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Wed 31st Aug 2011

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ComicBookGuy commented on Talking Point: Would You Upgrade to a Supercha...:

@Grawlog from what I can tell, it would have two negative effects on console game development:
1) as @get2sammyb said, devs would have to manoeuvre the mine field of different specs, ensuring good quality across the board. Also, don't get me started on the "console parity". I mean how would that even work?
2) Most important for me, devs, especially 1st parties, can't optimise the crap out of a game for very specific, locked hardware. The reason console games perform so well considering their seemingly weak hardware, is optimisation.

Personally I don't like this idea in the slightest. I have a PC and a console; I like to keep them separate. One is for games not suitable for consoles, as well online banking, making spreadsheets, and so on, the other is for relaxing on the couch with a controller and playing a 4 hour session of of some Co op game in a party.



ComicBookGuy commented on Life Is Strange's Hella Hawt PS4 Retail Releas...:

@ChoZanWan agreed. Although, as I bought all 5 episodes in one hit, after episode 2's conclusion, I simply couldn't put it down. Ended up playing the whole thing in a few days... Cos you know, life got in the way.

For me, this was in many ways GOTY 2015, and that's in the same year I played and absolutely LOVED Bloodborne and Witcher 3 (and MGS5). I mean, there's little actual gameplay, but dat story doe...haunted me for days after I finished it in a way that hadn't happened since I finished the Mass Effect trilogy.



ComicBookGuy commented on PS4 Owners Have Terribad Music Taste:

@Johnnycide oh it's frustrating. Not only do they oversell things that I later have to rectify, but when I wanna have a casual game of Helldivers or rocket league on the office PS4s, they are ALWAYS there, shouting "oowwhhh look at that header" or whatever.
I got nothing against a few games of Fifa, but these people are the scourge of the gamer world!

Also LOL on your second point.



ComicBookGuy commented on Attackers Threaten to Take PSN Offline Again T...:

DDos. Security? LOL. They can't be very clever if they think DDoS will expose security flaws. All it "exposes" is that Sony aren't as good as responding to outages as Microsoft. "Why?" you ask oh you fanboy you? Perhaps because Microsoft run an entire enterprise cloud hosting business "on the side" and have thousands of highly trained technicians and tens of data centres all running buttery smooth for infrastructures that dwarf XBL? What do I know...

In any case, why Sony hasn't invested in something like Cloudflare yet, I can't fathom. True it can't stop the largest attacks, but it definitely helps.

EDIT: Actually, looking at the store URL at least, it's definitely hosted on Akamai's CDN, however, that doesn't help take down the site really. You can't use CDN cached pages to make a transaction, but hey, at least the store will kind of load when under attack!
Not sure where the actual PSN auth gateways are hosted and I can't be arsed figuring it out, but considering that Sony is a large enterprise, they definitely have the funds to invest in DDoS mitigation tools. Once again, a large enough attack and DDoS mitigation is moot, but if anything it makes the attackers think twice and try harder, which in itself is kind of a deterrent.

Ahh well, can't wait to see the fanboy flamewars on various sites from people with little or no knowledge on hosting technology saying "lulz psn are infireror! sony is haxed ever day!" etc...



ComicBookGuy commented on November 2015 NPD: PS4 Smashes Xbox One in Imp...:

I take a positive and a negative away from all this:

  • Seems like this annoying silliness of "holiday exclusives are crucial" is a myth busted. Most of my favourite games are exclusives, and I love it when a first party studio puts proper effort into exploring the hardware, but that doesn't mean it will automatically shift consoles.
  • It seems like Sony might be getting complacent. Even without anything to really distinguish themselves from MS since Bloodborne, other than a more powerful console (and IMHO, far better OS and more features), they are still outselling Xbox. That is a potential cause for them to care less about what makes them special and double down on CoD marketing deals. Really need to start seeing more from Sony.


