Sony’s done a great job of keeping the PlayStation Now beta under wraps, but videos of the user experience were always going to leak eventually – and this latest clip has made us ponder why the platform holder’s seemingly so eager to keep things secret. It shows a rebellious user faffing about with the streaming service’s PlayStation Store-esque interface, browsing its on-demand library, and performing connection tests.

The clip then goes on to show Japan Studio’s theatrical platformer Puppeteer being booted up from scratch, which takes around 35 seconds according to our count. While that doesn’t seem especially speedy, it’s worth noting that at least half of that time is spent performing further connection tests – something that will probably be optimised in the future. Moreover, after that initial boot, the title appears to play without any further delays. It’s quite magical, really.

While there’s no firm date just yet, the full service is set to deploy in North America this summer, so you should probably expect additional information to be announced at E3. Sadly, there’s no timeframe attached to a European rollout just yet, with the manufacturer pointing out that there are still various problems for it to overcome in this part of the world. Still, wherever you are, you can watch the abovementioned video through here – unfortunately, we can’t embed it on this page.