While primary competitor Microsoft has been busy updating its next-gen machine on a monthly basis, Sony has been much slower with firmware updates for the PlayStation 4. One could argue that the Japanese giant’s system deployed in a much sturdier state than the Xbox One, but with the latter now getting 3D Blu-ray support among other key features, there’s no doubt that the PlayStation maker is starting to fall behind.

Fortunately, it sounds like the firm has a fresh firmware update on the way, as evidenced by comments made by SCEE representative Fred Dutton on the PlayStation Blog. Pressed by impatient fans, the put upon scribe explained that you should expect news on next-gen “firmware updates very soon”. Asked for a more specific time scale, he reiterated that “more information” will arrive in the near future. Hopefully that means over the coming weeks, not months.

With the PlayStation 3 chastised for constant software refreshes, we still reckon that the platform holder’s decided to deploy fewer, bigger firmware updates on its latest format. The problem is that its silence is causing early adopters to get restless, and with the console still missing key features such as MP3 playback and media server support, it might want to be a little more vocal about what it’s actually working on.

[via blog.eu.playstation.com]