ComicBookGuy commented on Poll: What Was Your Fave PS4 Game of Paris Gam...:

So much quality. Sony is back on form with exclusives!
Hard choice, but Gravity Rush 2, simply because the first one was an underrated gem on Vita, abrupt ending notwithstanding.
Pretty psyched for Detroit and Dreams too...and Matterfall... I SAID IT WAS HARD!!



ComicBookGuy commented on Sony Knows Exactly What PS4 Firmware Update Fe...:

I'm staggered that after all this time, seemingly no one has noticed that game clip recordings don't capture the voices of friends in your chat party. Even with all the settings checked off, and friends allowing their voices to be captured, it doesn't work.
So many clips of me having a one sided conversation with myself... Seemingly.

If you live stream, it works, but for clip recordings it doesn't. Sad thing is that it's been reported on the feedback page, but it's like page 20000 or something.



ComicBookGuy commented on EA Games: Publishers Pushing PS4 Remasters Hav...:

The hypocrisy...
Yeah while they don't technically do remasters (YET!), his argument is that "they've run out of ideas". That's rich coming from a company that hasn't had a single new idea for years. The balls on this guy are admirable though, I must admit.



ComicBookGuy commented on The Witcher 3 PS4 Patch 1.07 Apparently Damage...:

@banacheck yes! Actually was gonna mention them in my initial comment, but thought about a notable difference: Driveclub was very broken at launch. They did amazingly well and I truly believe they worked 24/7 to improve the game, and the DLC since has been excellent, but they kind of "owed" us as their customers to fix the game.
Witcher 3 on the other hand is far better than any number of broken games where the dev basically didn't even care to fix it (Arkham Origins for example), but nevertheless, you are right; they're a great studio.



ComicBookGuy commented on The Witcher 3 PS4 Patch 1.07 Apparently Damage...:

@Fenriswolf- @john_c didn't have any real problems pre patch, have no problems post patch and I love the inventory and movement changes!
It's funny, I have a monster PC which runs witcher 3 on High/Ultra-ish at 1080p at 60fps locked. I chose to play it on PS4 even though I have a PC copy (for reasons of comfort!). The PS4 version in my comparison runs at near high PC detail but at 30-45fps.
But hey, people need something to moan about I guess...



ComicBookGuy commented on The Witcher 3 PS4 Patch 1.07 Apparently Damage...:

Getting really sick of gamers' attitudes as of late, particularly since the new gen.
I can't remember the last time a studio provided this much post release support. Not only do they release 14 bits of excellent DLC gratis, but they have deployed roughly 10GB of patches to vastly improve the game on all platforms. And that's despite the core game being a masterpiece to begin with.
And they have done that with humility and by listening to fans (community manager even apologised for no free DLC this week due to them doubling down on patch 1.07). STILL people moan and complain about the smallest things. On CDPR's site, there's abuse thrown at them...

I've lost faith.



ComicBookGuy commented on Final Fantasy VII PS4 Won't Be a Simple Remake:

I almost don't mind any gameplay updates or tweaks they make (FF15 style summons, hell yes!!), as long as they keep the story identical! In effect, if this is a completely new game with the storyline of FF7, that's fine by me!
In terms of gameplay though, I hope they keep the ATB system. And save points rather than checkpoints to heighten the terror when you're low on potions in a high levelled area XD.
I'm so damn hyped for this...I feel that I can only be disappointed...



ComicBookGuy commented on Ex-EA Boss: Sony F***in' Nailed It with PS4:

Having finally used an Xbox One for a continuous period of two weeks, I can say the only good thing about that console is the controller.
Without the kinect, it's a mess and a half.
Going to wait for their Windows 10 hopefully redesigned non-kinect UI, and if they announce a slim for under £250 I'll pick one up for Halo 5 only.



