.



drumsandperc92 commented on Mortal Kombat X Unleashes a Fatality on PS4 an...:

i have to say, i'm a little disappointed that developers aren't going next gen only with more titles, especially a full year after PS4/X1 are out.
I feel like releasing games on multiple generations of hardware is potentially holding back what the early adopters of next gen systems could be getting.
You need only look at AC:U vs AC Black Flag to see the difference. Or The Division vs say, Watch_Dogs. Next gen only games take much more advantage of the power of the systems, and I was under the impression MKX was next gen only as well. Oh well...



drumsandperc92 commented on PS4 Shooter Velocity 2X Flies for Free in Sept...:

Again, not sure about this month. So far i've downloaded all the freebies on PS4 since I bought the system at launch, but I've only kept maybe half a dozen of them. Just not doing it for me, though I do really appreciate that Sony gives us free games for our subscription. I've not heard of either Velocity 2x or Sportsfriends before today, so i'll try them, but right now i'm feeling "eh" about it. PS3 owners are getting the goods every month, sounds about right since it's the end of the life cycle.
I'm still hoping for the day that we see some more major titles given out. I can see that happening starting this holiday season, November or December. It'll have been a year since the PS4 launched, and it'll be more incentive for holiday adopters to get PS+ if they hear AAA games are being given away. I've a feeling knack and Killzone will be among the first.



drumsandperc92 commented on Don't Worry, Crystal Dynamics Considered Your ...:

a game that is attempting to be multigenerational (X1 & X360) will definitely feel outdated by 2016, if that's when it arrives on PS4. If they were going to keep the game off of any consoles, it should've been PS3/360, not Ps4/PC.
Furthermore Uncharted 4 should be out by the time it releases on PS4, the reigning champ of the genre.
I don't think Square/CD realized they really shot themselves in the foot with this one. The game may not even be worth buying when it comes out for the reasons I said, but I would've plunked out the $65 for it if it was released on PS4 while waiting for Uncharted...I loved Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. The news was definitely a disappointing blow for me.



drumsandperc92 commented on Gamescom 2014: Assassin's Creed Rogue Looks a ...:

Honestly I was initially ticked that AC Rogue is only coming out on last gen, because I would've preferred to have it on PS4 like Black Flag last year.
But the more I think about it, the more and more it feels like a spinoff. I'll likely end up skipping the game.
Finally we have an opportunity to play as a templar, they could've REALLY changed the gameplay around, but instead it will look and feel identical to playing an assassin. The whole "trained as an assassin and becomes a templar" thing is the least creative way to let us play as a templar. They should have their own unique tools, gear, animations, skills, and 'brotherhood' that functions and feels different than the assassins. They shouldn't move the same, they aren't the same, the templar targets we've hunted in past AC games were more like politicians, behind the scenes guys controlling the puppets, not like assassins.
Also, the fact that this is coming out after Unity is going to make it feel like a huge step backward for current gen console owners.
Visually, even just stepping back to X360 from Black Flag on PS4 will make it feel old, let alone going back to the old gameplay mechanics when Unity is introducing so many new tweaks and improvements (looking at the combat and climbing)
If they released Rogue today I might've picked it up as I've long been finished with Black Flag and I'm eager to play a new AC game while I wait for Unity. But mid Nov? Maybe I'll pick it up next summer on the cheap if anything as I wait for 2015's inevitable AC on next gen....



drumsandperc92 commented on Gamescom 2014: Sony to Reveal How Horror Is Be...:

@Punished_Boss true, I didn't realize that, i don't know much about the game and the article refers to it as a "previously announced PlayStation 3 exclusive"
Either way, I'm just not that interested in the game in general. Suppose thats why I am mostly disappointed if this is all Sony has to offer at Gamescom...



drumsandperc92 commented on Gamescom 2014: Sony to Reveal How Horror Is Be...:

so, the big reveal for PS4 is another PS3 port? Look, I loved the Tomb Raider port, I'm loving some of the ps3 titles i never got to play such as Flower, The Last of Us, looking forward to playing GTAV, and Journey, but right now it feels like there are more multigenerational games on PS4 than new generation games...and for Gamescom's big reveal is a port? That isn't right, especially when we have Guerrilla Games and Media Molecule and other Sony developers working on unannounced titles...



drumsandperc92 commented on You'll Need to Find Your Sea Legs for the Dark...:

AC Rouge has really got me scratching my head. I simply don't understand Ubisoft's's exclusively last gen???
Even after AC4 ran beautifully on ps4/x1?
It just doesn't make sense. I understand supporting last gen, but after a full year of new consoles being out they release a game only for last gen, when we all know the engine they are using is fully operational on next gen, AND the year BEFORE we got a game that was multigenerational?
I'm looking forward to AC: Unity more than anything, but I'd love to play Rogue as well. I still have my 360, but after playing AC4 on PS4 last year it's going to feel like a big step backward to play Rogue on 360.
I understand last gen is still a huge market and it makes financial sense to support it, however, what doesn't make sense is to also shut out the 10 million+ people who have already switched over to PS4/X1 when AC4 bridged the gap perfectly a year ago? Why would you NOT make a current gen version?



drumsandperc92 commented on August PlayStation Plus Leaked Lineup Dismisse...:

octodad was fun when i played it on a friends PS4, would've definitely enjoyed it if it was a freebie, and the Swapper looks very interesting to me so I would've liked to try it. That being said, maybe Sony will surprise us and give us even better games! I'd love a giveaway of Rayman Legends, or Oddworld, or Knack. Though I'm guessing they'll be sticking with just indies a while longer on PS4.



