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Your Return to Borderlands 2 on PS Vita Will Be a Little Lonelier

Posted by Sammy Barker

What a load of Claptrap

With the first-person frolics of Gearbox Software’s uber-popular shoot-‘n’-loot escapade Borderlands 2 set to expand to the PlayStation Vita this month, fresh information about the pocketable port is beginning to fire its way online. However, not all of this intel is good, as one such previously unknown tidbit that’s just emerged on the PlayStation Blog is that the re-release will be limited to just two players.

While the original PlayStation 3 version proudly flaunted its support for four heavily armed soldiers, it seems that Iron Galaxy has been unable to add that bullet point to the box of the handheld edition. The abovementioned publication points out that while the team strived to include the full co-op mode, it made the decision to focus on providing “the best two-player-only co-op experience possible”.

It’s a shame, but the inclusion of cross-save means that you’ll probably be using this version to grind-on-the-go, before transferring your progress back to the PS3 to get the full co-op experience. Have you been positively put off this port by the paltry player count? Were you planning to skip it anyway? Parade your favourite purple loot in the comments section below.


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Weskerb said:

I'm pretty sure the port is being handled by Iron Galaxy not Gearbox.



danny2kd said:

Literally just signed up to say this, a lot of us have been waiting for this game so what if it's not exactly the same as the original CONSOLE edition because if you ask me they have done a brilliant job of bringing it to a handheld (in my opinion)



Alpha said:

@get2sammyb I dont care that this is a watered down version, im still intrigued by it. How are the loading times tho? i heard they take forever, and also when is it gonna be released?



spyro202 said:

I juste want to know if I van play co-op with a ps3. Like I have the vita version ans my girlfriend plats the ps3 version. We're still 2 so can we do that? I know that dôme game does cross-platform sooo...



20thPaul said:

Will a single game cart work for two players or do both players need the game?



get2sammyb said:

@Alpha It's out next week in US with Vita bundles, and then 13th May on its own. No date for Europe other than "May".



NathanUC said:

I've only ever played borderlands couch coop, so this doesn't bother me too much. I'm still really really excited to get my hands on this. Do we know if it will support Cross-play yet? I saw a couple sources say it doesn't, but nothing official looking



rastamadeus said:

@get2sammyb A lady in Game told me it's Friday May 23rd. Their website says the same too.

Intrigued to see what happens with cross save accounts if you've finished the PS3 version. Ideally I want to go through Pandora again and earn all the Trophies and a second Platinum while having another save file with my Level 72 Mechromancer - Miiol - to mess about with on public transport. Just hope as soon as you connect it to the PS3 all the Trophies don't ping straight away.



hYdeks said:

Yay, Im actually surprised this version has multiplayer at all lol And no my opinion hasnt changed, I pre-ordered the Borderlands 2 Vita Slim bundle and Im still picking it up on May 6th (yay, we get it way earlier). I didnt expect the exact PS3 game, but from what Ive seen of videos of it, Im amazed at how well it looks on a portable!



Jazzer94 said:

I got scared when clicking on the article that multiplayer wouldn't be available , I'm fine with two player.



Cloud7794 said:

@danny2kd True, I just can't wait for the backlash though. "Haha Vita sucks it can't provide the exact same experience PS3 can!" For most of us on this site, it seems 2p is more than enough, as long as coop is included at all. For such a large game to be running on Vita already is a miracle; I wouldn't want to have to worry about the game becoming unplayable because of 4p being forced in. Welcome to PushSquare btw!

@20thpaul As with almost every multiplayer Vita game, you'll need 2 carts/downloads. I think the PSP had some games where it could do some weird ad-hoc game sharing mechanic, but to my knowledge this isn't on Vita games.



danny2kd said:

@Cloud7794 you will always have that argument its just the same as Pc gamers argument towards consoles, I hope it's as good as the videos make out regardless of the few changes it's still a massive title on a 'dying handheld' lol since owning a vita I literally have not been on my ps3 there just so much more convenient and work better around my job and kids. Sony's Playstation Vita the console for the working man haha



JaxonH said:

Wow. That SUCKS. I was planning at going at this full-tilt with 4 players, just like a hunting party in Monster Hunter. It takes four to really dish it out. Just, wow...

Well, it is what it is. Two will have to do I suppose.



larry_koopa said:

I've been a big supporter of portable gaming my whole life and certainly love my 3DS and Vita, but I seriously have a hard time understanding why anybody would want to play this game on a handheld instead of their PS3 or 360. Sammy makes a good point about being able to grind-on-the-go with the Vita version via cross-save, but that certainly shouldn't be a selling point for a game that has been on the market since the fall of 2012.



-CraZed- said:

Not bummed at all. I'm getting it with my new Vita slim in a few days and I'll have a blast playing it while I take care of business
Oh and on the go too.



ZeD said:

@rastamadeus yes they will. It has been confirmed by ign that when you load a save from your ps3, it will auto pong trophies. What I will be doing is starting a fresh play through 😄



Azikira said:

I don't have any Vita friends who are planning to buy this any time soon, so I don't mind!



Punished_Boss_84 said:

So: Striped down, 2 years late, doesn't include all DLC.

Another one of my theories shot down, in favour for something else.



wayneOFgotham said:

To all the trophy hunters out there that love this game PLEASE READ. I just got my vita waited 1.5 hours for the game to download, because I love this game. I fully expected new trophies to hunt for, I was so excited I have a plat for both borderlands. But guess what, no new trophies. I looked at the trophy list and they are In fact combined. Anyone who thinks you'll get a free platinum your wrong. No new trophies, no double trophies NOTHING. I am considering going to xbox again, I have a gamer score of over 25000 so obviously don't would be loosing a huge money source, as I buy a lot of sony products. I have 3 ps3 3 vitas and I have purchased a ps4 the day it came out. To bad



danny2kd said:

Just seen the latest user videos borderlands looks frickin sweet and runs amazingly on the vita!

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