ComicBookGuy commented on Soapbox: You Should Stop Pre-Ordering Games:

Pre ordering is pointless beyond comprehension.
Having said that, I still voted "preorder a few times a year". Reason? I'll spend one day putting orders through for games I'm very likely to buy in launch week, and then I just forget about it and Amazon handles payment and shipping without any hassle.
However, I am no longer going to do that because publishers see even my behaviour as more evidence for making the pre order culture even more prominent.
Wish we could all as gamers stop pre ordering and just order on launch day instead and forego the honestly crappy "bonuses" they throw us. If it's not locked on-disc content, it's silly clothes/skins, in game money that kind of takes the fun out of the gameplay, or access to another broken beta who will just open up to everyone 3 days later. Seriously, when did we all become so caught up in this BS!?



ComicBookGuy commented on Talking Point: Is It Time to Introduce EA Acce...:

@DrClayman agree! Outside of a very, very few games throughout the many years I've been gaming, I never understood the need to play something the second it's released. And as others said, in this age of broken releases, it's usually much safer to just wait while passengers on the hype train beta test the game for the rest of us.
On a personal note, EA destroy everything they touch, so paying them a sub so they can charge for the "privilege" of playing rubbish titles like BF hardline, while they hollow out and destroy talented studios like Bioware and Visceral, seems quite illogical to me.



ComicBookGuy commented on Soapbox: Sony Really Needs to Give Us More Pla...:

Ran out of storage the other day... Noticed Apotheon had uploaded a save file that was 304MB... .... ....
But yes, this needs to be fixed since it seems like all save files are minimum 11MB. It's like the save container itself for PS4 games is 11MB even though the actual save might only be a few KB. 1GB isn't enough.



ComicBookGuy commented on Some UK Schools Are Cracking Down on Children ...:

This one of those things that simply can't be discussed since it's all only definable on a case-by-case basis. There are too many factors and variables to consider:

  • does the child have a loving and caring up bringing
  • are the parents fit to care for children in the first place
  • is it an abusive home (not necessarily in the extreme sense, but for example do the parents shout at each other a lot)
  • do the parents understand video games, have experienced them, and know the vast amount of content that can be in them
  • do parents understand games are immersive and can affect different mental states in different ways

It's impossible to enforce anything when one child and family differs so much from another. If a child is depressed, they can escape into fantasy games and play them for days on end. If they are hyper, it can be an outlet for them. If they are anxious, it can trigger other mental states, and so on and so on and so on!

I've been gaming since the age of 3 or so, and I have a small child myself and nieces too. I'll allow my child and niece to play different things, as different things suits their personality. One of my nieces has a vivid imagination so she scares easily. My kid on the other hand shrugs off Assassins Creed. However, as mentioned, some parents simply don't have the knowledge (I know people like this) and think all games are children's toys. They would leave their kids to play violent games unsupervised and complain once they can't sleep due to stress.
It's impossible to police this tbh, but if a parent is unfit to make this kind of decision, I have no problem with them being punished, rather than putting the blame on the publishers and devs.



ComicBookGuy commented on Here's PS4 Firmware Update 2.50's Full List of...:

@ToOGoodOfAPlaya I must say, platinum trophies makes the trophy system superior for me. A quick sign of "prestige" amongst us trophy whores.
On another note, it's very odd the PS4 doesn't let you sort trophies alphabetically. Such a simple feature that PS3/Vita have. It's annoying to scroll through the list, especially if you have lots of trophies.



ComicBookGuy commented on Sony's Beta Testing PS4 Firmware Update 2.50 Now:

@thedevilsjester while I agree, it does remove some annoying games I've had blight my trophy list and completion ratio for a while now. Games like Terminator Salvation and some party games, and crap like FIFA 11 or whatever. Excited about this feature (if it turns out to be true), but I would welcome < 10%, but not 25%, that's too far.



ComicBookGuy commented on There's Going to Be a Big Metal Gear Solid V A...:

Knowing Kojima the trolliest of the trolls, it'll probably be a 3 hour conference ending with the announcement: "the tranquilliser darts in MGS5 could potentially take down TWO elephants. Thanks all, have a good evening".
(MGS2 reference BTW)