drumsandperc92 commented on Talking Point: Why PS4's Christmas Offering Is...:

this year ill be picking up AC Unity, GTAV, TLOU, LBP3, possibly Destiny, DriveClub, and Farcry 4. Thats a LOT to play, exclusive or not, especially for a casual gamer. In actuality, those are the games I want. I'll more likely only be forking out the cash for 2 or 3 of them.
However, I really do think Sony needs to remind us why PS4 is the best place to play, in 2015, especially if there is going to be cross platform parity in 3rd party games going forward. What do I want? To be blunt, I want Sony to revive Crash.
Plain and simple. That would be a killer app for sure, for older fans like myself where it would be a sweet and long awaited reunion dripping in nostalgia, and for new younger players that could experience a proper 3D platformer on Sony's newest system (which it is currently lacking)



drumsandperc92 commented on Leaked PS4 Brawler Tekken 7 Gets a Tense New T...:

Tekken 6 was the first Tekken I played since Tekken 3 back on PS1, and 6 was a huge let down. I'm stoked for MKX right now, so I'll wait to see if Tekken 7 will be the return to the series I've been waiting for. If not, MKX will scratch my fighting itch. If Tekken 7 turns out to be good, then I'll be glad to give it a go. MKX is a 2D fighter after all, so a 3D would be a good compliment to have in my PS4's library.



drumsandperc92 commented on Sony: We Won't Close the Door on Crash Bandico...:

I had a PS1 growing up and Crash games were always some of my favorites, but Crash post PS1 really was all down hill. I remember playing only one or two on Xbox and I recall they were pretty bad.
When/why/how did Activision acquire the rights to the character, if Naughty Dog was the company that started it all?
I would LOVE to see Naughty Dog get it's old IP back and hit the drawing board fresh for PS4.



drumsandperc92 commented on Twitch's E3 Streaming Schedule Teases 13 New P...:

hmm, interesting list. I count 4 unannounced titles for Nintendo. One has got to be the new Zelda, i wonder what the other will be.
As for Ubisoft, i see 2 unannounced titles but no mention of AC Unity....i wonder if "unannounced" means we (the public) have no knowledge of said game before E3, or if "unannounced" simply means that the developers themselves simply haven't told Twitch yet what game they plan on showing at that time? i.e. 'unannounced' may very well be AC Unity for ubisoft, and 'unannounced' for Nintendo may be a game we already know about such as "X" or something.



drumsandperc92 commented on June PlayStation Plus Freebies include PixelJu...:

so im a bit confused about PS+, i see that we will get our games all at once, on the first tuesday of each month beginning of July.
But what about June?
Should we expect our plus games all tomorrow, the first tuesday? Or are they still being staggered out this month? And if so, does anyone have the dates they are being released?



drumsandperc92 commented on June PlayStation Plus Freebies include PixelJu...:

super excited for Trine 2!!!! exactly my kind of game, but $20 has been a little steep. Ill try pixel junk too!
glad sony is giving us a bit more, because the titles so far have really not been for everyone...
But instead of 2 indies id rather Sony give us 1 retail game like Knack or something, been wanting to try that.
Although with Trine 2, i really can't complain this month!



drumsandperc92 commented on You'll Be Able to Watch Sony's E3 Press Confer...:

well, i think it's safe to expect a much more major E3 than any of us expected this year to be....
Last february they announced PS4. Last E3 was the PS4's E3 debut, and it was a blow out of information.
They didn't do this movie thing at all last year.
Sony, what the hell do you have up your sleeve!?
Folks, the hype train has just broken the sound barrier.



drumsandperc92 commented on June PlayStation Plus Freebies to Be Revealed ...:

honestly I'm just hoping for some sort of retail game on ps4 already, though i wouldn't be surprised if we keep getting indies till holiday season this year. knack is the likely first giveaway but ill take anything really just to try it. CoD, BF4, NFS, NBA2k14, killzone, rayman, anything. the indies have so far been ok but nothing i can really get into personally.



drumsandperc92 commented on Feature: Four Reasons Why PS4 Racer DriveClub ...:

sounds a lot like the old project gotham racing series on Xbox, that was simcade, and honestly my favorite racing games while they were around.
I liked Forza and Forza 2, and loved NFS up until Most Wanted (the original lol).
But i still got the most out of PGR, due to the fact that it was a challenge and felt more real, but was punishingly real and not fun like Forza could be at times. i'm not a hardcore racing gamer by any means, so while Sims are fun, games like PGR hit the sweet spot between real and arcade for me.
Really looking forward to DriveClub now. can't wait to try out the PS+ demo!



drumsandperc92 commented on Here's a Better Look at the New Dragon Ball Z ...:

@wagleton agreed. definitely the best looking DBZ game yet, but if it only goes up to the Cell saga, misses out on Buu & Dragonball, doesn't play like either budokai or Burst Limit, and/or doesn't include transformations in fight, count me out.
Hasn't been a decent DBZ game since Burst Limit though, we're definitely due for one.



drumsandperc92 commented on Holy Graphics, Batman! Here's Your First Look ...:

The Order & UFC better move aside, ladies & gents i present to you the first truly spectacular leap in graphical fidelity for the new generation.
Honestly, i'm having a hard time believing any of this is gameplay or in-game engine, let alone all of it.